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Perk Lists by Cosm

Use the following links to narrow down the perks to those available to a particular cosm:


This list is sorted first by cosm, then by type, since that's how most players need to make their decisions. Anything marked with a * requires the laws of that cosm to function without contradiction. Anything marked with a ~ is not an official PC option; it's either (1) from an Infiniverse Exchange product, (2) homebrewed, or (3) a canonical NPC perk that makes sense for PCs. If you aren't in our group, ask your GM if they'll allow it.

Any category noted as "(Racial)" requires you to be of that race, though not necessarily from that cosm if it's one of your starting perks. This exception to the usual rule is because racial perks are often retained upon transforming to a new cosm (GM's call). Thus, it is possible for a starting PC to be (e.g.) a Core Earth-transformed elf who retained Elf perks, but she would not be able to acquire further ones.

Most page references are abbreviated using the letters below (e.g., "p. L9" means page 9 of the Living Land sourcebook); anything else is spelled out explicitly.

no letter: Core Rules
A: Aysle sourcebook
B: Beta Clearance Player's Primer
C: Cyberpapacy sourcebook
E: Core Earth sourcebook
L: Living Land sourcebook
N: Nile Empire sourcebook
O: Orrorsh sourcebook
P: Pan-Pacifica sourcebook
R: Religions of Core Earth
T: Tharkold sourcebook

Note: Due to the serious game-balance issues pervading Aysle Backer Archetypes, perks from that PDF do not appear here.

In all cases, only a brief description is given, to avoid copyright issues. Refer to the actual perk for details!

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Any Cosm

Cyberware (Universal)

Recalibrated Cyberware (p. C23)

Cyberware available for anyone, even those from outside the Cyberpapacy. Not a leveled perk.

Ground Sloth (Racial)

Distortion Aura (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Dexterity 5 or less

Everyone near the Ground Sloth becomes Stymied. Ranged attacks are similarly affected.

Human (Racial)

Note: Tharkold's "The Race" have their own Perk tree and cannot take Human Perks.

Dumb Luck (p. B4)

Opponents aren't as effective when spending Possibilities against you.

Beta Clearance
Human Compassion (p. B4)
Prereq: Beta, Charisma 8+
Improve your Charisma.
Human Spirit (p. B4)
Prereq: Beta, Strong-Willed
Once per act, potentially ignore Defeat.


Bolster (p. 90)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, reality 1+

Spend a Possibility to negate Drama card disadvantages.

Followers (p. 90)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, must have played a Glory

Gain an NPC follower. If slain, you will eventually recruit a new one. Leveled perk, with further levels granting another follower or adding a perk to one.

(House Rule: You may play Possibilities and Destiny Cards for your follower(s), same as for other similar perks.)

Lead from the Front (p. B4)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, 1+ Leadership perk

Become Very Vulnerable instead of spending a Possibility on a Leadership perk.

Natural Leader (p. 91)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Spend a Possibility to play cards into allies' Action Pools.

Not on My Watch (p. B4)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, find 3+

Spend a Possibility to negate Drama card advantages for foes.

Rally (p. 91)
Prereq: Persuasion 3+

Spend a Possibility to heal Shock from all nearby allies.

Beta Clearance
Intense Training (p. B4)
Prereq: Beta, Charisma 8+, an NPC follower
Greatly improve one follower's abilities. May be bought once per follower. (GM Interpretation: Hardlight drones do qualify for this perk.)


Aerial Acrobat (p. N17)
Prereq: Air vehicles 2+

Air vehicles is favored, can be used for interaction attack.

Bodyguard (p. 96)
Prereq: Maneuver 2+

Interpose to take the hit for an ally.

Brawler (p. 96)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+

Do extra unarmed damage.

Brute (p. 96)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Always use Strength to test for Defeat.

Deduction (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 19)
Prereq: Evidence analysis 2+

Spend a Cosm card to ask questions about a nearby person, place, or thing.

Dino Hunter (Heroes of the Possibility Wars Vol. 1, p. 72)
Prereq: Science 1+ or survival 1+

Extra bonus die versus dinos or edeinos.

Disability (p. C26)

You (or the GM) can invoke this complication to gain Possibilities, once per act.

(Note: You do not have to take this perk to play a disabled Storm Knight; it's just if you want a mechanical benefit to doing so.)

Double Tap (p. 96)
Prereq: Energy weapons or fire combat 2+

Fire an extra bullet for a bonus to hit.

Endurance (p. 96)

Improved Shock limit.

Fake It Till You Make It (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 7)
Prereq: Persuasion 2+

Spend a Possibility to "fake" (gain) a skill.

Guns Blazing (p. B5)
Prereq: Fire combat 3+

Reduce Malfunction range for burst attacks.

Hard to Kill (p. 96)
Prereq: 2+ Prowess perks

Improved Wound limit.

Indomitable (p. 96)

Improved active defense rolls.

Ingenious (p. N17)
Prereq: Mind 10+

Spend a Possibility to draw a Destiny card, then roll Mind to draw one for a friend.

Killshot (p. B5)
Prereq: Double Tap

Your double-tap attacks use the best of two bonus dice rolls.

Mastery (p. 96)
Prereq: A skill at 5

You can raise your skill even higher.

Mechanic (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 7 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Science 2+

You are incredibly fast at fixing damaged devices.

(Note: See here for standard repair rules.)

~Memory Journey (Strike a Chord, p. 3)
Prereq: Mind 8+

You have amazing recall, basically photographic memory.

Neurodiverse (p. C25)

Grants improved mental Dramatic Skill Resolutions, plus a niche expertise.

(Note: You do not have to take this perk to play a neuroatypical Storm Knight; it's just if you want a mechanical benefit to doing so.)

Non-Lethal Combatant (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 15)

You can make any attack non-lethal and are an expert disarmer.

(GM Interpretation: Torg already lets you declare that nearly any attack is non-lethal, but this lets you do so with impossible things like headshots and grenades.)

Poison Tolerance (p. L19)

Greatly improve the change of resisting poison.

Power Bomb (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 5)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+ and some method of flight

Fly up, then down hard, with a grappled opponent.

Relentless (p. 97)
Prereq: Strength 10+

Suffer Shock to add damage to an All-Out Attack.

Scavenger (Living Land Backer Archetypes, pp. 7, 13 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Find 2+

You can discard a Cosm card to stumble across a useful item.

Shield Mastery (p. A17)
Prereq: Melee weapons 2+

Your shield works when Vulnerable, and active defense is improved.

Shield Wall (p. A17)
Prereq: Melee weapons 2+

Block for an adjacent ally.

Situational Awareness (p. 97)
Prereq: Mind 8+

Once per scene play a card directly into your Action Pool.

Smasher (p. L19)
Prereq: Strength 8+, melee weapons 1+

Ignore the Unwieldy property and stagger foes with two-handed weapons.

Sniper (p. 97)
Prereq: Energy weapon, fire combat, or missile weapons 3+

Your aimed attacks add a bonus die to damage.

Sprinter (p. L19)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+

Run faster and gain an edge in foot chases.

Stalker (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 9 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Stealth 2+

You have a chance to establish stealth at the beginning of most encounters, giving you a huge advantage in the first round.

Strong Pull (p. A17)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Make a bow stronger but harder to use.

(House Rule: This NPC-crafter perk exists only to justify the availability of strong-draw bows. Add +1 Damage, +2 Min Str, and +100% Cost to any bow, up to three times total. There is no skill penalty to use one beyond the Min Str rules.)

Strong-Willed (p. 98)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

Always use Spirit to test for Defeat.

Survivor (p. 97)

Ignore Wound penalties when testing for Defeat.

Swashbuckler (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 13)
Prereq: Trademark Weapon

Improved Interaction Attacks when involving your Trademark Weapon.

Trademark Vehicle (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 3)
Prereq: Applicable vehicles skill 2+

Gain a vehicle; your tests with it are Favored.

Trademark Weapon (p. 98)

Reroll 1s for damage with a single weapon.

(Clarification: This can be "my claws" or "my fists.")

Trap Master (p. N17)
Prereq: Find 1+, science 1+, and scholar 1+

Tests to deal with traps are favored.

Vengeful (p. 98)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

When wounded, get an Up vs. the foe who hurt you.

Wheelman (p. N17)
Prereq: Land vehicles 2+

Most land vehicles tests are favored.

Whirlwind (p. 98)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+

Reduce multi-targeting penalties with melee weapons (Errata: and unarmed combat).

Wrestler (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 3 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+

Improved grapples.

Beta Clearance
Ace Pilot (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, air vehicles 5+
Can soak for air vehicles you're piloting.
Acrobatic (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, dodge 5+
You may move a bit for free each time someone misses you.
Cosm Adaptation (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta and Realm Runner or Gamma Clearance
You can buy one category of perks from another cosm. (House Rule: And you're considered a native for the purpose of using them.)
Detached Strategist (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, Situational Awareness
You keep unplayed cards after playing for the Critical Moment.
Drive Defensively (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, land vehicles 5+
Can soak for land vehicles you're driving.
Duck and Weave (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, maneuver 5+
You can move through enemies on a map.
Just a Flesh Wound (p. N17)
Prereq: Beta
Spend a Possibility to heal a wound after a fight.
Lethal Shot (p. N17)
Prereq: Beta, Sniper, and energy weapons 5+, fire combat 5+, or missile weapons 5+
Can reroll bonus dice when using Sniper.
Quick (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, Dexterity 8+
Improved normal movement and running speed.
Racer (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, land vehicles 3+
Guaranteed chance to start off a car chase well.
Shake it Off (p. B5)
Prereq: Beta, Endurance
Regain extra Shock via a Recovery action.

Reality (Universal)

Per Strike a Chord (p. 4), Storm Knights not from Core Earth can learn the Storyteller perk, but with much harder prerequisites. See the Reality category under Core Earth, below.

Beta Clearance
Create Focus (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, reality 5+
Imbue an object with the essence of your cosm, to improve your connection to it.
Sense Stela (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, reality 5+
Sense direction to a stela, dimthread tree, or nightmare tree within 1 km.


Arcane Diplomat (p. A17)
Prereq: Charisma 10+

Attune to multiple Arcane items (from Aysle).

Bring the Beats (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 29 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Persuasion 2+

If you're playing music, you may be able to discard and replace unhelpful Drama cards.

Chest Beating (p. L19)
Prereq: Strength 8+, intimidation 1+

Easily intimidate groups of animals and primitive subjects.

Dark Past (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 27)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Start with fewer Destiny Cards but more Possibilities, and can use Connections on villains.

Famous (p. N17)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Some persuasion test favored; one free Connection card per act.

First Response (p. B7)
Prereq: First aid 3+

Revive a KO'ed character as an action, restoring some Shock.

Glib Tongue (p. C26)
Prereq: Charisma 8+ and Mind 8+.

Test Mind to greatly improve stories made up on the fly.

Helper (p. 104)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Use persuasion to remove Stymied or Vulnerable from an ally.

Linguist (p. 104)
Prereq: Mind 8+

Speak enough of any language to get by.

(Note: See Torg Eternity Languages for more on how this perk works in our games.)

Primitive Allure (p. L19)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, persuasion 1+

Improved beast riding and persuasion against animals or primal subjects, and use such a skill as a defense against one of them.

Wealthy (p. 104)

Start with much better gear and enhance persuasion or streetwise rolls to obtain more.

Wiles (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 25)
Prereq: Charisma 10+

Become super-charismatic toward one person for a Possibility.

(GM Interpretation: This replaces the usual ability to spent a Possibility to add a die; you cannot do both — though you may still use Hero/Drama cards and similar options).

Beta Clearance
Clear the Room (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, intimidation 5+
Reduce multi-target penalties for intimidation when it's an approved action.
Pep Talk (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, Helper, persuasion 3+
Inspire others via persuasion, giving a small bonus.
Trash Talker (p. B7)
Prereq: Beta, taunt 5+
Reduce multi-target penalties for taunt when it's an approved action.

Stalenger (Racial)

Camouflage Chinoderm (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Stealth 2+

Favored stealth for the Stalenger and possibly another person.

Dancing Collocytes (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Unarmed combat 2+

Unarmed combat is Favored.

Supple Husk (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Persuasion and streetwise a little less penalized.

Unblinking (Ruins of the Living Land, p. 7)
Prereq: Intimidation 2+

Huge bonus to resist intimidation while actively defending.

Multiple Cosms


Cosms: Aysle, Core Earth, Cyberpapacy, Living Land, Nile Empire, Orrorsh.

House Rule: Blessed Weapon (from Living Land) is a general Faith perk.

Blessed Weapon (p. L15)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, faith 1+

One primitive weapon does extra damage, doubled vs. evil supernatural beings.

(House Rule: This is not restricted to the Living Land, and the weapon can be up to Tech 12.)

Conviction (p. 89)
Prereq: Miracles, faith 3+

Suffer reduced Shock from failed miracles.

Exorcist (p. R2, C25)
Prereq: Banish miracle and scholar 3+

Use the banish miracle to end control, possession, etc.

Fortified by Faith (p. R3, L16)
Prereq: Faith 1+

Resist fear with faith skill.

Holy Reaper (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 27 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Faith 2+, survival 2+

You do additional damage to plants, including gospog.

Miracles (p. 89)
Prereq: Faith 1+

Can cast miracles from your religion's list (see Torg Eternity Miracles). Start with ward enemy plus two more. Leveled perk. (House Rule: Taking this again adds two miracles instead of one.)

(Clarification: The list is based on the character's religion, not cosm, and also can be from the ones listed in the core book, or from another list not specifically accessible via another Perk. Some of those other lists require Perks that can only be selected by a native of that cosm. For example, a character from Core Earth could theoretically choose any religion, including Keta Kalles. However, they could not select the Optant Perk from the Living Land Sourcebook since that Perk requires you to be an edeinos and native to the Living Land.)

(Reminder: To invoke a miracle you must be able to speak and move both hands. This differs from magic and psi.)

Lay on Hands (p. 90)
Prereq: Faith 3+

Remove Shock from an ally by touch.

Pacifist (p. R3)
Prereq: Vow of Nonviolence

Cannot make any damaging attacks, but interaction attacks are Favored.

Past Lives (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 23)
Prereq: Aysle, Core Earth, or Nile Empire

In a Dramatic scene, give up the "Critical Moment" to swap cards.

Protected (p. 90)
Prereq: Faith 1+

Extra toughness against evil supernatural creatures.

Spirit Bane (p. 90)
Prereq: Faith 1+

Affect ethereal beings with close attacks.

Spirit Nemesis (p. R4)
Prereq: Spirit Bane

Attacks on Ethereal beings are greatly enhanced.

Vow of Nonviolence (p. R4)
Prereq: Faith 1+

Can spent Possibilities to make an attacker reroll, but is hesitant to make attacks.

(Clarification: The opponent does not have to be attacking you; you may use this to save someone else.)


Cosms: Core Earth, Cyberpapacy, Pan-Pacifica, Tharkold.

Custom Cyberdeck (p. C23)
Prereq: Computers 3+

Own one of the custom cyberdecks on pp. C78-82 (beyond the First Seal, which anyone can just purchase).

Program Upgrades (p. C24)
Prereq: Custom Cyberdeck

Upgrade two cyberdeck programs.

Software Library (p. C24)
Prereq: Custom Cyberdeck

Add more storage and more programs to a cyberdeck.


Cosms: Core Earth, Pan-Pacifica, Tharkold.

Iron Will (p. 98)
Prereq: Psionic

Improved resistance vs. psionic attacks.

Multi-Tasker (p. 98)
Prereq: 5+ psionic powers

Activate two psionic powers as a multi-action.

Overcharge (p. 98)
Prereq: Psionic, Spirit 10+

Greatly boost a psionic roll at the cost of a Wound.

Psionic (p. 98)
Prereq: Kinesis, precognition, or telepathy 1+

Start with three psionic powers from your cosm's list (see Torg Eternity Psionics). Leveled perk. (House Rule: Taking this again adds two powers instead of one.)

(Clarification: The power list you use is usually one appropriate to the character's cosm in the core book, but can be any psionic power list that is not specifically accessible via another Perk.)

(Reminder: Using a psi power requires no speech or movement. This differs from magic and miracles.)


Cosms: Aysle, Core Earth, Cyberpapacy, Nile Empire, Orrorsh, Tharkold.

Homunculus (p. A18)
Prereq: Spellcaster, Mind 8+

Craft a clay servant.

(Note: This is really more of a golem.)

Magister (p. 104)
Prereq: Spellcaster, 5+ spells

Activate two spells as a multi-action.

Resilient (p. 105)
Prereq: Spellcaster

Suffer reduced Shock from failed spells.

Spellcaster (p. 105)
Prereq: Alteration, apportation, conjuration, or divination 1+

Learn three spells to cast from your cosm's list (see Torg Eternity Magic). Leveled perk. (House Rule: Taking this again adds two spells instead of one.)

(Clarification: The spell list you use is usually one appropriate to the character's cosm in the core book, but can be any spell list that is not specifically accessible via another Perk.)

(Reminder: To cast a spell, you must be able to speak and move at least one hand. This differs from miracles and psi.)

Spell Researcher (p. A19)
Prereq: Spellcaster, know 6+ spells

You can create a new spell. Can be taken multiple times.

Trademark Spell (p. A19)
Prereq: Spellcaster, the magic skill for that spell at 3+

One spell does better bonus damage or is more reliable.

Beta Clearance
Instinctive Magic (p. A18)
Prereq: Beta, any magic skill at 3+
Replace dodge with a magic skill.



Important Note: Gaining your first Darkness perk causes you to immediately lose the benefits of all Light perks. Upon taking a fourth Darkness perk, you become an evil NPC (but see Born to Darkness).

Born to Darkness (p. A12)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, no other "Born to" perks

Take six Darkness perks safely, including this.

*Blood Magic (p. A12)
Prereq: Spellcaster

Wound yourself to improve any casting roll.

*Critical Strike (p. 84)
Prereq: Frightening Aspect

Take advantage of a Vulnerable foe with an All-Out Attack.

*Frightening Aspect (p. 84)

Lose Charisma, but greatly enhance intimidation.

Necromancer (p. A13)
Prereq: 3+ spells from the Necromancy list, no non-Necromancy spells

Learn two spells from the Necromancy spell list. Your undead are tougher and stronger.

*Shadow Step (p. 85)
Prereq: Stealth 2+

Stealth and "backstab" attacks both enhanced.

*Smiling Deceiver (p. 85)
Prereq: Frightening Aspect

Hide your Frightening Aspect, enhancing other social skills.

Beta Clearance
Cunning of Darkness (p. A13)
Prereq: Beta, Mind 8+
Raise your Mind.
*Shadow Assassin (p. A13)
Prereq: Beta, Shadow Step
Become extra-deadly against Vulnerable foes.

Dwarf (Racial)

Braided (p. 85)
Prereq: Melee weapons 3+, must have played Glory

Gain an extra wound due to honor.

(Note: For male dwarves this perk is also called Bearded, but that's confusing and best ignored.)

*Dragon Warrior (p. 85)
Prereq: Strength 10+

Heavy, full-body armor with one enhancement: a dart thrower, dragon's breath, dragon claws, dragon scales (vs. fire), giant strength, mad jacks (jump), or runes of replenishment (reduced Fatigue). Leveled perk, granting further enhancements.

Forsaken (p. 86)
Prereq: No faith adds

Resistant to miracles (helpful or harmful).

Godsbane (p. A11)
Prereq: Forsaken

Miracles cast on you suffer backlash.

*Runemaker (p. A11)
Prereq: Language: dwarven runes 2+, scholar 2+

Craft temporary runes as potent magical explosions, or permanent runes which enhance equipment. Leveled perk.

(Clarification: An object can have a permanent rune and an enchantment, but as always similar effects do not stack; use the highest.)

Beta Clearance
Godscourge (p. A11)
Prereq: Beta, Godsbane, willpower 3+
You resist miracles as an active contest in your favor.
Strength of Stone (p. A11)
Prereq: Beta, Strength 10+
Become rock-like and stronger.

Elf (Racial)

Beast Friend (p. A14)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Better beast riding. Can exchange favors with animals.

Drake Friend (p. A14)
Prereq: Beast Friend

Bond with a Young Drake, a small dragon.

Drake Handler (p. A14)
Prereq: Drake Friend

Your drake grows to a person-sized Maturing Drake.

Elven Archer (p. 88)
Prereq: Missile weapons 3+

Rapid reload and improved multi-targeting with bows.

Elven Magic (p. A15)
Prereq: Elven Sorcerer

Learn three spells.

Elven Sorcerer (p. 89)
Prereq: Spellcaster

Reduced Shock from failed spells.

Triple-Shot (p. A15)
Prereq: Elven Archer, missile weapons 3+

Can do a Short Burst with a bow.

Warden (p. 89)

Enhanced stealth and tracking.

White Wolf (p. 89)
Prereq: Warden

Gain a spirit wolf animal companion that can return if slain.

Beta Clearance
Drake Rider (p. A14)
Prereq: Beta, Drake Handler
Your drake is now full-sized and can be ridden.
Elven Agility (p. A15)
Prereq: Beta, Dexterity 10+
Raise your Agility.
Spirit Wolf (p. A15)
Prereq: Beta, White Wolf
Your wolf becomes a supernatural Spirit Wolf.

Faith (Aysle)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Faith abilities.

(Note: The sourcebook doesn't label these perks as Aysle-specific, but that seems to be a mistake given how every other faith-specific perk works, not to mention Light and Darkness don't exist as meaningful forces outside of Aysle.)

Exemplar of Darkness (p. A15)
Prereq: Faith 1+, no other miracle-granting perk except for Miracles

Gain access to their miracle list plus extra miracles.

Exemplar of Light (p. A15)
Prereq: Faith 1+, no other miracle-granting perk except for Miracles

Gain access to their miracle list plus extra miracles.

Mysterian (p. A15)
Prereq: Elf, faith 1+, no other miracle-granting perk except for Miracles

Gain access to their miracle list plus extra miracles.

Theomagician (p. A16)
Prereq: Spellcaster, faith 1+, no other miracle-granting perk except for Miracles

Gain access to their miracle list plus extra miracles.

Yonder (p. A15)
Prereq: At least one Outsider perk, faith 1+, no other miracle-granting perk except for Miracles

Gain access to their miracle list plus extra miracles.


Gaining any Darkness perks causes you to immediately lose the benefits of all Light perks, though they still toward the cost of new Perks and are present for effects based on whether you "have Light perks."

*Aura of Light (p. A16)
Prereq: Radiant

You can glow, providing light and scaring evil foes.

*Born to Light (p. A16)
Prereq: Miracles, know the healing miracle, no other "Born to" perks

Can heal a person multiple times per scene.

*Detect Darkness (p. 91)
Prereq: Radiant

Spirit contest to sense Darkness perks in a subject.

*Radiant (p. 91)

Draw and play more cards when fighting evil supernatural beings.

*Raise the Dead (p. 91)
Prereq: Radiant plus 3+ Light perks

One try (using Spirit) to resurrect someone.

*Rejuvenate (p. 91)
Prereq: Radiant

Once per scene, heal Shock via touch.

*Righteousness (p. 91)
Prereq: Radiant

Extra damage vs. evil supernatural beings.

Beta Clearance
*Beacon of Light (p. A16)
Prereq: Beta, Spirit 10+
Share your Light perks with everyone nearby.
Courage of Light (p. A16)
Prereq: Beta, Spirit 8+
Raise your Spirit.


Once you gain a Darkness or Light perk, you cannot take any new Outsider perks, but existing Outsider perks still work normally.

Berserk (p. 95)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

When wounded, improve melee damage and potentially avoid KO, but possibly hit the wrong target.

Blood Rage (p. A16)
Prereq: Berserk

Inflict even more damage per wound.

Ice Blessed (p. A16)

Ignore cold weather and resist most cold attacks.

Magic Resistance (p. 96)
Prereq: No Spellcaster

Resistant to magic, both helpful and harmful.

Skald (p. A16)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, scholar 2+

Use scholar to view and possibly alter the Drama deck.

Seeker (p. A16)

Find your way in the wild, and to the things you need.

Prowess (Asyle)

See All Cosms list for further, general Prowess abilities.

Born to Fire (p. A17)
Prereq: No other "Born to" perks

Do better bonus damage with fire attacks.

Social (Asyle)

See All Cosms list for further, general Social abilities.

Heirloom (p. A17)

You own a powerful Arcane item.

Spellcraft (Aysle)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Spellcraft abilities.

~Bardic Magic (Strike a Chord, p. 4)
Prereq: Profession: musician 1+

Use profession: musician to cast spells from the Bardic Magic spell list, following a few restrictions. Counts as Spellcaster for prereqs.

Cantrip Magic (p. A17)
Prereq: Any magic skill 1+

Can cast cantrips (pp. A36-37) outside of Aysle.

(Cantrip Errata: Animal Sense has Range: Self.)

Elemental Magic (p. A17)
Prereq: 3+ spells from the Elemental Magic list, no non-Elemental spells

Learn two spells from the Elemental Magic spell list. You do more damage.

Essence Magic (p. A18)
Prereq: 3+ spells from the Essence Magic list, no non-Essence spells

Learn two spells from the Essence Magic spell list. Casting spells recovers Shock.

Kindred Magic (p. A18)
Prereq: 3+ spells from the Kindred Magic list, no non-Kindred spells

Learn two spells from the Kindred Magic spell list. Your followers and summons are tougher.

Principle Magic (p. A18)
Prereq: 3+ spells from the Principle Magic list, no non-Principle spells

Learn two spells from the Principle Magic spell list. You can attempt to cast unknown Principle Magic spells.

Spellbook (p. A19)
Prereq: Spellcaster

Learn 3 spells. Backlash makes you forget the spell.

(GM Interpretation: This replaces the usual Backlash. You forget the spell instead of losing 2 Shock.)

Beta Clearance
Esoteric Spell (p. A18)
Prereq: Beta, know 6+ spells
Learn any spell as if it were on your list.

Core Earth

See Multiple Cosms list for Psionics and Spellcraft.

Faith (Core Earth)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Faith abilities.

Religious Scholar (p. R3)
Prereq: Faith 1+, scholar 2+, follower of a Core Earth religion

Gain access to extra miracles specific to your religion.

(House Rule: This grants one miracle plus the two listed. However, if this is your first miracle-granting perk, you also get Ward Enemy. Otherwise it's far too good.)

(House Rule: "Fire and Brimstone" Christians can substitute captivate for bounty.)

Beta Clearance
Religious Pluralist (p. R3)
Prereq: Beta, faith 3+
Add a miracle from another religion.


Adaptable (p. 102)
Prereq: Realm Runner

Ignore Contradictions when using local gear or abilities.

*Ascetic (p. R4)
Prereq: Endurance, Strong-Willed, reality 1+, and willpower 3+

Take and use a Ki Power perk.

Axiom Increase (p. 102)

Improve one of your personal axioms. Leveled perk.

(House Rule: Instead of a flat +1 increase, this perk bumps the axiom up to the "next highest" level, considering all eight main cosms, or +1 once you're at the maximum. In other words, for Core Earth the Magic axiom increases as 9/12/14/16/24/+1, Spirit as 10/16/18/24/+1, and Social and Tech remain +1/perk.)

Grant Possibilities (p. 103)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Give a Possibility to an ally.

In Touch (Nile Empire Backer Archetypes, p. 21)
Prereq: Precognition 1+

Spend a Possibility to Reconnect someone via touch.

Negation (p. 103)

Spend a Possibility to block a foe from improving a roll with a Possibility. (Errata: May be used only once per test.)

Prodigy (p. 103)

Start each act with an extra Possibility.

Realm Runner (p. 103)

Ignore the first disconnection each act, and reduce penalties to reconnect.

Storm Caller (p. 103)
Prereq: 3+ Reality perks

The Storm Knight can spend a Possibility to invoke a reality storm against another reality-rated foe. See p. 221 for a complete description and rules.

Storyteller (p. 103)
Prereq: Charisma 8+ (but see note below)

After a Glory is played, tell the tale and gain extra Possibilities to share.

(Note: Per Strike a Chord (p. 4), Storm Knights not from Core Earth can learn this perk, but the prereqs change to: Charisma 8+, profession: musician 3+, and one of Bardic Magic, Bring the Beats, or Skald.)

(House Rule: The Possibilities do not expire. This is more fair with the changes to Glory, post-Nashville. However, Possibilities gained from a new use of Storyteller don't add to any existing ones; use the higher result. For example, if you have 1 Possibility in the pool and later on you get a Good result with Storyteller, you now have 2 in the pool.)

Tenacious (p. 103)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

Enhances your Soak tests.

Beta Clearance
See Any Cosm list for additional beta clearance abilities.
Elusive (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, Tenacious
You can declare an active defense after the fact.
Longshot (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta
Law of the Underdog applies for you in other cosms.
Nullify (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, Negation
You can spend a Possibility to negate a foe spending one to activate an ability.
Realm-Dancer (p. B6)
Prereq: Beta, Realm-Runner
Now ignore one Disconnection each scene.



Cyberware Implants (p. 84)

Add hacked (unmonitored) cyberware from p. 160. Leveled perk. (GM Interpretation: Any leftover funds may be spent on normal gear.)

(GM Interpretation: Chipholders/Stackholders must be bought via this budget, but characters can acquire the chips themselves via normal requisition or streetwise.)

Drone Override Suit (p. C22)

Own an armored suit that lets you directly control and hack drones.

Drone Upgrades (p. C23)
Prereq: Either TSE Drone Controller cyberware or Drone Override Suit perk, and at least one hardlight drone

Choose two upgrades for your drone(s). Leveled perk. Assault drone can improve its forcefield, laser damage, or melee skill. Scout drone can add an Evasive Mode, camouflage, access to sensory cyberware, or better find/tracking. Shield drone can add a damage field, movement (for Bunker), or regeneration.

(House Rules: Buying this perk additional times continues to add two upgrades per perk. "Mass of Blades" explicitly stacks with other bonuses. Also this seems like a good place to mention that we gave the Assault Drone the Whirlwind perk; it needs it.)

Faith (Cyberpapacy)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Faith abilities.

Invested Cyberpriest (p. C24)
Prereq: Cyberware and Miracles. Cannot have Perks or access to miracle lists from any religion other than the CyberChurch. Cannot have the Champion of God Perk.

Learn computer empathy and two more miracles.

Champion of God (p. C24)
Prereq: Faith 3+ and a follower of the CyberChurch or Christianity. Cannot have the Invested Cyberpriest perk.

Gain a hardlight breastplate and one additional gift. Leveled perk. Gifts include the Belt of Truth (hard to affect/move), Gospel of Peace (better Max Dex), Helmet of Justice (full body hardened armor), Shield of Faith (especially good vs. energy), Sword of the Spirit (potent weapon), or Word of God (choose from Champion of God miracle list).

Beta Clearance
Zealous (p. C25)
Prereq: Beta, Spirit 8+
Raise Spirit attribute.

Prowess (Cyberpapacy)

See All Cosms list for further, general Prowess abilities.

Beta Clearance
Crackerjack (p. C25)
Prereq: Beta, Mind 8+
Raise Mind attribute.

Spellcraft (Cyberpapacy)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Spellcraft abilities.

Familiar (p. C26)
Prereq: Spellcaster and access to either the Cyberwitch or White Witch spell list

Learn two spells and gain a spirit which empowers you with Beauty, Strength, Power, Compassion, Honor, Humility, Mirth, or Reverence.

Lone Wolf (p. C26)
Prereq: Spellcaster and access to the Cyberwitch spell list

The witch becomes amazing at certain Dramatic Skill Resolutions, but bad at Combined Actions.

White Witch (p. C27)
Prereq: Familiar and access to the White Witch spell list. Cannot have any perk related to the CyberChurch, cyberware, or Occultech.

Can lead a coven to cast certain spells, and gains two additional virtues for her Familiar.

(GM Interpretation: If the witch chooses Strength here, that counts as both Virtue picks.)

Living Land

Edeinos (Racial)

Bluespine (p. L14)
Prereq: Survival 1+

Breathe underwater and swim quickly.

Bone Marked (p. L15)
Prereq: No Chameleon Skin, Farwalker, nor Stone Skin

Enhanced toughness and natural armor, but other edeinos shun you.

Chameleon Skin (p. 86)
Prereq: No Bone Marked

Improves stealth and active defense vs. ranged attacks.

Death Claw (p. 86)
Prereq: Spirit 10+

Greatly enhances unarmed damage.

Farwalker (p. L15)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, no Bone Marked

Lose your Outsider penalty and enhance persuasion.

Heliopteryx (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 25 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Dexterity 10+ (House Rule: Only available during character creation.)

Your arms can functionally act as wings, as long as you're not carrying anything with a Minimum Strength requirement (House Rule: ...or wearing armor).

Hunter of Lanala (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 15 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Chameleon Skin, stealth 2+

At the beginning of an encounter, you may use stealth to win the initiative and inflict more damage during your opening round.

Razor Scales (p. L15)
Prereq: Bone Marked or Stone Skin

Unarmed attacks against you hurt the attacker.

Sata Eater (p. L15)
Prereq: Survival 2+

Go berserk for six rounds, then KO'ed.

Skin Shifter (p. L15)
Prereq: Chameleon Skin, no Stone Skin

Find and ranged attacks against you penalized even without an active defense.

Star Eyes (p. 86)

Greatly reduced darkness penalties.

Stone Skin (p. 86)
Prereq: No Bone Marked nor Skin Shifter

Natural armor.

Whip Tail (p. 87)

Unarmed combat is Favored (note errata).

Faith (Living Land)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Faith abilities.

Chosen of Lanala (p. L16)
Prereq: Spirit 10+, faith 1+, not an edeinos

You can buy perks as though you were an edeinos. (House Rule: Also, an edeinos who dislikes humans will accord the Chosen at least the respect due another edeinos, though that isn't always saying much.)

~Claw Words (Delphi Missions: Living Land, p. 70)
Prereq: Ghost Clan Jakatt

Use faith (favored) instead of intimidation, persuasion, or taunt, but only against followers of Lanala.

Gotak (Priest of Death) (p. L16)
Prereq: Edeinos, faith 1+, no perks of other religions (Miracles okay)

You have access to the Gotak miracle list. Pick two miracles plus ward enemy.

~Karruk's Blessing (God Box, pp. 93-95, implied)
Prereq: Faith 1+, Pyrian Fire Tamer (or see below)

This perk, nigh-universal among Pyrian Fire Tamers, greatly mitigates the effect of heat and flame. The character has a +5 bonus to Armor against fire- and heat-based damage. Under most circumstances, they simply ignore ambient heat; if the GM requires a roll to resist it, the same +5 bonus applies.

At the GM's option, this perk may be available (with a different name) to anyone faithful to a religion that offers the ward flames miracle (such as neo-shamanism).

Optant (Priest of Life) (p. L16)
Prereq: Edeinos, faith 1+, no perks of other religions (Miracles okay)

You have access to the Optant miracle list. Pick two miracles plus shape plant and ward enemy.

Beta Clearance
Spirit of Takta Ker (p. L16)
Prereq: Beta, Spirit 8+
Improve your Spirit.
Vehemence (p. L16)
Prereq: Beta, Spirit 10+
Invoke a long miracle instantly, at greatly increased difficulty.


Animal Companion (L16)
Prereq: Varies by animal

You have a companion that you can spend your Possibilities on, and find a new one if slain. Options include pterodactyl (Spirit 8+, p. L17), raptor (Mind 8+, p. L17), or sabre-tooth cat (Charisma 8+, p. 104).

(Homebrew: A Darooni with beast riding 3+ may instead have a wasp (see Torg Eternity Wasp Perks).

Beast Affinity (p. L18)
Prereq: Beast Rider

Your mount can take Wounds for you and you can Soak for it.

Beast Rider (p. 103)
Prereq: Beast riding 3+

Ignore the penalty for your mount running and enhance its defenses against interactions.

Hardy (p. L18)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Improve your Toughness.

Hypnotic Voice (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 11 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Primitive Allure, Charisma 10+, persuasion 2+

Your soft voice may be able to Stymie or even control one nearby target. (Erratum: As for all other similar abilities, once a victim breaks free, she may not be subject to any other mind-control effect for the rest of the scene.)

Jungle Blessed (Living Land Backer Archetypes, p. 5 and Ruins of the Living Land, p. 6)
Prereq: Faith 2+

You're a better fighter all around while not wearing armor, and are very hard to keep grappled. (Erratum: You may contest the grapple freely once per turn.)

Jungle Master (p. L19)
Prereq: Survival 1+

In forest or jungle, move normally and enhance survival and tracking.

Vine Master (p. L19)
Prereq: Survival 1+

Move via brachiation and improve climbing tests on vegetation.

Beta Clearance
~Animal Companion (Giant Wasp) (Homebrew)
Prereq: Beta, Animal Companion (Wasp)
The Darooni's wasp has grown to full size. It is venomous and strong, but because the "rider bond" has not yet fully formed, the rider cannot yet fly with the wasp nor harvest its venom. See Torg Eternity Wasp Perks for more details.
Animal Companion (Sabre-Tooth Tiger) (p. L18)
Prereq: Beta, Animal Companion (Sabre-Tooth Cat)
This perk upgrades your existing companion from a large cat to a full-sized tiger.
Beast Tamer (p. L18)
Prereq: Beta, Beast Rider
You can leap onto an animal and (try to) make it your mount.
Fast Healing (p. L18)
Prereq: Beta
Roll to heal every scene.
Ferocious (p. L18)
Prereq: Beta, melee weapons or unarmed combat 3+
Once per scene your All-Out Attack gains a bonus die.
Savage Strength (p. L19)
Prereq: Beta, Strength 10+
Improve your Strength.
~Wasp Rider (Homebrew)
Prereq: Beta, Animal Companion (Giant Wasp)
Wasp and rider are now one. The Darooni (alone) may harvest and use the wasp's venom. More importantly, they can now fly together. The wasp wears a harness that hangs below it, and its middle legs touch the rider to hold them in place and "feel" subtle commands. While aloft, both may act at no penalty. The player may even make Soak rolls for the wasp, using the Darooni's reality skill. (See Torg Eternity Wasp Perks for more.)

Nile Empire

Faith (Nile Empire)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Faith abilities.

Amaatist Hem-Netjer (p. N16)
Prereq: Miracles, faith 2+, no perks from other religions

You have access to the Amaatist Hem-Netjer miracle list (p. N47). Pick two miracles plus prophecy.

Mummy (p. N16)
Prereq: Must have died and been resurrected by recall spirit (see page 47). If Perk selected at character creation, the hero suffers an Injury (-1 attribute).

Undead, can ignore most metabolic hazards. (House Rule: You are still affected by Fatigue.)

Pulp Powers

These can be modified via enhancements and limitations; see p. 99 and pp. N21-22.

*Adrenaline (p. N22)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Ignore Shock for 30 seconds, then Fatigued.

*Beastmaster (p. N22)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Gain an animal companion.

*Chameleon (p. N23)
Prereq: Charisma 8+

Change your appearance completely.

*Dazzle (p. N24)
Prereq: Energy weapons 1+

Blind one target with bright light.

*Deflect (p. N24)
Prereq: Dexterity 8+

Dodge and even reflect ranged projectiles.

*Fear (p. N24)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

Scare someone badly enough to harm them.

*Flight (p. 100)

Fly, using Dexterity to maneuver.

*Force Field (p. 100)

Limited charges to soak Wounds and Shock. (GM Ruling: Won't stop attacks that ignore armor. Blocks a flat 1 Wound and 2 Shock even if the attack inflicted more.)

*Gadgeteer (p. N25)
Prereq: Wealthy or Beta

Have two gadgets for each adventure.

*Gizmos (p. N25)
Prereq: Weird Scientist

Once per act create a pulp power Gizmo with three uses.

*Invisibility (p. N25)

Become partially transparent (fully with enhancement).

*Mind Control (p. 100)

Willpower contest to briefly take someone over. (Errata: Reality-rated subjects get a resistance roll every turn.)

*Mind Reading (p. N26)

Extract information telepathically. (Errata: Reality-rated targets are aware of this, and resist as a contest. Only one mind-reading attempt per target per scene.)

*Obscure (p. N26)

Create an area of smoke, darkness, etc.

*Ray (p. N26)

You have a ranged energy weapon. One version (Electro-Ray) is on p. 100. Others (p. N26) are Blast-Ray, Heat-Ray, Mind-Ray, Cold-Ray, and Sonic-Ray.

*Regeneration (p. N27)
Prereq: Strength 10+

Heal 1 Shock per turn.

*Rocket Ranger Battlesuit (p. N28)
Prereq: Charisma 8+, air vehicles 1+

Grants a flying suit of armor. (House Rule: The additional options are Enhancements and can be added via Limitations.)

*Sleep (p. N29)

Make a subject drowsy or unconscious.

*Super Attribute (p. 101)
Prereq: Attribute at 10+

Improve one attribute.

*Super Sense (p. N29)

Two of your senses are superhumanly effective.

*Super Skill (p. 101)
Prereq: Skill at 3+

Improve one skill. (House Rule: Cannot be Reality or an arcane skill.)

*Tough as Nails (p. N30)
Prereq: Strength 10+, Dexterity 7-

Your skin is Armor +4.

*Unbreakable Shield (p. N30)

You have a shield which is great for defense and offense.

*Uncanny Dodge (p. N30)
Prereq: Dexterity 10+

Can spend 2 Shock to Soak instead of a Possibility.

*Wallwalking (p. N30)

Walk up walls and ceilings.

*Weird Scientist (p. N31)
Prereq: Science 2+

Once per scene come up with a device to help overcome a problem.

Beta Clearance
Power Upgrade (p. N19)
Prereq: Beta, a pulp power

Add two Enhancements to a power.

Spellcraft (Nile Empire)

See Multiple Cosms list for further, general Spellcraft abilities.

Astrologer (p. N18)
Prereq: Nile Mathematician, scholar 1+, knowledge of contemplation or portent

Test scholar each morning for either a bonus or penalty on Mathematics divination spells.

Astrological Generalist (p. N18)
Prereq: Nile Engineer or Nile Mathematician. Cannot have any other Perk with Nile Engineer or Nile Mathematician as a prereq.

Access to the other spell list (Engineering or Mathematics) plus two spells.

Gifted Numerologist (p. N18)
Prereq: Nile Mathematician, divination 3+

Gain two Mathematics spells; can reroll a 4 or 7 when casting Mathematics spells.

Master Astrologer (p. N18)
Prereq: Astrologer, divination 5+, scholar 3+

Learn possibility rend and possibility shadows, but they're contradictory.

Master Mason (p. N19)
Prereq: Nile Engineer, two of alteration 3+, apportation 3+, or divination 3+

Learn two Engineering spells; neutralize traps is Favored.

Nile Engineer (p. N19)
Prereq: Alteration 1+, apportation 1+, or divination 1+. The character cannot have any other Spellcraft Perk that grants access to another spell list.

Can cast three spells from the Engineering spell list. Leveled perk.

Nile Mathematician (p. N19)
Prereq: Divination 1+. The character cannot have any other Spellcraft Perk that grants access to another spell list.

Can cast three spells from the Mathematics spell list. Leveled perk.

Pulp Sorcerer (p. N19)
Prereq: Spellcaster. Cannot have the Nile Engineer or Nile Mathematician perks.

Access to the Pulp Sorcery spell list plus two spells. Must yell all non-illusion spell names when casting.

Trap Maker (p. N19)
Prereq: Nile Engineer and knowledge of magical trap or mechanical trap

Can cast either prereq spell as an action, though they don't last as long.

Beta Clearance
Supreme Sorcery (p. N19)
Prereq: Beta, Pulp Sorcerer, and one magic skill at 5+
Spend a Possibility to know a Nile Empire Sorcerer or Pulp Sorcerer spell for a scene.


See Multiple Cosms list for Faith and Spellcraft.


*Alchemy (p. 92)
Prereq: Science 3+

Create a limited stock of potions, such as demon's breath (fire grenade), elixir of enhancement (boost attribute), elixir of life (heal Shock), iron sheen (harm ethereal), and thunder brew (flash-bang grenade). Leveled perk.

*Bulletsmith (p. 93)
Prereq: Science 2+

Own a "slayer's gun" and create a limited stock of bullets, such as adamant shell (AP), electric shell (vs. water or electronics), explosive shell, giant killer shell (vs. Large foes), holy water shell, phantom shell (harm ethereal), silver shell (vs. lycanthropes), or sun shell (vs. creatures of darkness). Leveled perk.

*Demoniacal Frenzy (p. 94)

Add damage to all your melee attacks this scene, but you must test Corruption.

*Diabolist (p. 94)
Prereq: Spellcaster

Greatly improve three magic rolls, but you must test Corruption.

*Medals (p. 94)
Prereq: Depends on the medal!

Gives you a constant benefit. Each medal is a different perk:

  • Carnifex Princeps: Draw an extra card in Dramatic Scenes. (Kill a ravagon.)
  • Defender: Extra Possibility each act. (Rescue or defend a large group of people.)
  • Dragon Slayer: Damage Large foes better when Attack is approved. (Slay a massive monster.)
  • Order of Cynthia Bartholomew: Heal all Shock by touch once per act. (Save the injured/poor from a grave threat.)
  • Possibility Wars Campaign Medal: Restore some Shock once per act. (Be involved in a Glory event.) This medal may be awarded once per cosm!
  • Victoria Gloriana: Increase one attribute. (Play a Glory card.)

Occultist (p. 95)
Prereq: Scholar 2+

Roll scholar when fighting a supernatural evil being to draw and play extra cards.


See Multiple Cosms list for Psionics.

Electric Samurai

Ion Gusoku (p. 87)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, melee weapons 2+

Advanced, high-tech, biometric-locked, full-body armor. Leveled perk, with further levels granting chameleon plates, flash burst, kabuto HUD (enhances ranged attacks), lightning sheath (electrified skin), or ultra-light alloys (reduced Fatigue).

Speed Demon (p. 88)
Prereq: Land vehicles 2+

Extra damage when melee attacking from a motorcycle. (House Rule: You also start with an Ishido Special (pp. 170, 173); if it is destroyed, it is replaced at the beginning of the next adventure.)

Unflinching (p. 88)
Prereq: Spirit 8+

Suffer Shock to remove Stymied or Vulnerable.

Ki Powers

*Block Strike (p. 90)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, unarmed combat 3+ (House Rule: or melee combat 3+)

Suffer Shock to counterattack when a melee opponent misses you.

*Focused Strike (p. 90)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, melee combat or unarmed combat 3+

Suffer Shock to make a melee attack armor-piercing.

*Ki Strike (p. 90)
Prereq: Spirit 8+, melee combat or unarmed combat 3+

Suffer Shock to increase a melee attack's damage.


See Multiple Cosms list for Psionics and Spellcraft.


Occultech Implants (p. 95)
Prereq: Strength 8+

Add Tharkoldu occultech (p. 162) that has been fully exorcised. Leveled perk. (GM Interpretation: Any leftover funds may be spent on normal gear.)

Torg Perk Sources

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