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Iconic Frameworks

Iconic Frameworks are the "character classes" of Savage Rifts. If none of these appeal to you, consider the Personal Concept Option (TLPG, p. 44). You may also find the "Savage Rifts: What Should I Play?" flowchart useful.

Each framework may be marked with the following footnotes:

* This is a M.A.R.S. package ("Mercenaries, Adventurers, Rogues, and Scholars"). This hero has less inherent power, but more experience. They start at Seasoned, which gives you flexibility and control in creating them. (Please see these notes for Fortune & Glory results #6 and #15.)
This framework eliminates your choice of race. Either the framework itself counts as a race (like the Dragon Hatchling) or it can only be taken by humans (like the Elemental Fusionist).
An unofficial conversion, but balanced and thus allowed in our games.

Apok‡: A once-holy warrior who fell to True Evil but eventually found the light again. Now they wear a mask of atonement and use melee and miracles to not only fight, but to actively terrorize creatures of darkness. For a more general holy champion, see the Spirit Warrior, below. (See here.)

Barbarian*: A primitive, outdoorsy survivor — tough, strong, and experienced. Though illiterate and unworldly, they are incredibly alert and potentially quite intelligent. (B&B, p. 26)

Barbarian Eco-Wizard*: A classic druid who uses magic to empower weapons and fetishes. More of an outdoor hunter than the High Magus and more magical than the Shaman; see below. See also the Psi-Druid, below, for a non-magical variant. (B&B, p. 26)

Battle Magus*: Similar to the Combat Mage, below, with a smaller spell list but potentially faster casting. Has strong ties to Dweomer by default; to change this, replace Magi of Dweomer with Master of Magic. (A&M, p. 20)

Body-Fixer*: A brilliant medical professional with training in both biology and technology (like the Cyber-Doc, below). The Body-Fixer excels at patching people up and questions about biology, and can also install cybernetics in a pinch. (TLPG, p. 43)

Bounty Hunter*: A hunter, fighter, and outdoorsman who specializes in disarming targets and bringing them in alive. (TLFM, p. 5)

Burster: See Eruptor, below.

City Rat*: A street-smart urban scavenger who starts with a modest range of cybernetics. (TLPG, p. 43)

Combat Cyborg†: A huge, total-conversion 'borg, more machine than man. Incredibly strong, fast, and durable, but unmistakably inhuman. See the Cyber-Humanoid if you want to blend in, or the Headhunter Techno-Warrior if you want a less all-in option, both below. (TLPG, p. 21)

Combat Mage*: A warrior wizard, trained equally in spellcasting and the battlefield. Straightforward and dangerous with a wider spell list than the Battle Magus, above. (A&M, p. 20)

Commando*: An elite soldier trained by a military force to become an expert on infiltration, elimination, and exfiltration. See also the Merc Soldier, below. (EOH, p. 18)

Controller*‡: A mage who pilots an "Automaton" — a huge golem that's essentially a magical mecha. Fills a similar niche as the Robot Vehicle Ace, below, but very different thematically. (See here.)

Cowboy*: A horseback rider with a steed that they share an almost supernaturally close bond with. (EOH, p. 18)

Crazy: A psychically enhanced super-soldier - incredibly fast, pretty strong and tough, and completely insane. Can go berserk ("losing it") at will, becoming even stronger and faster. (TLPG, p. 24)

Cyber-Doc*: A brilliant medical professional with training in both biology and technology (like the Body-Fixer, above). The Cyber-Doc excels at fixing and installing cybernetics, but is also decent at patching people up. (TLPG, p. 43)

Cyber-Humanoid†‡: A smaller and lighter version of the Combat Cyborg, above, with a bit less power and toughness but the ability to blend in and even change appearance. If you want to be mostly human instead of just looking like it, see the Headhunter Techno-Warrior, below. (See here.)

Cyber-Knight: Think "Jedi." An honorable, fast, beloved melee fighter with psionic powers that focus on self-buffing and fighting technological foes. Can summon armor and a psi-sword. See the Psi-Warrior, below, for a similar M.A.R.S. package. (TLPG, p. 27)

  • See SFONA p. 60 for your Code of Chivalry. Also see A&M p. 33 for a new psi-sword Edge.

Dinosaur Hunter*: A tracker and shooter who specializes in taking down huge creatures (not just dinosaurs). (B&B, p. 27)

Dragon Hatchling†: An extremely young (but powerful!) dragon who imprinted on the party. Can assume human form for a limited time, which is good because everyone considers them a target. Comes in four varieties, below.

  • Flame Wind is immune to fire/plasma and has the most destructive breath weapon (TLPG, p. 44).
  • Forest Runner is fast on the ground and sneaky, with lots of psi options (TLFM, p. 6).
  • Great Horned has potent melee and armor, plus high magical potential (TLFM, p. 7).
  • Royal Frilled is fearsome and versatile, starting with spells and psi (TLFM, p. 8).
  • Snow Lizard can't fly but has the unique ability to become a snowstorm (TLFM, p. 9).
  • See Savage Rifts Dragon Hatchlings for relevant house rules, errata, and a more in-depth breakdown of the dragon types.

Dragon Juicer: Under Juicer, below.

Elemental Fusionist†: Tough, charismatic, mutated human - bonded to nature with the ability to warp the elements. Has more potential power and versatility than a mage or psi, but takes a few edges and ranks to get there. (A&M, p. 12)

EOD Specialist*: A master of Explosives Ordnance Disposal but also the opposite, improvising and using charges to take down obstacles. (EOH, p. 19)

Eruptor: A psi with powerful, destructive abilities focused on manipulating and weaponizing a particular element or force, with enough non-combat utility to keep them versatile. They come in several varieties:

  • Bomber‡ (or "Blaster"): Creates pure explosions from thin air, and understands demolitions. (See here.)
  • Burster: Setting foes aflame and being immune to fire is a powerful combo. (TLPG, p. 18)
  • Freezer‡: Wields versatile ice weapons in melee and is attuned to nature. (See here.)
  • Soaker‡: An aquatic warrior with versatile though less destructive abilities. (See here.)
  • Zapper: Less raw power, but electricity can devastate electronics and technology. (A&M, p. 17) (See these house rules.)
  • Or instead of using the links above, see Savage Rifts: Eruptors (PDF) for full rules for playing all eruptor types

Glitter Boy: A Power Armor Ace (below) who starts with the best power armor and the most devastating ranged weapon in the game. Beloved by the populace. (TLPG, p. 34)

Gunslinger*: An incredibly talented shootist, who can "draw on" a foe to interrupt them mid-action. The Psi-Slinger, below, lacks the reflexes but adds psionic power. (EOH, p. 20)

  • See TLFM p. 12 for an Edge the Gunslinger starts with automatically.

Headhunter Techno-Warrior*: A mercenary who relies heavily on cybernetics, and has the freest hand in choosing systems, but is still mostly meat. If you'd rather flip that ratio, see the Combat Cyborg or Cyber-Humanoid, both above. (TLPG, p. 44)

Heroic Vampire: A renegade who threw off their conditioning to fight evil. Nearly impossible to kill, with amazing psi and shapeshifting, but several problematic vulnerabilities and drawbacks. (B&B, p. 19)

High Magus*: A caster with a focus on enchanting; the only framework which starts with Major Item Creation. See also the Barbarian Eco-Wizard (above) and Shaman (below). Has strong ties to Dweomer by default; to change this, replace Magi of Dweomer with Master of Magic. (A&M, p. 21)

Intelligent Construct†: More of an open-ended construction system than a normal framework, use this to build a unique synthetic being, magical or technological. Lots of flexibility (you could make a sentient vehicle, Immortal Golem, TW hoversphere, and more) but a tad complicated to make. All constructs are subject to GM approval. (EOH, p. 9)

Intel Operative*: A military intelligence specialist, widely skilled in awareness, social engineering, and technical ability (EOH, p. 20)

Juicer: A commando who traded lifespan for biochemically boosted power. Strong, fast, tough, with incredible regenerative ability. Can burn their own life-force for more oomph. (TLPG, p. 37)

  • See EOH pp. 32-33 (and the Dragon Juicer, below) for Iconic "treatment" Edges. Delphi Juicers can use psionics; Hyperion Juicers are even faster; Mega-Juicers are insanely tough; Phaeton Juicers are vehicular masters; and Titan Juicers have the strength of giants.

Juicer, Dragon: A special "treatment" for Juicers (above), now empowered by dragon blood instead of chemicals. Tougher and able to use TW devices, but shorter-lived and in need of regular resupply. (A&M, p. 9)

Knight of the White Rose (or "Rose Knight"): A Mystic Knight (bad guy) turned good, with access to miracles and psionics, plus a powerful ability to deflect and project energy. Sworn to protect lives and fight evil. (B&B p. 9)

Ley Line Walker: A master magician with many useful and potent spells with a ton of raw power. Can work incredibly powerful rituals when on a ley line. For a more flexible version, see the Lord Magus, below. (TLPG, p. 40)

  • See B&B p. 32 for a new Iconic Edge.

Lord Magus*: A pure arcanist, with several spells and potent magical abilities; basically, the M.A.R.S. equivalent of the Ley Line Walker, above. Has strong ties to Dweomer by default; to change this, replace Magi of Dweomer with Master of Magic. (A&M, p. 21)

Martial Artist*‡: A melee fighter, fast and skilled with fist or weapon, with special "chi" abilities to adapt to any combat situation. Can be purely unarmed, but that's dangerous unless your race has great natural weapons. (See here.)

Merc Soldier*: An experienced warrior with a great choice of combat skills, Edges, and armor. Less specialized and more flexible than the Commando, above, with amazing starting gear. (TLPG, p. 44)

Mind Melter: The setting's "master psi," who starts with a wide range of abilities, from displays of power to subtle trickery, capable of utterly dominating minds. See also the Phase Psychic (below) for a similar M.A.R.S. package. (TLPG, p. 47)

  • See TLFM p. 12 for a new Iconic Edge.

Momano Headhunter: Monster slayers who rely on psionics along with implanted cybernetics (blades, spikes, energy projector) that have been enchanted as TW devices. (EOH, p. 21)

Mystic: A spiritual adventurer with both faith-based magic and inherent psionics. Has access to unique "holy" trappings for their miracles and special Divination rules. (TLPG, p. 49)

  • See A&M p. 34 for a new Iconic Edge.

Necromancer: A hero who respects the dead, conversing with them easily and asking permission before using their corpses. They can gradually create potent armies of skeletons, zombies, and mummies. (B&B, p. 12)

Nega-Psychic: A psionic whose real power is "weaponized disbelief," able to shrug off and shut down pretty much any arcane power. The CS calls this a "Nullifier" and has a training program to help latent psis develop these abilities. (A&M, p. 14)

Operator*: A wheelman who starts with a vehicle and the skills needed to operate and fix it (along with most anything else). (TLPG, p. 44)

Phase Adept*‡: A "pure psionic" like the Mind Melter (above) who underwent secret initiation, gaining magical resistance and access to more powers than a typical psi. (See here.)

Power Armor Ace*: Warrior in a battlesuit. Not quite as powerful as the Glitter Boy (above), but more experienced and often with a more versatile loadout. (TLPG, p. 44)

Priest*‡: A pious hero who uses miracles for defense, support, and banishing demons. Educated and likable, they provide much-needed reassurance to the common folk. (See here.)

Psi-Druid*: A psychic attuned to flora and fauna, whose connection to nature is often more personal than religious. For more traditional druids, see the magical Barbarian Eco-Wizard (above) or religious Shaman (below). (A&M, p. 22)

Psi-Operator*: A technopath who can interface with electronics and create psionic gadgets. See also the Techno-Wizard, below. (TLPG, p. 45)

Psi-Slinger*: A shootist who uses psionic energy to deflect energy and super-charge their bullets, along with other tricks. See also the Gunslinger, above. (A&M, p. 22)

Psi-Warrior*: A skilled martial artist who wields a psi-sword and psi-shield. They can simultaneously improve the potency of their bare hands and psi-sword, until the latter is nearly as strong as the Cyber-Knight's, above. (A&M, p. 23)

RCSG Scientist*: An ex-Coalition "Rifts Control Study Group" expert on the supernatural, who excels at identifying threats and figuring out how to stop them. Note that Strain doesn't affect "Recognize the Arcane." Change the name to "Rogue Scientist" for a non-Coalition version. (EOH, p. 18)

Robot Vehicle Ace*: A soldier in a robot vehicle, a large and incredibly powerful combat machine that's basically a mecha. Similar to the Automaton Controller, above, if only in a tactical sense. (TLPG, p. 45)

Rogue Scholar*: Trained investigator and historian who excels at uncovering the truth and enlightening the ignorant masses. Can be built as a "Rogue Scientist," but for that consider the RCSG Scientist, above. (TLPG, p. 45)

Shaman*: A worshiper of nature, effectively a religious druid. Has the broadest list of powers in the setting and the ability to make empowered fetishes — similarly to the Barbarian Eco-Wizard or High Magus, above, but via miracles instead of magic. (A&M, p. 23)

Shifter: A wizard who focuses on dimensional travel and summoning beings to control, with unique abilities to warp space and control rifts. They have a reputation as demon worshipers, which is an option if you want. (B&B, p. 15)

  • See TLFM pp. 13-14 for two new semi-Iconic Edges.

Spirit Warrior*: A tribal protector, who uses a mix of holy powers and combat training to vanquish evil supernatural beings. See the Apok, above, for a similar but more specific champion. (A&M, p. 24)

Techno-Wizard: Starts with several TW devices, can create new temporary ones (several each session), and gets a bonus on rolls to use them. Can also create permanent TW devices and upgrades, and eventually enchanted artifacts. (TLPG, p. 52)

  • See A&M pp. 32-33 for Edges the Techno-Wizard gets automatically. Also see this useful list.

Vagabond*: The ultimate jack-of-all-trades, spec'ed for luck and surviving impossible situations. (TLPG, p. 45)

  • See EOH p. 32 for a new Iconic Edge.

Vampire: See Heroic Vampire, above.

Vampire Hunter*: A fighter and occultist who specializes in bloodsuckers but deals well with most supernatural foes. (B&B, p. 27)

Werecat†: Lycanthropes, agile and immune to most non-supernatural attacks, who make great athletes and melee fighters. They come in werejaguar, wereocelot, and werepanther flavors. (B&B, p. 22)

Wilderness Scout*: A ranger/outdoorsman, quick on their feet and in-tune with nature. (TLPG, p. 45)

Zapper: See Eruptor, above.


With the exception of frameworks, every character must choose a race. Be aware that any race other than human will suffer reaction penalties from most of the populace.

Other frameworks (above) that count as their own race are: Dragon Hatchling, Intelligent Construct, Mind Bleeder, and S.A.T.U.R.N. Option.

Altara: Blind but with natural radar sense to compensate. Good physical prowess but not the smartest. (TLPG, p. 58)

Cactus Person: Weird spiky plant-people who communicate telepathically and ignore many hazards. (A&M, p. 24)

Centaur: Strong, fast, nomadic people who prize their freedom. Some are "Cyber-Horseman" from the hidden city of Ixion. (B&B, p. 28)

Cobbler‡: An uncommon variant of goblin possessing natural shape-shifting magic. (See here.)

D'Norr: "Devilmen" in appearance. Natural spellcasters with good mental and social capabilities. (TLPG, p. 59)

Dog Boy: Versatile mutant canines, uplifted by the CS. Can smell and track the supernatural. (TLPG, p. 60)

Dramin‡: Spiritual and aloof, each convinced that the world and everyone else is an illusion. (See here.)

Dwarf: Tough and good with tech, though a bit slow and grumpy. Can't stand elves. (A&M, p. 26)

Elf: Agile, beautiful, perceptive, and arrogant as all hell. Can't stand dwarves. (A&M, p. 26)

Faerie Folk‡: Tiny, magical beings. Potent spellcasters who can fly, but very weak and fragile. (See here.)

Feni‡: Primitive deer-like humanoids with a strong "fight or flight" reflex and the ability to adapt to any environment. (See here.)

Fennodi: Natural psionics possessing a calm demeanor, good mental stability, and exceptional vision. (TLPG, p. 62)

Grackle Tooth: Huge, strong, and tough, with a heroic attitude and useful prehensile tail. (TLPG, p. 63)

Human: The most versatile race. Each starts with an Edge of their choice, which can be up to Legendary.

  • Idiosyncratic (House Rule): Humans can take 6 points of Hindrances instead of 4.

Iktek‡: Large, tough, cavers who were prey on their world and are still acclimating to Earth. (See here.)

Lannic‡: Winged humanoids, fast and alert, though not very tough. (See here.)

Lyn-Srial: Strong, four-armed, winged humanoids with regeneration who fight for what's right. (TLPG, p. 64)

  • See A&M p. 36 if you want your Lyn-Srial to be a Cloudweaver or Sky Knight. And see this thread for Cloud Magic clarifications.

Mastadonoid‡: Mammoth humanoids, literally, who are honorable and a bit technologically backward. (See here.)

Mind Bleeder‡: Humanlike D-Bees who can drain the psionic energy and thoughts of others. Distrusted (if not hated) by most folks! (See here.)

Mutant Animal: A variety of uncommon humanoids, engineered by the same Lone Star scientists who created Dog Boys. (EOH, p. 24)

  • Mutant Bats are perceptive fliers.
  • Mutant Felines are huge predators (Kill Cats) or similar to Dog Boys (Battle Cats)
  • Mutant Rats are agile scouts.
  • See also the (more powerful) Project Achilles Mutants under S.A.T.U.R.N. Option.

Mutie: The wastelands produce many mutated humans. This isn't a fixed race, but a set of guidelines for creating a mutated human. See examples here. (B&B, pp. 107, 118)

Orc: Tough, strong, tribal warriors, hated by most everyone due to their lust for battle and conquest. (A&M, p. 25 — but we use an adjusted version (see here).

Psi-Ghost: Mutant humans with modest psi who can become intangible and translucent at will. (A&M, p. 28)

Psi-Stalker: Fast mutants who can detect the supernatural and must feed off it daily. (TLPG, p. 65)

Psi-X Alien: Technically mutants, but believed to be aliens, these little gray folks are brilliant but unstable psis. (EOH, p. 28)

Quick Flex: Fast, anime-like characters who excel at melee fighting and most other feats of dexterity. (TLPG, p. 67)

Sasquatch: Big, strong, primitive humanoids who are masters of living outdoors. (B&B, p. 29)

Simvan: Bloodthirsty "monster riders" who use psionics to control massive riding beasts. (TLPG, p. 68)

Trimadore: Large and oddly shapped, with an affinity for machines and fixing things. (TLPG, p. 69)

Vernulian: Massive psychic serpents with four tentacles who see our world as a place to be used. (TLFM, p. 10)

Vronwor (or "Rahu-Men"): Four-armed giants, strong, somewhat psychic, with a reputation for eating sentient beings. (A&M, p. 29)

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