Savage Worlds

Despite its quirks, Savage Worlds may be the best universal system when it comes to balancing groups of wildly disparate abilities and power levels. And they have some incredibly, fun settings to play in, including those below. As of 2019, Savage Worlds upgraded to the new Savage Worlds ADventure Edition (SWADE), so the information here will gradually shift to focus on that new edition.

SWADE House Rules

Our house rules that apply to every genre and setting (plus some official clarifications)

Deadlands: The Weird West

The long-awaited new edition of "the Spaghetti Western with Meat!"

Savage Pathfinder

Classic fantasy gaming in a streamlined, modern system

Savage Rifts

Adventuring through a crazy post-post-apocalyptic world using SWADE

BAE: Borderlands Adventure Edition - Under Construction!

My own version of Savage Borderlands, updated to SWADE and Borderlands 3

Other Resources

My Supplements