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As GM, I've had to make some judgment calls, where I allow or invent new gear -- or, more often, low-tech variants of existing gear. Here's a list for reference:

  • Centaur Disguise (Tech 8, $200): Lets a centaur pass as a human riding a horse, as long as others don't look too closely. If someone is directly interacting with or studying the centaur, an evidence analysis, find, or Mind test at DN 8 spots the lie; roll at +4 if within 5 meters, -2 at 20-50 meters, and -4 beyond that.
  • Centaur Disguise, Enchanted (Tech 8, Magic 13, $1500): As above, but with expressive eyes, breathing and snorting sounds, and slight movement. Rolls to penetrate the disguise are at DN 12 and must use evidence analysis (not find or Mind).
  • Hand Drum (Tech 3, $20): Useful when casting the one by four by nine spell.
  • Oil Lamp (Tech 8, $25)
  • Plague Doctor's Bag (Tech 16, $75): Makes first aid tests favored. Bulkier and older tech than the "first aid kit." Common in Orrorsh.
  • Respirator (Tech 17, $100): Rolls to resist inhaled poisons or toxins are Favored, but wearer suffers -2 on find tests due to bulky headgear.
  • Smoke grenade: tech 20, range 10/20/30, price 25 (7), -4 vision in MBT turn 1 then LBT turns 2-3.
  • Strong-Pull Bows: Add +1 Damage, +2 Min Str, and +100% Cost to any bow, up to three times total. There is no skill penalty to use it, assuming you meet Min Str.

In addition, this seems like a good place to share this link to a spreadsheet of gear, compled and maintained by nikgervae (not me):

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