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Bunnies And Burrows Seers

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Requirements: At least one of the stunts below.

Seers are rabbits with psychic abilities that include communication, domination, and visions. These areas of proficiency are represented by the three stunts below. All make use of the unique skill Second Sight, though you can use Second Sight "untrained" at Mediocre (+0) if for some reason you don't wish to buy that skill.

All uses of Second Sight except for Seeking involve your mind "going elsewhere," leaving your body helpless and still. You don't fall over or pass out, but you are unaware of what's happening and cannot take other actions until you finish using Second Sight.

Seer Communication (stunt)

You can close your eyes and let your mind drift until it overlaps someone else's, allowing you to communicate. You can target close friends up to about a mile away, acquaintances within line of sight, and others within the same zone. All difficulties are at +2 for non-rabbits; you cannot communicate with humans.

Telepathy: Difficulty is Average (1) to speak with one subject, +1 for every additional subject you're trying to communicate with at the same time. This is voluntary and only picks up intentionally projected thoughts; if someone doesn't want to talk to you, they resist automatically. If you don't share a language, you're limited to very rudimentary "baby-speak" unless you succeed with style.

Mind Reading: Resisted by Will, unless the subject is willing, in which case it's Average (1) difficulty. If you're trying to do this unnoticed, make a second roll of Second Sight versus Notice. You pick up the subject's surface thoughts; success with style either translates language as for Telepathy or adds subconscious associations and memories.

Emotion Sense: As for Mind Reading, with two changes. It picks up only the subject's emotional state (which means no translation is needed), and is always subtle and unnoticeable.

Seer Domination (stunt)

Prerequisite: Either stunt (Seer Communication) or an aspect related to being feared and shunned.

You can project your force of will telepathically, overwhelming someone else's mind. The rolls below use the lower of your Second Sight or Will skills, and are always resisted by the subject's Will. You take no penalty for a subject in the same zone, but +1 difficulty for every zone further. As for Seer Communication, difficulties are at +2 for non-rabbits and impossible for humans.

Psychic Shout: This telepathic attack can either inflict mental stress or be used to create an advantage (usually Stunned).

Instill Fear: If successful, the subject is afraid of you, no matter how illogical that seems. Treat this as creating an advantage; the subject may attempt to overcome it with Will. You may spend a fate point to target every foe in the same zone.

Total Control: This potent attack costs a fate point to even attempt. If successful, you take over the subject's body! The number of shifts you achieve is how many actions you can take before losing control and "snapping back" to your own body. Whether you succeed or fail, afterward the subject is immune to your Total Control for a full day.

Seer Visions (stunt)

You get visions of the past and future, and of the connections between things.

The two "sight" abilities below tend to be vague and metaphorical, but the GM will always use them to provide useful information (unless she has none, which at least indicates that there's nothing exciting here); this will usually act as creating an advantage. They can be used actively, though only once per subject, or passively (the GM will roll for you if there's something interesting to be learned). For both, the GM will set the difficulty, usually from Average (1) to Great (4), using the guidelines provided. Note that a particularly traumatic vision may inflict mental stress!

Hindsight: You can sense important traumatic and emotional events that occurred in a place or involving an object (you can't use this on living beings). Major events are easier to sense than minor ones, and more recent events are easier to sense than those in the distant past.

Foresight: You can sense important upcoming events. Roll when you come into contact with a living being or object, or when you enter a place. Traumatic events are slightly easier to sense than happy ones; major ones easier than minor ones; events from the near future easier than those still a ways off; and the more closely the subject is connected to the event, the easier it is to sense.

Seeking: Everything is connected: while holding something belonging to another rabbit, you can find that rabbit; while holding a piece of wood, you can find the tree it came from; and so on. Treat this as tracking the subject, but ignoring scent and similar factors. You are at -1 if the object is loosely connected to the subject, no modifier if closely connected, and +1 if intimately connected.

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