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MyGURPS - Torg Asyle Elf

Torg Asyle Elf

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Ben, this is helpful info for you.

Spell Lists

(I've gotten this updated now so you can just go to the existing Magic page.)

These spells are all (A) part of the Kindred Magic spell list, and (B) use the alteration skill.

Basic Spells (no prereqs)

  • block scrying
  • diminish
  • disguise
  • enhance
  • grow
  • haste
  • inner barbarian
  • peak performance
  • protective circle
  • shrink
  • slow

Advanced Spells

  • bind entity (req. Beta clearance & protective circle)
  • inner berserker (req. Beta clearance & inner barbarian)
  • peak performance (req. enhance)

Important Perks

I've broken these down into different "trees." You pick the order to get 'em. (Technically Resilient doesn't require Elven Sorcerer, but that's the order you want them in if you're gonna get both.)

Basic Magic

  • Spellcaster (gives 3 spells)

Kindred Magic

  • Kindred Magic (req. Spellcaster, gives +2 spells and +2 Toughness to animal companions, etc.)

Elven Magic

  • Elven Sorcerer (req. Spellcaster, reduces Shock from failed spells)
  • Elven Magic (req. Elven Sorcerer, gives +3 spells)
  • Resilient (req. Elven Sorcerer, eliminates Shock from failed spells)
  • Magister (req. knowing 5 spells, can now multi-action to cast two spells)


  • Beast Friend (req. Charisma 8+, good with animals and can trade favors)
  • Drake Friend (req. Beast Friend, shoulder drake)
  • Drake Handler (req. Drake Friend, larger drake)
  • Drake Rider (req. Beta clearance & Drake Handler, drake big enough to ride)

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