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Twilight Imperium Lore

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Twilight Imperium is such a rich setting with interesting factions and a history as exciting as its present. This is my attempt to collect all of its lore. Do note that I'm intentionally uninterested in adding anything from the 1999 roleplaying game, as it's been declared non-canon (and terrible).

If any FFG direct links don't work, you can access them via the main TI4 page.

Guide to the Imperium

This is, without a doubt, the best collection of TI lore, merging information with beautiful artwork. For most people, this is all you'll ever need to read. If you'd like a printed hardcopy for yourself (via Lulu), I put up instructions and files in this thread.

Other Stories

A collection of stories and snippets that didn't make it into Guide to the Imperium.

Twilight Imperium: Embers of the Imperium

This 2021 roleplaying game looks to be both an amazing source of lore and fun on its own merits! This will be updated once it releases.

Rex: Final Days of an Empire

This 2012 board game focused on the fall of the Lazax empire, which means the instructions and racial sheets contained interesting tidbits about that time period. Note that the "Final Days of an Empire" story can be found in the Guide to the Imperium above.

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