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MyGURPS - Creating A Super Archer

Creating A Super Archer

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Archers like Green Arrow and Hawkeye have long been a part of the supers genre. While the idea of a super-talented normal is part of their appeal, most people think of their "trick arrows" when imagining the fun of playing such a character. Using GURPS' Alternative Attacks, it's trivial to create a quiver with even the most fantastic of arrows.

First, establish a common modifier, to avoid having to rewrite it constantly. Your typical "super archer" can use any bow, but requires his special arrows. Since even a small quiver can hold a few dozen arrows, Limited Use doesn't apply. It's truest to genre to make his arrows more accurate but slightly less powerful than a rifle, so his arrows should have Acc 8 and Range 500/1000. Finally, he should use Bow skill instead of Innate Attack skill; it's slightly more versatile, but also harder, so it's fair to call that a special effect. The final modifier is:

Arrow = Accessibility (Requires a Bow, -10%); Accurate +5 (+25%); Blockable (-5%); Gadget (Quiver of Special Arrows; Breakable (DR 25, HP 15, SM -4), -20%; Can Be Stolen (Forcefully removed), -10%); Increased Range (1/2D x50, Max x10, +40%); Uses Bow Skill (+0%) = +20%

The quiver full of arrows is Breakable but well-armored for safety; if reduced to 0 HP or less, roll versus HT 12 before using each arrow to see if it survives the firing process; on a 17+ it fails and it's the last unbroken arrow. If reduced to -15 HP or less, the arrows are effectively destroyed. Remember that Homogenous items take less damage from Piercing and Impaling attacks.

Now define his various arrows as Alternative Attacks, with the most expensive in this case being his Armor-Piercing Arrow. The typical damage for each arrow is 6d (somewhat less powerful than a rifle), but with better than normal penetration. All direct-damage attacks are Variable, of course.

  • Normal Arrow: Impaling Attack 6d (Arrow, +20%; Armor Divisor (2), +50%; Variable, +5%) [84/5=17]
  • Armor-Piercing Arrow: Piercing Attack 6d (Arrow, +20%; Armor Divisor (10), +200%; Variable, +5%) [98]
  • Blunt Arrow: Crushing Attack 12d (Arrow, +20%; Double Knockback, +20%; Side Effect: Stunning, +50%; Variable, +5%; Armor Divisor (0.1), -70%) [75/5=15]
  • Acid Arrow: Corrosive Attack 3d (Arrow, +20%; Cyclic, 3 1-Second Cycles, +200%) [96/5=20]
  • Exploding Arrow: Crushing Attack 6d (Arrow +20%; Explosion 3, +150%) [81/5=17]
  • Incendiary Arrow: Impaling Attack 6d (Arrow, +20%; Incendiary, +10%; Variable, +5%) [65/5=13]
  • Flare Arrow: Perk (Acts like flare gun; illuminates 30-hex radius for 30 seconds) [1/5=1]
  • Smoke Arrow: Obscure 10 (Vision; Ranged, +50%; Arrow, +20%; Extended: Infravision, +20%; Area Effect, 32 yards; +200%; Variable (Area), +5%) [79/5=16]
  • Tangler Arrow: Binding 35 (Arrow, +20%; Sticky, +20%) [98/5=20]
  • Net Arrow: Binding 20 (Arrow, +20%; Area Effect, 4 yards, +100%; One-Shot, -10%) [84/5=17]
  • Auto-Winch Grappler Arrow: Flight (Only in a straight line from current position to target position, maximum 1000 yards away, -20%; Takes Extra Time 1, -10%; Requires Bow roll, at size/speed/range penalties, to hit target position, -5%; Arrow Limitations (Only), -45%) [8/5=2]
  • Low-Current Electrified Arrow: Affliction 6 (HT-5; Arrow, +20%; Secondary Unconsciousness, +40%) [96/5=20]
  • High-Current Electrified Arrow: Burning Attack 8d (Arrow, +20%; Surge, +20%; Side Effect: Stunning, +50%; No Incendiary, -10%) [72/5=15]
  • Sonic Scream Arrow: Affliction 2 (HT-1; Arrow, +20%; Cone (5-hex width), +100%; Disadvantage (Deafness), +20%; Sense-Based (Hearing), +150%; Stunning, +10%; Nuisance Effect (Attention-getting scream), -5%) [79/5=16]
  • Knock-Out Delivery: Fatigue Attack 2d (Follow-Up, Delivery Arrow (below), +35%; Hazard, Missed Sleep, +50%; Cyclic, 6 10-Second Cycles, +250%) [87/5=18]
  • Poison Delivery: Toxic Attack 2d (Follow-Up, Delivery Arrow (below), +35%; Cyclic, 12 10-Second Cycles, +550%) [55/5=11]

Both Knock-Out Delivery and Poison Delivery have to be a Follow-Up to another attack. Since you can't have one ability in an Alternative Attack "framework" be the follow-up to another, one of them has to be bought normally. It works out cheaper to put the two Follow-Ups into the framework and buy the (less expensive) initial attack separately:

  • Delivery Arrow: Small Piercing Attack 6d (Arrow, +20%; Armor Divisor (10), +200%; No Wounding, -50%) [49]

Final Cost: 365 points

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