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MyGURPS - Savage Rifts Legacy Armor HJ Table

Savage Rifts Legacy Armor HJ Table

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This is a new Hero's Journey table, created by Akerbakk. Glitter Boys may use one or both of their starting rolls on it. With GM permission, other Power Armor Aces (and maybe even vehicle owners) can roll here as well, though they must reroll result 11-12 and the GM may need to interpret or reroll other results as well.

Legacy Armor

Glitter Boy pilots could probably trace their "generational line" to before the Great Cataclysm, their iconic suit handed down through the ages. Previous owners have made modifications, increasing the effectiveness of the suit. Roll once on the following table and add the bonuses to the power armor. Each benefit can only be applied once; reroll duplicates.

   d20   Upgrade Result
1–5Secondary Weapon: You start with a single "sidearm" for when massive overkill is a bad idea. Choose any Mod 1 vehicular weapon adapted for handheld use (TLPG, p. 106) or a giant vibro sword. You may not sell it back during character creation.
6Heavy Plating: Someone wanted to ensure that their suit could survive anything the battlefield threw at it. Add +2 Armor.
7Diagnostics Complement: Your Glitter Boy has embedded software which assists the technician in repair. Add +1 to all Repair rolls and reduce the required repair time by half when the system is engaged.
8Optimized Main Gun: Your RG-14 has integrated predictive fire systems and/or optimized fire controls. Add +1 to Shooting (+2 total) and +1 to damage.
9Reinforced Frame: Your armor was built to protect you from the deadliest assaults. Add +1 Toughness.
10Demon Slayer: Someone was keen on fighting the supernatural with their G-10. Silver-plated claws or spikes allow you to damage vampires and other affected creatures with Melee attacks, and a modified forearm design adds +1 to Parry.
11–12Legendary: A unique cosmetic feature identifies your Glitter Boy above all others, and a particularly incredible history associated with your suit gives your character an additional +1 to social checks.
13Upgraded Hydraulics: Specially enhanced locomotors add +1 to Strength and +2 to ground Pace (increase to 65 MPH).
14-15Expeditionary Upgrades: A previous owner spent a lot of time on the road. Your suit comes with a Signal Booster (EOH, p. 51) and a more luxurious interior which grants +1 to all Vigor checks made while in the G-10.
16Integrated Psi Damper: Your suit has a built-in Psi-Damper (EOH, p. 54) to prevent some psychic from ruining your day.
17-18Spare Parts and Switches: You begin with enough spare parts to affect a Serious repair. Additionally, ergonomic controls grant a +1 to all Piloting checks.
19–20Choose any one upgrade.

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