Shadowrun Sixth World - Weapon Stat Calculator

Enter the gun's basic stats and accessories, and this will magically calculate DV and AR for all of its firing modes. That way, you can just copy & paste the stats onto your sheet or notes. You can only type numbers into the boxes; for a "-" value, just leave it blank. If anything seems missing or off, email please.

Accessories: Every accessory which directly affects DV or AR should be listed below. To get stats for both modes (e.g., bipod folded vs. deployed), just change the accessory options.

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Gun Stats:


DV Attack Ratings
 /  /  /  / 
Modes: SS, SA, BF, FA


Bipod (deployed)
Gas-Vent System
Gyro Mount or Smart-Firing Platform or Tripod
Shock Pads
Vision Magnification (Optical Enhancement)