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Gathering Storm introduced the Diplomatic Victory. It's an interesting way to win and I wanted to gather together the various strategies and resources needed to accumulate Diplomatic Victory Points (DVP). In approximate order of importance, you need:

  1. Diplomatic Favor (DF) for winning votes
  2. Culture for reaching key civics
  3. Production for wonders and city projects
  4. Gold for helping other countries in need
  5. Science for reaching key techs
  6. Troops for military aid

Acquiring Diplomatic Victory Points (DVP)

Get 20 DVP and you win!


  • +1 DVP: Vote for the winning outcome in the World Congress
    • At first, go with what people want. Once you have tons of DF, you may be able to just dictate the vote.
    • Popular AI choices include increasing combat strength of Ranged units and improving production of buildings in the City Center.
  • +2 DVP: Be elected leader in the World Congress
    • Tip: If you think everyone will vote for you to lose 2 DVP, vote with them and you'll lose only 1.
  • +2 DVP: Win an Aid Request or Military Aid Request
  • +1 DVP: Win any other Scored Competition

Civics and Techs

  • +1 DVP: Unlock Seasteads (Future Tech, No boost)
  • +1 DVP: Unlock Global Warming Mitigation (Future Civic, No boost)


  • +2 DVP: Build the Mahabodhi Temple (Theology, Classical Civic, Found a religion) on forest adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple. Must have founded a religion.
    • See the Religion section below.
  • +1 DVP: Build the Potala Palace (Astronomy, Renaissance Tech, University adjacent to mountain) on hills adjacent to a mountain.
    • Not much DVP, but the diplomatic policy slot is very useful.
  • +4 DVP: Build the Statue of Liberty (Civil Engineering, Industrial Civic, 7 different districts) on coast adjacent to land and a Harbor.
    • This is so important that you need to build a bustling city with a Harbor and lots of production early on, and drop a map tack for the SOL.


Becoming suzerain of city-states is key to obtaining DF. There are many ways to obtain and manipulate envoys, including Influence which allows you to acquire envoys for free every time you build up enough points.

  • Having a higher-tier government (see below) adds Influence. Try to beeline Monarchy (Divine Right, Medieval Civic, 2 temples) at first, as it gives Tier-3 influence at Tier 2.
  • Slot in the policy Charismatic Leader or eventually Gunboat Diplomacy (Ideology, Modern Civic, No boost).
  • Focus on envoy-granting civics and city-state quests.
  • Look for Great Generals and Great Merchants who grant envoys.
  • Use Governor Amani early on and get her the Puppeteer promotion for stealing city-states.
  • Have Spies use Fabricate Scandal to eliminate other envoys.
    • Acquire Spies via the civics Diplomatic Service, Nationalism, Ideology, and Cold War; the tech Computers; and the Intelligence Agency building.
  • In a Secret Societies game (see below) play the Owls of Minerva and use Traders and Spies like crazy.

These wonders are key to a civ focused on city-states:

  • Apadana (Political Philosophy, Renaissance Civic, Meet 3 city-states). Adjacent to capital. Grants 2 envoys each time a wonder is built in the capital.
  • Kilwa Kisiwani (Machinery, Medieval Tech, 3 archers). Flat tile adjacent to coast. Improves your suzerain bonuses by up to +30%.
  • Országház (Sanitation, Industrial Tech, 2 neighborhoods). Adjacent to a river. Doubles your DF from suzerainty!

Diplomatic Favor

  • Alliances: Each alliance grants +1 DF/turn. Unlocked with Civil Service (Medieval Civic, City w/10 population).
  • City-States: Become the suzerain of as many city-states as possible, preferably with the Országház wonder. See the City-State section above.
  • Diplomatic Quarter: Build this next to a city center, add a Consulate and (later) a Chancery, and accept every delegation and embassy you can.
    • Unlocked through Mathematics (Classical Tech, 3 different districts). Chancery is unlocked through Diplomatic Service (Renaissance Civic, Alliance).
  • Foreign Ministry: See Government Buildings, below.
  • Government: Always pursue and upgrade to advanced governments. See below.
  • Pagodas: See Religion, below.
  • Projects: Winning competitions and doing carbon recapture projects (Global Warming Mitigation, Future Civic, No boost).
  • Trading: May be able to trade luxury resources, gold, great works, etc. for the AIs' DF.

It's possible to lose DF, mainly via Grievances and Pollution.


Higher governments produce more DF directly and more envoys (via Influence). Always slot the highest level government you can.

  • Tier 1: Autocracy, Classical Republic, or Oligarchy
    • Classical Republic offers the best overall, but switch to Autocracy when building wonders
  • Tier 2: Merchant Republic, Monarchy, or Theocracy
    • Monarchy has amazing Influence generation
  • Tier 3: Communism, Democracy, or Fascism
    • Democracy's improved alliances offer a marginal advantage
  • Tier 4: Corporate Libertarianism, Digital Democracy, or Synthetic Technocracy
    • Both Corporate Libertarianism and Digital Democracy are slightly helpful

Government Buildings

The only key decision to be made when it comes to Government Plaza buildings is at Tier 2, where you have two equally good options. Which to choose will depend on your civ and situation.

  • Foreign Ministry: Grant +3 DF/turn and makes it cheaper and more effective to levy City-States for defense. Good if you need to protect yourself and don't want to build an army.
  • Intelligence Agency: Grants +1 Spy capacity and improves the success chance of your Spies. This makes it much easier to Fabricate Scandal, which is the best way to maintain suzerainty.

Key Civics (and Wonders)

Below, ★ means the benefits are a must-have while ★★ means it leads directly to DVP.

  • State Workforce (Ancient, Any district). Corvée policy.
  • Political Philosophy (Classical, Meet 3 city-states). Level 1 governments, Charismatic Leader policy, and Apadana. Built adjacent to capital. Grants 2 envoys each time a wonder is built in the capital.
  • ★★ Theology (Classical, Found a religion): Mahabodhi Temple (+2 DVP). Built on forest adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple. Must have founded a religion. See below.
  • Divine Right (Medieval, 2 temples): Monarchy government (best early Influence) and Gothic Architecture policy.
  • Guilds (Medieval, 2 markets): Craftsmen and Traveling Merchant policies.
  • Diplomatic Service (Renaissance, An alliance): Spies, Chancery building, and Machiavellianism policy.
  • ★★ Civil Engineering (Industrial, 7 different districts): Skyscrapers policy and Statue of Liberty (+4 DVP). Built on coast adjacent to land and a Harbor.
  • Nationalism (Industrial, Use a Casus Belli): More spies.
  • Ideology (Modern, No boost): More spies and Gunboat Diplomacy policy.
  • Cold War (Atomic, Nuclear Fission tech): More spies and Cryptography policy.
  • ★★ Global Warming Mitigation (Future, No boost): +1 DVP and carbon recapture project
  • Smart Power Doctrine (Future, No boost): Diplomatic Capital policy.

Important Policies

Not all of these civics show up in the list above, just those for key policies. Those marked with a * are mainly useful with the Owls of Minerva, who will have many international trade routes to city-states.

  • Corvée (State Workforce, Ancient): Improve wonder building up to Classical level.
  • Charismatic Leader (Political Philosophy, Classical): Improved Influence for envoys.
  • Aesthetics (Medieval Faires, Medieval): Improved Theater Squares for culture generation.
  • Craftsmen (Guilds, Medieval): Improved Industrial Zones for building wonders.
  • Merchant Confederation (Medieval Faires, Medieval): If a slot is free, turn envoys into gold.
  • *Trade Confederation (Mercenaries, Medieval): Turn city-state trade routes into culture and science.
  • Traveling Merchants (Guilds, Medieval): Bonus Great Merchant points, if a wildcard slot is free.
  • Gothic Architecture (Divine Right, Renaissance): Improve wonder building up to Renaissance level.
  • Machiavellianism (Diplomatic Service, Renaissance): Improved spy production and efficiency.
  • Raj (Colonialism, Industrial): Earn great yields from suzerainty.
  • Skyscrapers (Civil Engineering, Industrial): Improve wonder building with no cutoff.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy (Ideology, Modern): Greatly improved Influence for envoys.
  • Laissez-Faire (Capitalism, Modern): An improvement on Traveling Merchants.
  • *Market Economy (Capitalism, Modern): An improvement on Trade Confederation.
  • Cryptography (Cold War, Atomic): Improve espionage and counter-espionage.
  • Collective Activism (Social Media, Information): Huge culture boost from suzerainty.
  • *Ecommerce (Globalization, Information): Turn city-state trade routes into production and gold.
  • Diplomatic Capital (Smart Power Doctrine, Future): Massively improve DF/turn.
  • Non-State Actors (Cultural Hegemony, Future): Customize your spies.
  • Rabblerousing (Information Warfare, Future): Stop other players from earning DVP in World Congress.

Key Techs (and Wonders)

Below, ★ means the benefits are a must-have while ★★ means it leads directly to DVP.

  • Mathematics (Classical, 3 different districts): Diplomatic Quarter and Consulate.
  • Machinery (Medieval, 3 archers): Kilwa Kisiwani. Built on flat tile adjacent to coast. Improves your suzerain bonuses by up to +30%.
  • ★★ Astronomy (Renaissance, University adjacent to mountain): Potala Palace (+1 DVP). Built on hills adjacent to a mountain. Adds +1 diplomatic policy slot.
  • Printing (Renaissance, 2 universities): Forbidden City. Built on flat land adjacent to a city center. Adds +1 wildcard policy slot; use it for the policies above. Very competitive.
  • Sanitation (Industrial, 2 neighborhoods): Országház. Built adjacent to a river. Doubles your DF from suzerainty! Needs Skyscrapers to boost, not Gothic Architecture.
  • Computers (Atomic, Level 3 government): More spies.
  • ★★ Seasteads (Future, No boost): +1 DVP.


  1. Found your first (or an early) Holy Site next to a forest. Drop a map tack on the forest so you don't accidentally chop or improve it.
  2. Go for whatever pantheon fits your situation. See the priorities at the top of this page for suggested buffs.
  3. Found a religion with the Pagoda belief (+1 DF/turn).
  4. Build the Mahabodhi Temple (Theology, Classical Civic, Found a religion) on the forest. Then use those two Apostles to further enhance your religion and/or launch an inquisition to protect yourself from other religions.

Secret Society: Owls of Minerva

The Owls of Minerva can be unlocked by sending an envoy to a city-state (80% chance). Afterward, they grant bonuses based on the era of the world (not your civ). Each costs a governor slot to unlock.

  • Ancient Era: +1 economic policy slot. Each trade route to a city-state creates 1 free envoy there.
  • Medieval Era: "Gilded Vault" is a Bank but also adds culture equal to the Commercial Hub's adjacency bonus, and grants +1 trade route capacity if you also have a Harbor (with or without a Lighthouse).
  • Industrial Era: +1 wildcard policy slot. +2 Spy capacity. Your cities with one or more defensive spies get +4 Loyalty and +1 Amenity.
  • Atomic Era: Each offensive Spy mission grants gold, faith, culture, and science. Your gold treasury earns 3% interest per turn.

Strategy: Build Scouts early and meet as many city-states as possible. Then build Galleys and find more. Once religion is locked in, focus on Commercial Hubs and Markets. Wherever possible, found cities next to lakes or coast so you can build Harbors too (remember to designate a spot for the Statue of Liberty).

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