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I am incredibly impressed with Savage Rifts, the adaptation of Rifts (a great setting) to Savage Worlds (a great system). In particular, it's amazing how well it maintains balance between the iconic frameworks; you can have a glitter boy and a scholar in the same party and actually come up with situations that threaten the former without slaughtering the latter. Somehow, it manages to be thoroughly over-the-top without being broken. These resources help expand the game.

(This is for the SWADE version; click here for an archive of old-edition info.)

Setting Information and Summaries

A condensed summary of the setting (for new players) plus expanded info on a few key things.

          • An Introduction To Rifts Earth

          • Important Recent Events in Rifts

          • Religions in Rifts

Savage Rifts: Errata and Clarification

Official rulings and errata from the designers

Savage Rifts: House Rules

A collection of flavorful additions and GM rulings that were worth writing down. Also see our general SWADE House Rules. Includes the Crazy, EOD Specialist, Juicer, Momano Headhunter, Techno-Wizard, Werecat, and Zapper.

A few frameworks needed a bit more space:

          • Savage Rifts: Dragon Hatchlings

          • Savage Rifts: Elemental Fusionists

          • Savage Rifts: Glitter Boys

Savage Rifts: New Character Options

Unofficial (but solid) conversions from Palladium to Savage Worlds. See also Savage Rifts Eruptors (PDF) for a formatted version of all five eruptors.

Savage Rifts: Framework and Race List

A useful resource for new players trying to decide who and what to be. Alternatively, try the flowchart approach below.

          • Savage Rifts: What Should I Play?

Savage Rifts: New D-Bees

Most converted from classic Rifts books, plus some originals and new mutants.

Savage Rifts: Vehicles and More List

A list of every vehicle, robot vehicle, and power armor.

Savage Rifts: New Gear

All of the custom and converted gear we've added to our campaigns.

Other Resources

  • Savage Rifts Grimoire (DOC) — A Word document, easily edited into a custom grimoire.
  • Savage Rifts Eruptors (PDF) — The five eruptor options, expanded in a printable PDF
  • Savage Rifts Pregens — A fun mix of six ready-to-use starting characters.
  • Savage Rifts S.A.T.U.R.N. Option — A "meta-framework" for playing overpowered races
  • Savage Rifts Sidekicks — Characters intended as NPC sidekicks. Includes the A.I. hovercycle I.S.A.A.C.
  • Savage Rifts Vampire Defenses — A list of attack types and how they affect vampires (Heroic or otherwise).
  • Manufacturer-Specific Modifiers — Very useful notes on specific brands of gear; see EOH p. 38.
  • Other Grenades — Tear gas is found in Jape Defender description (TLFM, p. 16), assume 200cr. Smoke and stun grenades are in Savage Worlds, p. 78 (50cr each).

Misc Rifts Stuff

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