MM 3 Gear

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Most pieces of modern gear (just about anything you can pick up at the store) are just 1-point features, or even free. No one should pay for things like pencils, a wristwatch, etc. But exotic gear, weapons, armor, vehicles, and headquarters are exceptions -- such things need detail.

Equipment Arrays

Equipment can be bought as an array; see Alternate Equipment (p. 161) for details. There are two types of possible equipment arrays, each with their own unique drawback. Make sure it's clear which type you have:

  • Single-Piece ("Utility Belt") Array: Your array is actually one incredibly versatile piece of gear. You may use any of its modes easily, switching between them as a free action, but it only takes a single disarm action to divest you of the entire array.
  • Multi-Piece ("Arsenal") Array: Your array is multiple pieces of gear which cannot be used at the same time; e.g., you must stow one weapon before wielding another. It requires a move action to switch between modes (unless you have the Quick Draw advantage). If someone disarms you, you don't lose access to the other parts of your array.

Equipment Budget

Prerequisite: Wealth
General, Ranked

This new variant on the Equipment advantage can be found on the MM3 Advantages page, under the Wealth advantage.

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