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Torg Eternity Perk List Pan-Pacifica

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Perk Lists by Cosm

Use the following links to narrow down the perks to those available to a particular cosm:


This list is sorted first by cosm, then by type, since that's how most players need to make their decisions. Anything marked with a * requires the laws of that cosm to function without contradiction. Anything marked with a ~ is not an official PC option; it's either (1) from an Infiniverse Exchange product, (2) homebrewed, or (3) a canonical NPC perk that makes sense for PCs. If you aren't in our group, ask your GM if they'll allow it.

Any category noted as "(Racial)" requires you to be of that race, though not necessarily from that cosm if it's one of your starting perks. This exception to the usual rule is because racial perks are often retained upon transforming to a new cosm (GM's call). Thus, it is possible for a starting PC to be (e.g.) a Core Earth-transformed elf who retained Elf perks, but she would not be able to acquire further ones. Only racial perks from races with full playable rules are included here; this omits several one-off "backer races."

Most page references are abbreviated using the letters below (e.g., "p. L9" means page 9 of the Living Land sourcebook); anything else is spelled out explicitly.

no letter: Core Rules
A: Aysle sourcebook
B: Beta Clearance Player's Primer
C: Cyberpapacy sourcebook
E: Core Earth sourcebook
L: Living Land sourcebook
M: Core Earth Magic (part of Orrorsh Torg or Treat)
N: Nile Empire sourcebook
O: Orrorsh sourcebook
P: Pan-Pacifica sourcebook
R: Religions of Core Earth
T: Tharkold sourcebook

Note: Due to the serious game-balance issues pervading Aysle Backer Archetypes, perks from that PDF do not appear here.

In all cases, only a brief description is given, to avoid copyright issues. Refer to the actual perk for details!

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Any Cosm

Biotech (Universal)

Third Generation GeneMods (p. P19)

GeneMods available for anyone, even those from outside Pan-Pacifica. Not a leveled perk.


These Perks are empowered by the Nameless One, and are thus available in all cosms, not just Orrorsh. Characters may have only one "monster form" Cursed Perk; if they don't start with it, they can only acquire it in-game via an appropriate death or curse.

For all of these Perks, you must test Corruption when you kill, you're technically dead, and you register as supernaturally evil.

Full Transformation (Orrorsh Backer Archetypes, p. 15)
Prereq: Werewolf

Can become a normal animal, not just an anthropomorphic hybrid.

Ghost (p. O12)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

A ghost is Ethereal (but can spend Shock to attack), floats above the ground, takes a -4 persuasion/streetwise penalty, and is immune to mortal problems.

(GM Interpretation: The ghost can also spend Shock to momentarily interact with the real world, like knocking over a statue or pressing a switch, since the line between that and "an attack" is fuzzy.)

Translucent (Orrorsh Backer Archetypes, p. 31)
Prereq: Medicine 2+, Unique (no other Translucent characters in the campaign, now or previously)

The character is a gel, difficult to hurt and nigh impossible to kill.

Vampire (p. O12)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+

A vampires takes damage from sunlight, can bite a Grappled foe and drain blood, may learn psionics, and is immune to mortal problems.

(Note: Per the line developer, Vampires are supposed to start with "a number of" psionic powers to make up for their serious drawbacks. Until we hear otherwise, our group has ruled they get two.)

Werewolf (p. O13)
Prereq: Strength 8+

A werewolf can bite and claw, regenerates all injuries except from silver (which does extra damage), and must All-Out Attack every turn a target is near.

Beta Clearance
*Cloak of Darkness (p. O12)
Prereq: Beta, one other Cursed Perk
Gain a Toughness bonus equal to the Darkness penalty.

Cyberware (Universal)

Recalibrated Cyberware (p. C23)

Cyberware available for anyone, even those from outside the Cyberpapacy. Not a leveled perk.

Ground Sloth (Racial)

Distortion Aura (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Dexterity 5 or less

Everyone near the Ground Sloth becomes Stymied. Ranged attacks are similarly affected.

Human (Racial)

Note: Tharkold's "The Race" have their own Perk tree and cannot take Human Perks.

Dumb Luck (p. B4)

Opponents aren't as effective when spending Possibilities against you.

Beta Clearance
Human Compassion (p. B4)
Prereq: Beta, Charisma 8+
Improve your Charisma.
Human Spirit (p. B4)
Prereq: Beta, Strong-Willed
Once per act, potentially ignore Defeat.


Bolster (p. 90)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, reality 1+

Spend a Possibility to negate Drama card disadvantages.

Comrade (p. P21)
Prereq: Natural Leader

Taking the same action that an ally just took is Favored.

Follow My Lead (Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes, p. 5)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, streetwise 2+

Once per act, use streetwise to let your group blend in perfectly.

Followers (p. 90)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, must have played a Glory

Gain an NPC follower. If slain, you will eventually recruit a new one. Leveled perk, with further levels granting another follower or adding a perk to one.

(Errata: Followers have 2 Wounds.)

(House Rule: You may play Possibilities and Destiny Cards for your follower(s), same as for other similar perks.)

Inspiring Deed (Orrorsh Backer Archetypes, p. 25)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

When you get an Outstanding success via a Possibility, your allies are inspired to greatness.

Lead from the Front (p. B4)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, 1+ Leadership perk

Become Very Vulnerable instead of spending a Possibility on a Leadership perk.

Mastermind (p. P21)
Prereq: Mind 10+

Once per act in a Dramatic scene, spend a Possibility for a Flashback (p. P115).

(Note: Flashbacks are Leverage-style retroactive actions done in response to unexpected obstacles or surprises. "Ah, but I knew you might betray us, so that briefcase actually contains a fake!")

Natural Leader (p. 91)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Spend a Possibility to play cards into allies' Action Pools.

Not on My Watch (p. B4)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, find 3+

Spend a Possibility to negate Drama card advantages for foes.

Rally (p. 91)
Prereq: Persuasion 3+

Spend a Possibility to heal Shock from all nearby allies.

Simplify the Environment (p. P21)
Prereq: Mind 8+

Spend a Possibility to cancel the Situation Line on a cosm-specific Drama card.

Steady On (p. O14)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Your successful Fear test helps your allies succeed as well.

Beta Clearance
Intense Training (p. B4)
Prereq: Beta, Charisma 8+, an NPC follower
Greatly improve one follower's abilities. May be bought once per follower. (GM Interpretation: Hardlight drones do qualify for this perk.)

Occultech (Universal)

Scrounged Implants (p. T30)

Occultech available for anyone, even those from outside Tharkold. Not a leveled perk.


Aerial Acrobat (p. N17)
Prereq: Air vehicles 2+

Air vehicles is favored, can be used for interaction attack.

Always Underestimated (Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 21)
Prereq: Scholar 2+, may not have cyberware, Ki, magic, miracles, occultech, pulp powers, or psionics

Once per scene take a +3 bonus.

(House Rule: The GM has final say over what's on the "may not have" list. The idea is that you're just a normal person, so anything too weird or "powerful" is out. This currently includes power armor.)

Bodyguard (p. 96)
Prereq: Maneuver 2+

Interpose to take the hit for an ally.

Brave (p. O19)

Fear becomes easier to resist and less effective.

Brawler (p. 96)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+

Do extra unarmed damage.

Brutal Ambush (p. P22)
Prereq: Stealth 3+

Do extra damage to Surprised targets.

Brute (p. 96)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Always use Strength to test for Defeat.

Charmed Existence (Orrorsh Backer Archetypes, p. 27)

Base reality on Charisma or Spirit, and ignore most attribute losses.

Dabbler (Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 27)
Prereq: Two arcane skills (magic, miracles, or psi) at 1+

Learn two arcane abilities (e.g., a spell and a miracle).

Deduction (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 19)
Prereq: Evidence analysis 2+

Spend a Cosm card to ask questions about a nearby person, place, or thing.

Dino Hunter (Heroes of the Possibility Wars Vol. 1, p. 72)
Prereq: Science 1+ or survival 1+

Extra bonus die versus dinos or edeinos.

Disability (p. C26)

You (or the GM) can invoke this complication to gain Possibilities, once per act.

(Note: You do not have to take this perk to play a disabled Storm Knight; it's just if you want a mechanical benefit to doing so.)

Double Tap (p. 96)
Prereq: Energy weapons or fire combat 2+

Fire an extra bullet for a bonus to hit.

Drive Offensively (p. T30)
Prereq: Land vehicles 3+

Vehicular ramming attacks are greatly improved.

Demonbane (p. T30)
Prereq: Scholar 2+

Better damage against demons.

Endurance (p. 96)

Improved Shock limit.

Escape Artist (p. P22)
Prereq: Dexterity 10+

You are incredibly good at escaping the Restrained condition.

Gun Fu (p. P22)
Prereq: Fire combat 2+, unarmed combat 2+

When attacking one foe with a pistol and unarmed strike, suffer Shock to apply damage separately.

Guns Blazing (p. B5)
Prereq: Fire combat 3+

Reduce Malfunction range for burst attacks.

Hard to Kill (p. 96)
Prereq: 2+ Prowess perks

Improved Wound limit.

Improvised Weapon (p. P23)
Prereq: Melee weapons 1+

Improvised weapons are incredibly effective in your hands.

Indomitable (p. 96)

Improved active defense rolls.

Ingenious (p. N17, P22)
Prereq: Mind 10+

Spend a Possibility to draw a Destiny card, then roll Mind to draw one for a friend.

(Errata: Usable only once per scene.)

Killshot (p. P23, B5)
Prereq: Double Tap

Your double-tap attacks use the best of two bonus dice rolls.

Kneecap (p. P23)
Prereq: Fire combat 3+

Inflict effective, nonlethal damage with guns.

Master Thief (p. P23)
Prereq: Lockpicking 2+, trick 3+

Lockpicking is Favored and can be used to pick pockets.

(House Rule: Since we replaced lockpicking with thievery, which is already used to pick pockets, replace the first two paragraphs with "The DN of pickpocket attempts is the lower of the target's find or trick.")

Mastery (p. 96)
Prereq: A skill at 5

You can raise your skill even higher.

Mechanic (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 7 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Science 2+

You are incredibly fast at fixing damaged devices.

(Note: See here for standard repair rules.)

~Memory Journey (Strike a Chord, p. 3)
Prereq: Mind 8+

You have amazing recall, basically photographic memory.

Neurodiverse (p. C25)

Grants improved mental Dramatic Skill Resolutions, plus a niche expertise.

(Note: You do not have to take this perk to play a neuroatypical Storm Knight; it's just if you want a mechanical benefit to doing so.)

Night Watchman (Orrorsh Backer Archetypes, p. 23)
Prereq: Bodyguard, Charisma 8+

Get a free Soak when using Bodyguard.

Non-Lethal Combatant (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 15)

You can make any attack non-lethal and are an expert disarmer.

(GM Interpretation: We tend to be pretty generous in allowing "attacks to wound," but this perk lets you do so even with impossible things like headshots and grenades.)

Poison Tolerance (p. L19)

Greatly improve the change of resisting poison.

Power Bomb (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 5)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+ and some method of flight

Fly up, then down hard, with a grappled opponent.

Pure (p. O18)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

You more easily resist Corruption and can make a Defeat test instead of losing Charisma.

Quick Draw (Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes, p. 25)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+ and Mind 8+

Can try to interrupt a foe in the first round of combat.

Relentless (p. 97)
Prereq: Strength 10+

Suffer Shock to add damage to an All-Out Attack.

Sacred Weapon (p. O18)
Prereq: Trademark Weapon

Your weapon also affects Ethereal foes and triggers Allergies.

Scavenger (Living Land Backer Archetypes, pp. 7, 13 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Find 2+

You can discard a Cosm card to stumble across a useful item.

Scientific Method (p. P23 and Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes, p. 7)
Prereq: Scholar 2+ and science 3+

Once per act use science in place of any other (non-arcane) skill.

(Note: This doesn't change the attribute used, just the skill adds; e.g., you could replace fire combat with a Dexterity + science roll.)

Shield Mastery (p. A17)
Prereq: Melee weapons 2+

Your shield works when Vulnerable, and active defense is improved.

Shield Wall (p. A17)
Prereq: Melee weapons 2+

Block for an adjacent ally.

Situational Awareness (p. 97)
Prereq: Mind 8+

Once per scene play a card directly into your Action Pool.

Smasher (p. L19)
Prereq: Strength 8+, melee weapons 1+

Ignore the Unwieldy property and stagger foes with two-handed weapons.

Sniper (p. 97)
Prereq: Energy weapon, fire combat, or missile weapons 3+

Your aimed attacks add a bonus die to damage.

Speed Demon (p. P23)
Prereq: Land vehicles 2+

Melee attacks do extra damage from a speeding vehicle.

Sprinter (p. L19)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+

Run faster and gain an edge in foot chases.

Stalker (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 9 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Stealth 2+

You have a chance to establish stealth at the beginning of most encounters, giving you a huge advantage in the first round.

Strong Pull (p. A17)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Make a bow stronger but harder to use.

(House Rule: This NPC-crafter perk exists only to justify the availability of strong-draw bows. Add +1 Damage, +2 Min Str, and +100% Cost to any bow, up to three times total. There is no skill penalty to use one beyond the Min Str rules.)

Strong-Willed (p. 98)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

Always use Spirit to test for Defeat.

Survivor (p. 97)

Ignore Wound penalties when testing for Defeat.

Swashbuckler (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 13)
Prereq: Trademark Weapon

Improved Interaction Attacks when involving your Trademark Weapon.

Tortured Soul (p. T30)
Prereq: Willpower 1+

Willpower improved and you can use it to resist intimidation.

Trademark Vehicle (p. P24 and Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 3)
Prereq: Applicable vehicles skill 2+

Gain a vehicle; your tests with it are Favored.

Trademark Weapon (p. 98)

Reroll 1s for damage with a single weapon.

(Clarification: This can be "my claws", "my fists", etc.)

Trap Master (p. N17)
Prereq: Find 1+, science 1+, and scholar 1+

Tests to deal with traps are favored.

Trenchcoat Warfare (p. P25)
Prereq: Energy weapons 2+ or fire combat 2+

(Note: This Perk is available in all main cosms except the Living Land.)

In a fight, pull out an escalating series of guns, starting with pistols and moving up to heavy weapons.

Trooper (Cyberpapacy Backer Archetypes, p. 13)
Prereq: Maneuver 3+

Can disengage from melee and run/rush with fewer consequences.

Vengeful (p. 98)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

When wounded, get an Up vs. the foe who hurt you.

Wheelman (p. N17)
Prereq: Land vehicles 2+

Most land vehicles tests are favored.

Whirlwind (p. P24)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+

Reduce multi-targeting penalties with unarmed or melee weapon attacks.

Note: This Perk replaces the Torg Eternity version.

Wrestler (p. P24, Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 3, and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+

Improved grapples.

Beta Clearance
Ace Pilot (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, air vehicles 5+
Can soak for air vehicles you're piloting.
Acrobatic (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, dodge 5+
You may move a bit for free each time someone misses you.
Cosm Adaptation (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta and Realm Runner or Gamma Clearance
You can buy one category of perks from another cosm. (House Rule: And you're considered a native for the purpose of using them.)
(Clarifications: This does not waive racial perk requirements. If this is used to acquire an arcane category, it includes access to appropriate power lists.)
Detached Strategist (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, Situational Awareness
You keep unplayed cards after playing for the Critical Moment.
Drive Defensively (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, land vehicles 5+
Can soak for land vehicles you're driving.
Duck and Weave (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, maneuver 5+
You can move through enemies on a map.
Guardian Angel (p. O18)
Prereq: Beta, Bodyguard
Nearby allies may use your dodge, melee, and unarmed defenses.
Just a Flesh Wound (p. N17)
Prereq: Beta
Spend a Possibility to heal a wound after a fight.
Lethal Shot (p. N17)
Prereq: Beta, Sniper, and energy weapons 5+, fire combat 5+, or missile weapons 5+
Can reroll bonus dice when using Sniper.
Retaliation (p. O18)
Prereq: Beta, Vengeful
When Defeated, get one extra turn before dropping.
Quick (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, Dexterity 8+
Improved normal movement and running speed.
Racer (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, land vehicles 3+
Guaranteed chance to start off a car chase well.
Shake it Off (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, Endurance
Regain extra Shock via a Recovery action.
Supernatural Adaptation (p. M26)
Prereq: Beta, access to any spell list, and Realm Runner or Gamma Clearance
Access any one new spell list and replace up to two existing powers with its spells.

Reality (Universal)

Per Strike a Chord (p. 4), Storm Knights not from Core Earth can learn the Storyteller perk, but with much harder prerequisites. See the Reality category under Core Earth, below.

*Ascetic (p. R4)
Prereq: Endurance, Strong-Willed, reality 1+, and willpower 3+

Gain access to Ki Powers plus a free Ki perk, which isn't a contradiction in Core Earth or Pan-Pacifica.

Beta Clearance
Create Focus (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, reality 5+
Imbue an object with the essence of your cosm, to improve your connection to it.
Sense Stela (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, reality 5+
Sense direction to a stela, dimthread tree, or nightmare tree within 1 km.


Always Prepared (p. P25)
Prereq: Persuasion 2+

Make new Requisition tests mid-mission.

Arcane Diplomat (p. A17)
Prereq: Charisma 10+

Attune to multiple Arcane items (from Aysle).

Arms Dealer (p. P25 and Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 29)
Prereq: Streetwise 2+

You have amazing versatility and access when requestionining weapons.

Bring the Beats (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 29 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Persuasion 2+

If you're playing music, you may be able to discard and replace unhelpful Drama cards.

Chest Beating (p. L19)
Prereq: Strength 8+, intimidation 1+

Easily intimidate groups of animals and primitive subjects.

Con Artist (p. P25)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, persuasion 3+

Gain a bonus from trick when using persuasion to lie.

Dark Past (p. P25 and Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 27)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Start with fewer Destiny Cards but more Possibilities, and can use Connections on villains.

Fake It Till You Make It (p. P25 and Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 7)
Prereq: Persuasion 2+

Spend a Possibility to "fake" (gain) a skill.

Famous (p. N17, P25)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Some persuasion test favored; one free Connection card per act.

First Response (p. B7)
Prereq: First aid 3+

Revive a KO'ed character as an action, restoring some Shock.

Glib Tongue (p. C26)
Prereq: Charisma 8+ and Mind 8+.

Test Mind to greatly improve stories made up on the fly.

Helper (p. 104)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Use persuasion to remove Stymied or Vulnerable from an ally.

Linguist (p. 104)
Prereq: Mind 8+

Speak enough of any language to get by.

(Note: See Torg Eternity Languages for more on how this perk works in our games.)

Primitive Allure (p. L19)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, persuasion 1+

Improved beast riding and persuasion against animals or primal subjects, and use such a skill as a defense against one of them.

Read the Room (Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 23)
Prereq: Evidence analysis 1+, streetwise 2+

Use a high Social Axiom (25+) to instantly grasp the social dynamics of any group of people.

Wealthy (p. 104)

Start with much better gear and enhance persuasion or streetwise rolls to obtain more.

Wiles (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 25)
Prereq: Charisma 10+

Become super-charismatic toward one person for a Possibility.

(GM Interpretation: This replaces the usual ability to spent a Possibility to add a die; you cannot do both — though you may still use Hero/Drama cards and similar options).

Beta Clearance
Clear the Room (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, intimidation 5+
Reduce multi-target penalties for intimidation when it's an approved action.
Pep Talk (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, Helper, persuasion 3+
Inspire others via persuasion, giving a small bonus.
Trash Talker (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, taunt 5+
Reduce multi-target penalties for taunt when it's an approved action.

Stalenger (Racial)

Camouflage Chinoderm (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Stealth 2+

Favored stealth for the Stalenger and possibly another person.

Dancing Collocytes (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+

Unarmed combat is Favored.

Supple Husk (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Persuasion and streetwise a little less penalized.

Unblinking (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Intimidation 2+

Huge bonus to resist intimidation while actively defending.

Multiple Cosms


Cosms: Core Earth, Cyberpapacy, Pan-Pacifica, Tharkold.

Communications Cracker (p. P20)
Prereq: Computers 3+

Get +4 to hack communications.

Custom Cyberdeck (p. C23)
Prereq: Computers 3+

Own one of the custom cyberdecks on pp. C78-82 (beyond the First Seal, which anyone can just purchase).

Digital Forger (p. P20)
Prereq: Computers 3+

Spend a Possibility to create a perfect digital profile in a system you're in.

Meatspace Manipulator (p. P20)
Prereq: Computers 3+

Get +4 to hack local physical systems and environmental objects.

Program Upgrades (p. C24)
Prereq: Custom Cyberdeck

Upgrade two cyberdeck programs.

Software Library (p. C24)
Prereq: Custom Cyberdeck

Add more storage and more programs to a cyberdeck.


Cosms: Core Earth, Pan-Pacifica, Tharkold.

Disciplined Mind (p. T30)
Prereq: Willpower 3+

Reduced penalties when making a Concentration test.

Institute Field Agent (p. T31)
Prereq: Core Earth or Tharkold, one psionic skill at 1+, may not have access to any other list of psionic powers

Gain access to The Institute power list and start with three powers. You may take the Psionic perk for additional powers (three, at first).

Iron Will (p. 98)
Prereq: Psionic

Improved resistance vs. psionic attacks.

Mind Palace (p. T31)
Prereq: Iron Will

Improve your willpower defenses.

(Note: This perk is worse than just raising willpower, but becomes valuable once you're at or near your maximum adds for that skill.)

Multi-Tasker (p. 98)
Prereq: 5+ psionic powers

Activate two psionic powers as a multi-action.

Overcharge (p. 98)
Prereq: Psionic, Spirit 10+

Greatly boost a psionic roll at the cost of a Wound.

Psionic (p. 98)
Prereq: Kinesis, precognition, or telepathy 1+

Start with three psionic powers from your cosm's list (see Torg Eternity Psionics). Leveled perk. (House Rule: Taking this again adds two powers instead of one.)

(Clarification: The power list you use is usually one appropriate to the character's cosm in the core book, but can be any psionic power list that is not specifically accessible via another Perk.)

(Reminder: Using a psi power requires no speech or movement. This differs from magic and miracles.)

Psionic Disruption (Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 19)
Prereq: No other Psionic perks

Psionic powers used near you or affecting you are greatly hampered.

Psychic Disturbance (Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 13)
Prereq: Total of 5+ adds in psionic skills

Temporarily gain a power, but doing so make the scene dramatic.

(GM Interpretation: The scene counts as dramatic for initiative and villain abilities, but not for hero abilities.)

Psychic Riposte (p. T31)
Prereq: Iron Will

Failed psi attacks against you cause the attacker backlash.

Subtle Activation (p. T31)
Prereq: Psionic, Mind 8+

The psi can take a penalty to make their abilities undetectable.

Wild Mind (p. P25 and Tharkold Backer Archetypes, p. 15)
Prereq: A psionic skill at 1+, may not have or take the Disciplined Psychic or Iron Will perks

Their psi is incredibly powerful but always costs Shock.


Changes from Core Rulebook: The Electric Samurai category is gone and the Ki Powers category is now called Vitality. Ion Gosuku is now part of the Power Suit Perk (as "Electric Samurai" armor). Speed Demon is now a general Prowess Perk (see Any Cosms list). Unflinching is now a Vitality Perk.


GeneMod Injections (p. P18)

Add pirated GeneMods from p. P26. Leveled perk. (GM Interpretation: Any leftover funds may be spent on normal gear.)

Faith (Pan-Pacifica)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Faith abilities.

(Note: This is not actually restricted to the Pan-Pacifica cosm. Characters from other cosms who follow Palanism can learn it, but it's listed here to avoid clutter and confusion.)

Priest of Palan (p. P19)
Prereq: Faith 1+, no access to any other miracle list

Gain access to the Palanism miracle list, ward enemy plus two miracles, and inherent Armor. But you must renounce all wealth and all supernatural abilities become self-only. Leveled Perk.

Ki Powers

*Block Strike (p. 90)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, unarmed combat 3+ (House Rule: or melee combat 3+)

Suffer Shock to counterattack when a melee opponent misses you.

*Focused Strike (p. 90)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, melee combat or unarmed combat 3+

Suffer Shock to make a melee attack armor-piercing.

*Ki Strike (p. 90)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, melee combat or unarmed combat 3+

Suffer Shock to increase a melee attack's damage.

Power Suit

Power Suit (p. P21)
Prereq: A manufacturer-specified skill at 2+ (varies)

You have a power suit! This perk may be purchased multiple times to add enhancements (p. P38) to the suit.

  • Anyong Security: Flying hardsuit (Air Vehicles 2+).
  • Baihu Arms: Hardsuit with integrated electroclaws (Unarmed Combat 2+).
  • Electric Samurai: Modified Kanawa power suit. (Melee Weapons 2+).
  • Gekko: Very customizable softsuit (Maneuver 2+).
  • Kanawa Corporation: Teamwork-focused suit (Melee Weapons 2+).
  • Lorde Military: Hardsuit with strength-enhancing servos (Melee Weapons 2+).
  • Patriot Arms: Hardsuit for those who love big guns (Fire Combat 2+).

Prowess (Pan-Pacifica)

See Any Cosm list for further, general Prowess abilities.

Beta Clearance
Beguiling (p. P22)
Prereq: Beta, Charisma 8+
Improve your Charisma.

Psionics (Pan-Pacifica)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Psionic abilities.

Disciplined Psychic (p. P24)
Prereq: One psionic skill at 1+, no access to other power lists

Gain three powers from the Disciplined Psychic power list.

Psychic Mutant (p. P25)
Prereq: One psionic skill at 1+, no access to other power lists

Gain three powers from the Psychic Mutant power list.

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