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Martial Artist (M.A.R.S. Package)

Converted as a general concept from Rifts World Book 25: China 2

Whether unarmed or with weapon in hand, Martial Artists are masters of melee. Years of training have honed their natural skills — not just at fighting but with Neijing, the channeling of Chi (internal energy) to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield. If you refuse to fight with weapons, that's a Major Vow; consider the Brawler, Bruiser, and/or Martial Warrior Edges.

See TLPG, p. 122, for important notes about Gifted. If you take the New Powers Edge, you may choose from boost Trait†, deflection*, healing* or speed†. Unlike warrior's gift, these will not be innate abilities, though you may also take the Adept Edge.

  • Start with Athletics d6, Fighting d6, and the Martial Artist Edge.
  • Neijing: Begin with the Arcane Background (Gifted) and Chi Edges, Focus d6, 15 PP, and the warrior's gift power which you may activate as an innate ability. In addition to the standard uses, you may spend a chi point to reroll a failed Focus roll, even on a Critical Failure.
  • Choose three additional Edges. These must be Combat Edges or any of Acrobat/Combat Acrobat, Alertness, Ambidexterity, Brave, Brawny, Brute, Danger Sense, Elan, Extra Effort, Fleet-Footed, or Quick.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear, replacing the laser pistol with either a vibro-weapon of your choice or 5,000 credits in other gear.

Cost Breakdown: 5 + 7 + 6 = 18, pretty much average MARS