Deadlands House Rules

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Deadlands: The Weird West is the best edition of the setting yet, but there's always room for updates and adjustments.

Official Errata and Clarifications


  • For Harrowed, "letting the devil out" is just one way to prompt a Dominion roll. Certain appropriate threats and situations can prompt it as well, either canonically or as a GM call.


  • Ghost-steel, simple, Medieval, melee weapons aren't infernal devices and don't malfunction.

Critters and NPCs

  • Unlike Insubstantial characters, Ethereal creatures can attack without manifesting physically (unless indicated otherwise).
  • Some monsters take damage only from "magical attacks." If Edges like Champion or Chi are causing extra damage to the monster, those attacks count as magical for this purpose.
  • The 'Glom gets additional attacks. Details here.
  • Texas Tummy Twisters are supernatural, which means they can "infect" Harrowed.

House Rules

These are minor changes that our group uses and recommends. Be sure to also see our SWADE House Rules.


Counting Coup: Killing a creature with a "Coup" ability grants the Harrowed the potential to use that ability, but it must take a new Edge to do so:

  • New Edge: Counted Coup (Novice, Harrowed). You can have up to two earned Coup abilities active at any given time. Think of this Edge as providing "slots" in which to load them. If you've earned three or more Coup abilities, you may change out which ones are active each time you sleep. This Edge may be taken multiple times, each time adding another two "slots" for Coup abilities.

Supernatural Attribute: This Edge raises the attribute (and its limit) by one die type, not two. It's still a great deal, since it can be taken alongside the usual once-per-Rank attribute Advance and it raises the maximum (generally to d12+1).

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