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Savage Rifts Elemental Fusionists

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The Elemental Fusionist in Arcana & Mysticism is a great adaptation, but needs just a few minor tweaks. Note that Palladium's Warlock class (also an elemental manipulator) has been folded into this framework, so it's important that this Iconic Framework feels like both classes.

House Rules

Damage Trappings

For the purpose of inflicting elemental damage or avoiding it via Life Sign Harmony, elemental damage Trappings are:

  • Air: Lightning/Electricity
  • Earth: Stone/Ground (the latter refers to earthquakes, falling damage, etc.)
  • Fire: Fire/Heat
  • Water: Ice/Cold

Ignore the elemental fusion Trappings in the book, and use these:

  • Air/Earth: Dust Storm (a whipping wind of corrosive, shredding sand particles)
  • Fire/Water: Liquid Fire (like napalm, but far more fluid)

Hero's Journey Rolls

The Fusionist gets two rolls chosen from the following tables: Education, Experience & Wisdom, Magic & Mysticism (see below), Training, or Underworld & Black Ops (reroll results 1-4).

Results from the Magic & Mysticism table are to boost the Fusionist's Arcane Background (Gifted). As such, result 7-9 must be the New Powers Edge and 16-17 grants the Extra Effort Edge instead.

Power Lists

Add blind to the list of Fire powers, and add relief to the list of Water powers. This keeps the power lists balanced across the different elements. It results in the following lists, reprinted here for convenience:

  • All fusionists may learn barrier, blast, bolt, burst, detect arcana†, protection, smite, and summon ally.
  • Air attunement adds deflection, farsight, havoc, and sound/silence.
  • Earth attunement adds beast friend, burrow, entangle, and wall walker.
  • Fire attunement adds blind, damage field, darksight, and light/darkness.
  • Water attunement adds confusion, intangibility, relief, and warrior's gift.

Expanded Fusions (Non-Canonical)

In Palladium Rifts, the only fusion options are Air/Earth or Fire/Water. But isn't it more fun to allow any combo? We think so, and thus allow Elemental Fusionists to choose any one of the following Fusion Synergy Trappings.

These are unique Trappings. No one can be immune or resistant to them unless they are protected from both of the underlying elements. Conversely, any vulnerability to either of the underlying elements applies to the fusion! (Vulnerability to both doesn't stack; use the worst one.)

Air/Earth = Dust Storm

A whipping wind of corrosive, shredding sand particles. Gain access to arcane protection, fly, sloth/speed, and telekinesis.

Air/Fire = Shockwave

Blast overpressure, the kind normally caused by an explosion or sonic boom — but the Fusionist creates this directly, without such sources. Gain access to arcane protection, fly, sloth/speed, and stun.

Air/Water = Acid Mist

An airborne corrosive attack that seeps into every crack. Gain access to arcane protection, divination, fly, and illusion.

Earth/Fire = Crystal

Faceted gems, impossibly sharp and resilient. Gain access to arcane protection, illusion, stun, and telekinesis.

Earth/Water = Webbing

Sticky ooze that can constrict a foe or tear them to pieces. Gain access to arcane protection, divination, sloth/speed and telekinesis.

Fire/Water = Liquid Fire

Like napalm, but far more fluid. Gain access to arcane protection, divination, illusion, and stun.

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