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Torg Eternity Wild Talents

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The Wild Talent rules from The Wastelander's Guide to Tharkold (p. 29) are great fun, but seem almost inverted — punishing psis more harshly for success than for failure. As such, these are the house rules that our group uses and recommends. As a side note, these rules also work well to model mages casting Aysle scrolls above their skill level.

Wild Talents

Certain Core Earth Psionic Perks (Firestarter, Precog Anomaly, Telekinetic Anomaly, and Telepathic Anomaly) grant the psi the ability to "break the rules" when it comes to learning powers. Using these powers can be dangerous — for the psychic, their allies, or even innocent bystanders!

A power is considered a "wild talent" if the psi has one of the above Perks and either of the following applies:

  • The psi lacks the minimum skill listed for the power.
  • The power is a personal contradiction for the psi due to its Social Axiom.

If both apply, it's a wild talent and the Mishap range increases by +1!

Using a Wild Talent

An even die roll follows the usual rules unless it's a Mishap.

On a Mishap: The psi suffers normal backlash (usually 2 Shock) plus Mishap backlash (1 Wound) — and the power goes wrong as described below. As usual, the Wound happens before any Disconnection and may be Soaked.

On an odd die roll and failure: Normal backlash (usually 2 Shock) and the power goes wrong in some way determined by the GM:

  • If it's an attack or negative effect, it hits an ally, innocent bystander, landscape feature that will cause problems, etc.
  • If it's a positive effect, it instead powers up the bad guy(s) or has the opposite effect (e.g., reducing attributes instead of raising them).
  • If neither of these makes sense, it fails and the psi suffers an extra 1BD of Shock (so total 2 + 1BD Shock, typically).

On an odd die roll and success: It works, but is a huge strain. The psi suffers 1 Shock on a Standard Success, 2 Shock on a Good Success, and 3 Shock on an Outstanding Success.

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