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Savage Rifts Rescaled

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION - work in progress

Compared to typical Savage Worlds, Savage Rifts characters start off as Legendary, with a typical Rifts framework or package clocking in at about 19-20 Advances. On one hand, an extra bump is necessary to represent many of the more iconic Rifts options — but on the other, this takes away the "zero to hero" feel that's such a key part of the setting.

The GM's Handbook discusses this under Campaign Power Level, but the only options to reduce power level are "as-is but with fewer HJ rolls and credits" or "ditch frameworks and packages completely." I believe there's a compromise between those extremes, where we simply tone down starting power level in specific ways.

Character Creation Changes

  • "Born a Hero" is no longer a setting rule.
  • Humans may take up to 6 points of Hindrances instead of 4.

MARS Packages

These are all adjusted in the same manner, which keeps them nice and simple.

  • MARS characters get one roll on the Fortune & Glory Table instead of two (modified by package as always).
    • The Personal Concept Option may now also choose their first two Hero's Journey results.
    • If for any reason a MARS package gets no Fortune & Glory rolls, they instead make two fewer Hero's Journey rolls.
    • A player may give up a Hero's Journey roll to choose a Fortune & Glory result instead of rolling. (Ignore this if the table allows free choice here, of course.)
  • MARS characters no longer start at Seasoned. They are Novice characters.

Iconic Frameworks

The basic philosophy here is to remove about six Advances worth of stuff. Then, where appropriate, we turn those excised bits into Iconic Edges for later purchase.

Waiting for the 2.5 Errata to drop before finishing this

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