BAE: Borderlands Adventure Edition

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I was blown away by the fan-work Savage Borderlands; I've created new content for it, including a weapon-creation web app, and run a successful campaign. And now that Savage Worlds has updated to Savage Worlds ADventure Edition (SWADE), I think the Borderlands setting deserves an update as well. So I'll be doing that here, wiki-style. Unless otherwise stated, assume that the content of the original Savage Borderlands book applies.

I have chosen to designate this new project Borderlands Adventure Edition, or "BAE", because I can.

Consider anything I write to be part mine and part Brice Naudin's, as I am only able to build this thanks to the foundation of what Brice already created, and was able to incorporate many of his creations with zero tweaks.

This is a work in progress right now.

Basic Rules

        BAE Elemental Damage

        BAE How Shields Work

Character Creation

        BAE Robot PCs

        BAE Attributes, Skills, and Hindrances

        BAE Edges

        BAE DAWs (Digistructed Autonomous Weapons)

        BAE Sirens

Generating Gear

        BAE Guns, Glorious Guns!

        BAE Grenade Mods?

        BAE Shields

        BAE Melee Weapons?

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