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MyGURPS - Bunnies And Burrows Humans And Traps

Bunnies And Burrows Humans And Traps

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Inscrutable, Often Monstrous Alien
Night-Blind and Slow to React
Reliant on Technology
+4: Anthropology
+3: Will
+2: Fight
+1: Physique
Stunts: Can use Anthropology for any manual dexterity check; Can use Fight for ranged attacks.
Anti-Stunts: Always misses the first ranged attack against a rabbit; Loses initiative to most animals.
Language: N/A
Scale: +2, Weapon: +2*, Armor: +2
Physical: 1/2/3, Mental: 1/2/3/4

* For a kick or thrown rock; firearms range from Weapon +4 to +8.

Humans are the only "monsters" in Bunnies & Burrows. They are strange and unpredictable, swinging randomly between deadly hostility and compassion. Humans in their metal transports will swerve to avoid rabbits on the road, but then they set traps and leave out poisoned food. Their bodies are slow and ponderous, yet their hands are capable of astounding dexterity. Most terrifyingly, they have the ability to kill rabbits at a distance with their thunder-throwers -- and will do so for seemingly no reason.

Human Traps

Most untriggered traps require a Notice roll to spot; failure means triggering it. Success just tells the rabbit that it's "something weird," unless she has run across this exact trap design before (not all snares look alike). Success with style, or a follow-up Anthropology roll, identifies what type of trap it is, and how best to free a trapped rabbit (if applicable).

For game purposes, there are nine types of traps. These terms are not used by rabbits, who don't name traps but instead describe them as best as they can.

  • Cage Trap: Trapped; no damage. This cannot be escaped from within; someone outside must use Anthropology, difficulty Average (+1) to Good (+3).
  • Box Trap: Trapped; no damage. Use Physique, from inside or out, at difficulty Fair (+2) to Great (+4); teamwork is helpful.
  • Snare: Trapped by the neck. Victim or rescuers (not both) must roll Anthropology or Athletics every minute, difficulty Great (+4); success frees him, but failure inflicts stress equal to the shifts. If the "identify trap" Anthropology roll succeeded with style, you found the stake and can dig it up; this reduces the escape difficulty to Fair (+2).
  • Leg-Hold Trap: Trapped by the foot. Victim and rescuers must roll Anthropology or Physique per attempt, difficulty Great (+4); success frees her, but failure inflicts stress equal to the shifts. Failure by 3+ must be soaked with a "Crippled" consequence. If taken out, the victim's only way out is to chew off her own foot.
  • Net & Sapling: Trapped; automatically inflicts (2 + 2dF) stress when triggered. Someone may climb the tree to free the victim: Athletics, difficulty Fair (+2) to Superb (+5) depending on the tree and how quickly you need to ascend it (rabbits are bad, slow climbers!). Or the victim can use the lower of Anthropology or Athletics, difficulty Good (+3), to wriggle out and land safely. Otherwise, chew through the net and fall, for another (2 + 2dF) stress.
  • Pit: Trapped. Roll Athletics when triggered, difficulty Fair (+2); failure inflicts stress equal to the shifts. A rabbit can dig out in about 30 minutes; a successful Athletics roll, difficulty Mediocre (+0) reduces this by (shifts x 5) minutes.
  • Pit with Stakes: As for pit, except falling difficulty is Good (+3) and stress is twice shifts on a failure. Any consequence involves impalement, and must be overcome as an obstacle before digging out.
  • Crossbow: Take (4 + 3dF) stress. Not trapped.
  • Deadfall: Take (6 + 4dF) stress. Not trapped.

Human Poisons

See Bunnies and Burrows General Rules for full rules.

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