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Savage Rifts New Character Options

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These character options were converted from original Rifts. While they are unofficial, each has been peer-reviewed for balance and accuracy. That said, further feedback is always welcome (

Note that "eruptor" is the Rifts term for an elemental psi. From commonest to rarest, they are the Burster and Soaker (tied), Freezer, Zapper, and Bomber.

New Frameworks and Packages


Converted from Rifts Dimension Book 1: Wormwood

A holy warrior who truly falls to darkness becomes a cruel fiend, a sadist who ruins lives. It's almost impossible to come back from this, to repent and return to the side of righteousness and good. But an Apok has done so, and walking both paths has given them the faith, martial prowess, and will to eradicate True Evil wherever it is found. Every Apok has a unique, hand-made maska demonic visage that they wear to remind themselves of the monster they once were, and to embrace their new role as the "boogeyman" that even the devils fear. Despite the distrust and concern it evokes in others, an Apok never removes their mask; acknowledging what they were is part of atoning for past sins.

Apoks make two Hero's Journey rolls on any table other than Cybernetics or Psionics. They begin with standard Starting Gear plus one silver-coated Medieval melee weapon of their choice.

Apok Abilities and Bonuses

  • Enhanced Attributes and Speed: An Apok gains one die type to Agility, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor (increase maximums accordingly). They have +2 Pace and improve their running die by one type.
  • Holy Power: Apoks start with the Edges Arcane Background (Miracles), Adept (A&M, p. 33), Master of Magic, and Power Points (15 PPE total), along with the Faith skill at d6. They start with detect/conceal arcana and protection, both of which have the Range (Self) limitation and may be activated as innate abilities, along with one more power of their choice from the Mystic's list (smite is a popular choice).
  • Hellfire: For +1 PPE, any offensive power replaces its normal Trapping with the Hellfire Trapping, which counts as both holy and fire for purposes of Weaknesses.
  • Indomitable Will: Apoks know what can happen when they lose control, and will never let that happen again. They are Fearless and have +8 to resist mind control and possession.
  • Righteous Warrior: Apoks have Fighting and Occult at d6 and the Champion, Holy Warrior, and Nerves of Steel Edges. As well, when facing supernaturally evil creatures, their attacks are always treated as Mega-Damage and any time their Strength is part of the damage roll, they also add their Spirit.
  • Terrifying to Evil: Supernaturally evil creatures must make a Fear Check at -2 when encountering the Apok. Those with the Fearless ability are immune, of course.

Apok Complications

  • Atonement Mask: The Apok's mask is a holy artifact, impossible to remove or shatter unless the Apok wills it. A helmeted Apok affixes her mask to the faceplate, the two items appearing to almost blend together. The Apok must always wear or at least prominently display the mask at all times; hiding it causes her to immediately lose all of the abilities and bonuses above! Just putting the mask back on will not restore them; it must be worn for at least as long as it was off (minimum one hour) before the bonuses return.
  • Cybernetics: As usual, Apoks suffer -1 to miracle use per point of Strain.
  • Dedicated: Apoks start with three Major Hindrances — Shamed (something horrible that they did after falling from grace), Vow (Eradicate supernatural evil), and player's choice of either Code of Honor (principles first) or Heroic (kindness first).
  • Disturbing: People looking upon the mask instinctively realize that this is someone who has done great evil and whose redemption is uncertain (many Apoks fall back into their unholy ways, unfortunately). A masked Apok takes -1 to Persuasion rolls and reactions to them start one level worse (e.g., Uncooperative rather than Neutral, for a typical human Apok).


Converted from The Rifter #19, with a name change for clarity

See Savage Rifts: Eruptors (PDF) for a formatted, standalone version.

The Bomber (also known as the "Blaster") is the rarest eruptor. They possess the ability to telekinetically create detonations, like psychic grenades. Bombers cannot force objects or people to explode, but can create explosions right next to them, varying in diameter from inches (for targeting specific body parts with a shaped charge) to yards (for taking out massed enemies). Unlike most eruptors, they cannot enhance their melee attacks and thus tend to fight from a distance. As a side effect of their powers, they ignore sonic attacks and have an innate understanding of mundane demolitions and EOD.

Build this as a Burster (TLPG, p. 18) with the following changes:

  • Burster Variant: Remove Everything Burns. Replace Firewalker with immunity to sonics and being deafened. Remove all damaging effects from Fiery Aura; it now just provides armor (and costs 1 ISP for M.D.C.). Apply a telekinetic/bomb Trapping to Fire Mastery, Flame Bolt, and all Burster iconic Edges. Change Quirk to thrill-seeking. Everything else is unchanged.
  • Sheer Power: Add the Expert Blaster and Bomb Blast (Flame Blast) Edges.
  • Shockwave: As an action and requiring no roll, the Bomber can use havoc with the Greater Havoc and Strong modifiers. For 1 ISP this is either a MBT centered on the Bomber or a Cone with no range; for 2 ISP, this is an LBT centered on the Bomber. (The Bomber is immune; their allies are not.) Targets are Distracted and must roll Strength at -4 (which includes Distracted) or be hurled 3d6" away, taking 2d6 damage if they strike hard objects.
  • The Explosives Whisperer: Add the Demolitionist and Expert Demolitionist Edges (EOH, p. 35).

Controller (MARS)

Converted from Rifts World Book 16: Federation of Magic

The mage controls one of the automatons detailed on SFONA pp. 35-36 or A&M pp. 37-41. The controller is likely a renegade from Dweomer, but that isn't a strict requirement; the secrets of automaton creation have leaked out to other magical communities. The only models disallowed are the Colossus (which is simply not found on Rifts Earth outside of Dweomer) and Infiltrator (which is more "tool" than "magical mecha").

Official Clarifications: A mage cannot siphon PPE from an automaton; its battery is solely for its own use. Anyone casting an automaton's powers has access to both normal and Mega-Power modifiers.

  • Begin with Occult d6, Piloting d6, plus the Arcane Background (Magic) and Controller Edges.
  • Arcane Link: When ordering the automaton to cast its spells, the controller may use their own Power Edges (like Blaster or Wizard), but must pay any PPE surcharge themselves.
  • Select one available automaton except for the Colossus or Infiltrator.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear.


Converted from Rifts Bionics Sourcebook (with some influence from Fallout's synths)

These "Light Full Conversion Cyborgs" (or simply "Hidden 'Borgs") are constructed on a smaller, lighter chassis to look exactly like a human or humanoid DB. The disguise systems are astoundingly convincing, to the point where the Cyber-Humanoid can easily impersonate others or alter their appearance. They bleed, appear to breathe, and so on — but sensor scans will still reveal the cyborg's true nature.

Build this as a Combat Cyborg (TLPG, p. 21) with the following changes:

  • Greetings, Fellow Human: Not only does the 'borg look exactly like a normal human (or specific type of humanoid D-Bee), they have Improved Cyber-Disguise (EOH, p. 52), allowing them to adjust their appearance in a variety of ways. They lack the Heavy and Inhuman Appearance drawbacks, as long as they avoid adding "external" cybernetics like weapons or jet packs.
  • Regular-Sized*: They have Strength d12 and are Size 0 (and thus no Toughness bonus from Size). They start with two levels of Armor Plating instead of three, and thus +4 Armor instead of +6 M.D.C.
  • Untrusted: Most people are creeped out by the idea of combat cyborgs living among them, hiding in plain sight. Strangers who become aware of the Cyber-Humanoid's true nature generally react at Unfriendly to Hostile (GM's call).
  • Instead of LI-B1 body armor, substitute NG Peacekeeper EBA with tactical plates.
* If the 'borg is to resemble a smaller or larger D-Bee, take the Small Hindrance or Brawny Edge at character creation; for this specific purpose, the latter does increase Size.


Converted from The Rifter #19

See Savage Rifts: Eruptors (PDF) for a formatted, standalone version. Note that in Russia, this psychic is known as a Cold Born.

An uncommon eruptor, the Freezer uses cryokinesis to control temperature and condense moisture in the air into ice or snow. On Earth, Freezers descended from the Inuit, which may explain why they are so in touch with their natural environment even outside of frigid regions; the animals and land itself seem to accept them as a guardian. They tend toward detached, "cold" personalities and usually prefer melee to ranged combat.

Build this as a Burster (TLPG, p. 18) with the following changes:

  • Burster Variant: Remove the Blaster Edge from Arcane Background. Remove Everything Burns. Replace Firewalker with immunity to cold. Apply an ice/snow Trapping to Fiery Aura, Fire Mastery, Flame Bolt, and all Burster iconic Edges. Change Quirk to aloof snobbishness; other complications are unchanged.
  • Hypothermia: The Freezer can safely lower their body temperature at will for 1 ISP per hour, +1 ISP per additional willing target within Smarts range. This lets them simulate death (Healing vs. the Freezer's Psionics to realize the truth) and become invisible to infrared detection.
  • Ice Weapons: The Freezer can create anything from a dagger to a great-axe out of thin air. They must choose smite as a starting power, and have the Psi-Blade and and Psi-Weapon Manipulation (A&M, p. 33) Edges.
  • One with Nature: The Freezer starts with Survival d6, the Beast Bond and Woodsman Edges, and Vow (Major; Respect and protect nature).
  • Power List: The Freezer lacks some of the Burster's overt psychokinesis, but is more attuned to the environment. Rank permitting, they may choose from arcane protection, barrier, beast friend, boost Trait†, burst, darksight*, deflection*, detect/conceal arcana*, empathy, entangle, environmental protection, fear, havoc, mind link, protection*, relief*, smite*, warrior’s gift*.
  • Iconic Edges: Replace Improved Flame Bolt with Improved Ice Weapons (Novice, Smarts d8+), which makes them last as long as Frost Aura does and lets Frost Aura add 2d6 damage.

Martial Artist (MARS)

Converted as a general concept from Rifts World Book 25: China 2

Whether unarmed or with weapon in hand, Martial Artists are masters of melee. Years of training have honed their natural skills — not just at fighting but with Neijing, the channeling of chi (internal energy) to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield. If the hero refuses to fight with weapons, that's a Major Vow; consider the Brawler, Bruiser, and/or Martial Warrior Edges.

Rank permitting, the fighter has access to boost Trait†, deflection*, healing*, speed†, and warrior's gift*. For all, the Trapping is a subtle "vibe of power" coming from the martial artist. See TLPG, p. 122, for important rules regarding Gifted.

  • Start with Athletics d6, Fighting d6, and the Martial Artist Edge.
  • Neijing: The hero starts with the Arcane Background (Gifted) and Chi Edges, Focus d6, 15 PP, and warrior's gift*. In addition to the standard Chi uses, they may spend a chi point to reroll a failed Focus roll, even on a Critical Failure.
  • The martial artist may activate warrior's gift as an Innate Ability. Other added powers are not activated as Innate Abilities, though the fighter is allowed to take the Adept Edge to add that functionality.
  • Choose three additional Edges. These must be Combat Edges or any of Alertness, Ambidexterity, Danger Sense, Extra Effort, Fleet-Footed, or Quick.
  • Make one fewer Hero's Journey roll.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear, replacing the laser pistol with either a vibro-weapon of their choice or 5,000 credits spent on other gear.

Phase Adept (MARS)

Converted from Rifts Dimension Book 2: Phase World

This potent psi has been trained by other Phase Adepts via secret rituals of initiation, originally developed in another dimension by the mysterious Prometheans. This undertaking grants the psychic access to exotic powers to warp time and space, as well as a natural ability to blunt the impact of magic and miracles. Because of the latter, Phase Adepts make natural mage-hunters, but most have no quarrel with their wizardly brethren.

  • Start with the Arcane Background (Psionics), Major Psionic, and Rapid Recharge Edges, a Psionics skill of d6, 20 PPE (the base 10 doubled by Major Psionic), and five powers from the list below.
  • Rank permitting, choose from the following powers: arcane protection*, bolt, boost Trait†, confusion, darksight*, deflection*‡, detect/conceal arcana*, disguise*, divination, empathy, entangle, environmental protection*, farsight*, fear, fly*, havoc, healing, intangibility*‡, mind link, object reading, relief, sloth/speed‡, telekinesis, teleport*‡, warrior’s gift*. Powers marked with ‡ are additions to the standard psionic power list.
  • Magical Resistance: All hostile PPE-based powers cast on the Phase Adept are at -2 and any damage they inflict is reduced by 2. This stacks with other forms of arcane resistance.
  • Only the knowledgeable pass initiation; start with Academics and Occult both at d6.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear.

Priest (MARS)

Converted from Rifts World Books 6&9: South America 1&2

A Priest draws power from worshiping a specific god or pantheon and following their tenets closely. (See Religions in Rifts for more.) Their god(s) protect them to a certain extent, allowing them to risk themselves to save others. Unlike holy warriors who engage their foes in a toe-to-toe fight, Priests focus on banishing evil beings from this world and then helping their victims recover. (They do have access to Edges like Champion and Holy Warrior if desired, but that's a personal decision, not part of the framework.)

  • Improve Spirit by one die type.
  • Begin with Faith d6, Arcane Background (Miracles), Power Points, 15 PPE (10 plus 5 for Power Points), banish, healing, and three additional powers. Rank permitting, they may choose from: arcane protection, banish, barrier, beast friend, blind, boost/lower Trait, detect/conceal arcana, deflection, dispel, divination, elemental manipulation, empathy, environmental protection, fear, healing, light/darkness, object reading, protection, relief, resurrection (see restrictions under Mystic), slumber, smite, sound/silence, speak language, stun, summon ally, and zombie.
  • Exorcism: Free reroll when casting banish. In addition, as an action the Priest may give an ally an immediate attempt to break out of illusion, puppet, or the mind walk Mega-Modifier; the ally does so using the higher of their attribute or the Priest's Faith skill, and may do this once per round until they break free.
  • Shield of Faith: All supernaturally evil creatures are at -2 to attack or use hostile abilities on the Priest.
  • Begin with Academics d6, Occult d6, Performance d4, and Persuasion d6.
  • For no added benefit, begin with a Major Hindrance that represents the faith's tenets. This will usually be Code of Honor, Driven, or Vow. Failure to follow this Hindrance impacts their abilities as for the Mystic.
  • Begin with standard starting gear, substituting Light Enchanted Armor (A&M, p. 40), usually worn beneath normal clothing.

Professional Gambler (MARS)

Converted from Rifts World Books 14: New West

Don't let the appellation fool you, being a professional gambler is about much more than playing with cards and dice. A true gambler can also read body language perfectly, has lightning-fast reactions, and can fast-talk their way out of any situation. While some moonlight as con men and/or thieves, not all believe in taking advantage of others . . . except for those who deserve it, of course.

Special: Many gamblers have a sidekick, to watch their back and cause distractions at the card table. The player may choose result 16 ("My Young Apprentice") on the Fortune & Glory Table instead of rolling. If the group already allows free choice of table results, this gives no extra benefit.

  • Begin with Gambling, Persuasion, Psychology*, and Thievery at d6.
  • Start with the Charismatic and Streetwise Edges. If the Gambler already has one of these, substitute Luck.
  • Choose one die type in either Fighting or Shooting.
  • Begin with the Danger Sense, Quick, and Quick Draw Edges. If the Gambler already has one of these, substitute Level Headed.
  • Card Sharp: Free reroll on Gambling and on Thievery tests to cheat at gambling or perform close-up sleight of hand.
  • Make one fewer Hero's Journey roll.
  • Begin with standard starting gear plus a set of poker chips, four decks of cards, and 6d6 (player's choice if any are marked/loaded).
* If your group doesn't use Psychology skill, replace this with the Alertness Edge.


Converted from The Rifter #19

See Savage Rifts: Eruptors (PDF) for a formatted, standalone version.

Although Soakers are as common as Bursters, they tend to stick to coasts and islands, where their hydrokinetic abilities can best be used. There are exceptions found in dry, arid regions, however, whether to help villages plagued by drought or to fight the vampires plaguing the Southwest. Unlike all other eruptors, Soakers are not powerful damage-dealers; their abilities tend toward utility, defense, and attacks that are non-lethal except to vampires. They pull water out of the air, drawing from a vast area if necessary; no water source need be present. For the purpose of their abilities, any liquid which is at least 50% water counts as being water.

Soakers make Hero's Journey rolls as for the Burster (TLPG, p. 19). They begin with standard Starting Gear. They have access to water-based versions of the Burster's Iconic Edges (TLPG, p. 74), with the exception of Improved Fiery Aura and Improved Flame Bolt.

Soaker Abilities and Bonuses

  • Psychic: A Soaker begins with Arcane Background (Psionics), choosing three powers from the list here, the Major Psionic Edge, and a d6 Psionics skill. Soakers begin with 20 ISP (10 ISP base, doubled by the Major Psionic Edge). Rank permitting, they may choose from arcane protection, barrier, boost Trait†, burst, darksight*, deflection*, detect/conceal arcana*, empathy, environmental protection, fear, mind link, protection*, relief*, smite*, speed†, stun, telekinesis, warrior’s gift*.
  • Sense Water: A Soaker can sense nearby sources of water using Notice, detecting a large open source (ocean, river, etc.) at about 100 miles away or a large hidden source (like an underground lake) at about 200" (1/4 mile). For smaller sources, a 60-gallon aquarium could be sensed at up to (Smarts x 10), or a gallon jug at up to (Smarts). The GM will use these guidelines to gauge a fair range for the situation.
  • Spray Water: The Soaker can fire a jet of water at a target out to (Smarts x 2) range, either to blind them (as for blind with the Strong modifier) or knock them back (as a single-target havoc with the Strong modifier). This costs 1 ISP, or they may spend 2 ISP to add the Greater modifier.
  • Vampire's Bane: Against vampires and those with a similar weakness to water, Spray Water inflicts 3d6 (1 ISP) or 4d6 (2 ISP) damage in addition to its usual effects, and Water Aura also acts as a 3d6 damage field.
  • Water-Adapted: A Soaker can swim at full Pace, stay underwater indefinitely, and hold their breath for 15 minutes out of the water. They may even walk on water — or other liquids, though walking on acid will still burn them! Their powerful leg muscles let them jump twice as far as normal. Finally, they are impervious to cold, ignoring even the most potent freeze rays and ice shard attacks.
  • Water Aura: As an action (no roll or ISP required) a Soaker can surround themselves with a field of water. This provides +6 Armor which stacks with protection and natural armor, but not worn armor; if the Soaker spends 1 ISP when activating it, it provides M.D.C. for the next 5 rounds. While active, the Soaker is slippery and hard to see; all attacks against the Soaker are at -2, doubled to -4 against grapples and entangles (and +4 to escape them). The aura drops whenever the Soaker is Incapacitated or unconscious.
  • Water Mastery: As for the Burster's Fire Mastery (TLPG, p. 19), but range and duration are both x10 on a river or ocean. Soakers are invaluable aboard a ship!

Soaker Complications

  • Cybernetics and Enemies: As for the Burster (TLPG, p. 20). No Quirk.

New Edges

[Iconic Edges]


Converted from Rifts World Book 7: Japan
Requirement: Novice, City Rat, Hacking d6+, has the Core Electronics System cyberware

Cyberoids are masters of computer networking, using their built-in computers to slip past virtual defenses. The City Rat gains a free reroll on Electronics checks involving computerized systems, Repair checks to fix computerized systems, and all Hacking checks. This does apply when rolling the lower of Electronics or Thievery to bypass electronic security.

Ninja Conversion

Converted from Rifts World Book 7: Japan
Requirement: Novice, Crazy, Athletics d6+, Stealth d6+

Several modern ninja clans value M.O.M.-implanted operatives for assassination and infiltration, and have developed meditative techniques to allow their Crazies better short-term control over their insanity. The hero can hold their breath for five minutes (or twice as long as usual, if better) and may spend a Benny to suppress one psychological Hindrance for a scene. In addition, the effects of the following Edges are enhanced:

  • Acrobat: The free reroll applies to Stealth rolls as well.
  • Free Runner: The hero can use Athletics and Stealth at no extra penalty while running.
  • Gymnastic Mastery: With a successful Athletics roll at -2, the gymnast can "light walk" over thin rice paper, pressure plates, etc. with no effect.

If this Edge is taken at character creation, the Crazy may choose to replace Nerves of Steel with Acrobat.

Ninja Treatment

Converted from Rifts World Book 7: Japan
Requirement: Novice, Juicer, Athletics d6+, Stealth d6+

The Ninja Juicer process, created by the Japanese H-Brand corporation, focuses on body control over sheer power. Where most Juicers seem twitchy and constantly on edge, these variants are almost unnaturally calm and quiet.

The effects are identical to the Ninja Conversion Edge, above. If this Edge is taken at character creation, the Juicer may choose to replace Brawny with Acrobat.


Converted from Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape
Requirement: Novice, Nega-Psychic, Spirit d8+

Where a typical Nega-Psychic shuts down hostile psionics or spells immediately, a Nullifier interferes with the arcane effect to wear the caster out and then (optionally) shuts it down. The CS has schools to train Nullifiers; it's especially popular with their Psi-Stalkers.

When a ISP- or PPE-based caster within Smarts range of the Nega-Psychic uses an hostile (unwanted) power on her or her allies, increase its ISP or PPE cost by +2. The Nullifier can choose to spend ISP to worsen this, increasing PPE cost another +1 for every 2 ISP spent, or increasing ISP cost by +1 for every 1 ISP spent. This is a passive ability and does not prevent the use of other reactions, such as Disrupt Magic.

Superheavy Model

Converted from Rifts World Book 36: Sovietski
Requirement: Novice, Combat Cyborg

At 12' tall and weighing over a ton, this Combat Cyborg is massive. Raise Size to 3 (net +2 Toughness) and improve Strength by two die types. Available Strain improves by 2 only for the purpose of adding integrated weapons, and they may integrate a Mod 1 vehicular weapon for 2 Strain or a Mod 2 for 5 Strain.

However, the cyborg cannot wear body or power armor with the exception of custom-made Cyborg Body Armor (double its cost and weight). Operating a vehicle is done at -4, or just -2 if it's been refitted for normal cyborgs; a human vehicle cannot be properly refitted for a Superheavy Model. And the cyborg's Loss of Dexterity complication now gives -2 instead of -1.

[Professional Edges]

Bot Specialist

Created by Ndreare
Requirement: Novice, Arcane Background (Techno-Wizardry or Weird Science), Electronics d6+, Repair d6+

The character has studied robotics well enough to gadgeteer their own bots. They gain the summon ally power (as a "robotics kit" gizmo) and have access to all Mega Modifiers, but can only summon Attendant, Bodyguard, and Sentinel bots (Rank permitting).

They also gain the ability to summon a bot semi-permanently. Doing so requires a battery or power source capable of sustaining the automaton (this usually costs 1,000 credits) and reduces the Techno-Wizard's available PPE pool while the bot exists. The bot remains until it's destroyed, the power supply is drained (usually GM's call or due to a Zapper), or the power is canceled (e.g., voluntarily, by dispel, or via Backlash). Once it's gone, the gadgeteer's PPE maximum returns to normal, but not refilled; the PPE must be regenerated normally.

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