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Character Concepts

Captain Ara Kaiser

A vat-grown (synthetic organic) Commonality gigolo, popular enough to afford extended lifespan treatment, who eventually tapped into his thanogram – a charismatic military officer – and realized there was more to life. He joined Captain Roberts’ “Belphegor” pirate crew where he met Nigel, and when a terrible fight destroyed the ship and most of the crew, Ara convinced the crew to follow him (instead of Nigel). His sword, “inherited” from Captain Roberts, contains the personality of Robert’s former lover, Captain Claudia Fox.

Cyrus Blackwell

A mechanical with the thanogram of an old corporate hacker-for-pay, who was the property of a powerful corporation that used him as an administrator (officially) and “black ops” corporate espionage agent (unofficially). When Kaiser’s crew raided the corporate HQ for financial gain, Cyrus turned on the corp without hesitation and helped the team get extra assets. They liberated him and offered him a job on the spot.

Nigel Teller

A feline xenomorph who fast-talked his way around the fringes of the galaxy, living off of others, and eventually ended up with Captain Roberts’ crew. There, he was their best grifter and (literal) “cat burglar,” never finding a mark he couldn’t con or place he couldn’t get into. When things went south, Nigel tried to convince the crew to follow him, but the inveterate liar couldn’t earn their trust. Now Captain Kaiser has his grudging respect, though he’d never admit it.


This pink-carapaced Hoo Yow with six venomous claws is the conductor of the death train, and anyone is welcome aboard. He left his homeworld (that humans dubbed “Valhalla”) to find excitement and adventure, and is always eager to experience new things. Skippy was stuck with a group of honorless thugs, and when they went to jump Captain Kaiser’s crew, Kaiser treated Skippy with such respect and so appealed to his honor that the Hoo Yow decided to turn on his honorless companions and join up.

Tiberius Benjamin Archer

An eidetic, one of the strange “specialist” races found in the Far Havens, Tiberius learned to apply his awareness of the world around him to the practical purpose of acquiring a ship, so he could explore the universe. His studies made him virtually a one-man starship crew, which is why Captain Kaiser sought him out and proposed a mutually beneficial arrangement. In the few years he’s been part of their crew, Tiberius has already seen a whole new (exciting) side of society.

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