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Savage Rifts South America

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These are the character options that I'm hoping to see in South America and/or Terror on the Dark Frontier.

Iconic Frameworks and M.A.R.S. Packages

Reminder of the following footnotes:

* This is a M.A.R.S. package ("Mercenaries, Adventurers, Rogues, and Scholars"). This hero has less inherent power, but more experience. They start at Seasoned, which gives you flexibility and control in creating them. (Please see these notes for Fortune & Glory results #6 and #15.)
This framework eliminates your choice of race. Either the framework itself counts as a race (like the Dragon Hatchling) or it can only be taken by humans (like the Elemental Fusionist).

Amazon†: A powerful warrior woman with either potent magic or psionics. By hunting and defeating powerful monsters, she gains trophies which give her access to powerful unique abilities.

Anti-Monster†: A luchador given a powerful golem body with unique powers and attacks. Famed monster hunters, they strike fear into their prey and can gain world renown if they survive long enough.

Biomancer Gene-Mage: Nature-attuned mages who can temporarily enhance living beings by adding racial abilities (e.g., armor, size, wings) and "grow" magical items. Iconic Edges add further unique magical powers.

Blood Rider*: A potent psi mentally bonded to a Blood Lizard, a fully intelligent dinosaur mount with its own psionic abilities. Those who become Master Psionics can accomplish great feats while mounted.

Combat Cyborg†: Gets new sub-classes in the form of Iconic Edges. Cyber-Humanoids can disguise themselves as humans; Cyber-Slingers get full Agility and extra arms; Destroyer 'Borgs rely on force fields instead of armor; Free 'Borgs trade combat systems for strength and backstory; Plains 'Borgs get a robohorse and excel with pistols; Prospectors are slower but packed with cyber-tools.

Crazy: Gets new sub-classes in the form of Iconic Edges. Ecto-Travelers can turn their bodies into ectoplasm; Psynetics are crazier but potent psis; Ultra-Crazies are broadly enhanced but reliant on a "totem"; Wired Gunslingers sacrifice strength for gunplay.

Demigod: Half mortal, half deity, granted innate powers (which vary based on the divine parent) and an air of superiority. Those from the Empire of the Sun are known as True Incans.

  • The Godling is a Iconic Edge variant who's 100% divine, either a very weak god or an avatar of a major god.

Duelist*: A psionic Adept, amazingly skilled with all swords but known for the Psi-Blade and Psi-Shield. All are loyal to New Babylon; some even act as spies and assassins.

Fallam Battlemaster*†: A Fallam with the rare ability to enter a battle trance where they can shrug off pain and fight with instinctive precision.

Gizmoteer: Gadgeteers who blend psionics and weird science, able to interface with machines and minds, create psi-tech, and "super-charge" a machine's performance at the cost of damaging it afterward.

Line Maker: A conjurer and magician who casts via drawing lines of energy, either in the air or drawn in advance on an object (which speeds up future casting of that one spell).

Megaversal Trooper*: (tbd — a cybernetically enhanced soldier)

Rune Warrior: A magically enhanced, unarmored guardian whose staff has potent melee, ranged, and defensive applications. Can activate a limited repertoire of self-buffing powers quickly and automatically, including "pattern armor."

Priest*: A support caster and worship-leader who excels at identifying, confronting, and banishing supernatural evil.

  • Some religions get Iconic Edges. Sun Priests control an element and can attempt unknown miracles. Voodoo Priests can negotiate with spirits.


With the exception of most frameworks, every character must choose a race. Be aware that any race other than human will suffer reaction penalties from most of the populace.

Amaki: The stone people of New Babylon, physically tough but arrogant and with few friends.

Arkhon: Aliens (not D-Bees) with versatility and physical prowess.

Achillean Mutant: Uplifted animals (except the Neo-Humans) with psychic powers. All but the Felinoids are from the Achilles Republic.

  • Condoroid: Fast flyers designed for stealth and melee.
  • Falconoid: Fast flyers designed for recon and sniping.
  • Felinoid: Agile catfolks with versatile psi, from the lost city of Omagua.
  • Neo-Human: "Perfect" telekinetic humans who can withstand Mega Damage.
  • Serpentoid: Venomous, slightly sociopathic telepaths.

Fallam: Alien allies of the Arkhons, physically large and powerful.

Jungle Elf: Forest-dwellers with psionics and innate biomancy, who hate technology and focus on the arcane. No relation to actual Elves.

Larhold: Tough, strong, and intimidating; hated by most folks and pursued by the tribe they abandoned.

Lizardfolk: Small, amphibious, wall-crawlers, mainly native to Lagarto.

Ojahee: (tbd — strong, brave, honorable warriors)

Important Gear

New Power Armor

  • Atahualpa: Low-end armor, mass produced for broad use
  • Conquistador: Large battery-powered suit with explosive weapons
  • GB-7: Smaller Glitter Boy armor with two shoulder weapons: a laser and a "gatling rail gun"
  • Minotaur: Tough and fast, with two back missiles

New Robot Vehicles

  • Aguirre: Huge humanoid walker with a variety of weapons including a silver sword
  • Hannibal: Elephantine, with missiles, a trunk flail, and seizure-inducing mirrored ears

Psimitar: A sword-shaped focus that enhances the damage of Psi-Blade and the AP of Psi-Blade and the Cyber-Knight's Psi-Sword.

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