MM 3 Modifiers

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These Extras and Flaws can be added to a wide range of powers.

Impedes Teleport (Flat +1 point)

Add this to any Toughness that represents an enclosed barrier -- usually bases or vehicles, but it may also apply to personal armor if there's enough internal space for you to worry about teleporters popping in! Any teleporter trying to warp past it must succeed in a separate Teleport check against DC 10 + Toughness. Failure means he stays where he is; three or more degrees of failure mean he's also stunned until his next turn. He may try again, but at a cumulative -1 circumstance penalty (which is erased once he succeeds).

For more protection than this, use Immunity 2 (Teleport) -- or Immunity 5 (Bypass Powers), which also blocks Insubstantial, Remote Sensing, etc.


Note that devices are always obvious. Anyone watching you use a Removable power will realize (with no roll required) that your ability is being granted by the device . . . and that they may be able to steal it from you. If your power is Subtle, they may not notice the power being used; but once they realize what you can do, they'll also realize that the device is behind it.

In some cases, the "obviousness" is a given, as with armor that enhances your Strength and Protection. If not, the descriptor of the effect must make it so; for example, if you gain Enhanced Strength and Protection from an amulet, the amulet must be worn visibly and might glow every time you use your muscles or take a hit. If you can't think of a way for your foes to see your device and figure out what it does, then it doesn't qualify for the Removable flaw.

Indestructible devices are completely immune to Damage, but still vulnerable to Teleport Attack, Transform, etc.

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