MM 3 Advantages

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Remember that any advantage can be added on the fly (at rank 1, if ranked) by spending a hero point, as long as any prerequisites are met!


Combat, Ranked (2)

If you destroy an object granting cover to a target, you may immediately make a free attack against the formerly protected target. The target must be within range of your attack and you must use the same attack you used to the destroy the object. (In essence, your swing or blast "carries through" to strike the target.)

With two ranks of this advantage, you may take a free move before this free attack, as long as it is used to move directly toward the target.

Counter Mastery

Fortune, Ranked (1/2 PL)

Once per round, you may counter another power as a reaction without having to spend a hero point (Instant Countering, p. 96). You can do this a number of times per game session equal to your Counter Mastery rank, with a maximum rank of half the series' power level (rounded down). Your Counter Mastery ranks refresh when your hero points "reset" at the start of the next game session.

Defensive Roll


In addition to improving your Toughness, Defensive Roll helps you roll out of an area or behind cover. When targeted by an area attack, add your Defensive Roll bonus to the Dodge roll to evade the attack. This is cumulative with (and essentially a weaker version of) Evasion.

Extreme Knockback


When inflicting knockback, your distance is calculated exponentially instead of linearly! See MM3 Knockdown and Knockback for detailed rules, both for knockback in general and for the effects of this advantage. By default, this advantage applies to your Strength, but it may be bought (separately) for any Damage attack that also has the Causes Knockback extra.

Fearsome Presence

Skill, Ranked (2)

You are especially adept at using Intimidation to demoralize minions, whether singly or as a group, though this has no effect against more potent foes. Normally, it requires four degrees of success to leave minions disabled; you reduce this requirement by your levels of Fearsome Presence (max 2). In addition, success one degree past that threshold causes most minions (GM's call) to simply surrender. To sum up:

No Fearsome Presence: Impaired at 1-3 degrees. Disabled at 4+ degrees.
Fearsome Presence 1: Impaired at 1-2 degrees. Disabled at 3 degrees. Possible surrender at 4+ degrees
Fearsome Presence 2: Impaired at 1 degree. Disabled at 2 degrees. Possible surrender at 3+ degrees


This advantage is gone. It has been replaced by the new Presence skill Inspiration (see MM3 Skills).

Inspired Craft

Fortune, Ranked (1/2 PL)

You may use this advantage in conjunction with Artificer, Inventor, or Ritualist to quickly jury-rig devices or rituals, or reuse previous creations. See MM3 Crafting Rules for full details.


Fortune, Ranked (1/2 PL)

Once per adventure (not session) per rank of this advantage, you may ask the GM for inspiration as if you'd spend a Hero Point.



For Expertise skills only, Jack-of-All-Trades provides them at Intellect - 5 instead of Intellect. For example, if you have INT 13, you have every Expertise skill at +8. This does not reduce any Expertise skills which you are actually trained in! (This change is necessary to avoid having legitimate experts outshone by a high-INT hero with this single inexpensive advantage.)


Skill, Ranked (5)

(This version replaces the existing advantage.)

You speak and read three languages per level of this advantage. For example, with Languages 1 you go from fluency in one language to three (adding two), and Languages 3 makes you fluent in a total of nine languages. At Rank 5, don't even bother writing down which ones you know; you know every language that will come up in the game unless the GM declares it a secret or unknown tongue.



Choose one Expertise skill in which you are trained (not via Jack-of-All-Trades), and then choose a narrow niche within that skill. You get a +5 situational bonus on all rolls related to that specialty. For example, if you have Expertise (Science) at +20, and Specialist (Particle Physics), you would roll at +25 to answer questions about particle physics. In general, a specialty should be at least two "steps" narrower than the overall Expertise; in the example here, Science doesn't just narrow to Physics, but even further to Particle Physics.

If your skill is the maximum possible for the campaign Power Level, Specialist also identifies you as one of the world's foremost experts in your field. Though only those with the Expertise skill at +10 or higher are likely to recognize you for it, you have +2 on any Interaction skills used on them.

Speed of Thought


For heroes with mental powers, the ability to act quickly is all in their head. Your initiative is determined by your Intellect, not your Agility. You cannot speed this further with Improved Initiative; if you want to think faster, get smarter!

Unarmed Damage

Combat, Ranked

The damage from your unarmed punches and kicks is increased by the level of this advantage. The rank limit is whatever the GM feels is reasonable, but PL limits apply. (Basically, this is just an advantage version of strength-based Damage, for characters who want this to represent training instead of an ability.)

Versatile Luck


You may use your hero points or Luck on a foe's rolls, but only to make them reroll an attack or skill check made against you specifically. For example, you could force an opponent to reroll a Deception check used as a Feint against you, but not to reroll a Deception check made to see how effective his disguise is. Use the worse of the two results.

This advantage is primarily useful in combat to overcome your enemies' critical hits. Note that Luck Control with the "Force a Reroll" effect includes and supersedes this advantage; do not take both.


General, Ranked (3)

(This version replaces the Benefit (Wealth) advantage.)

Wealth is primarily a social advantage. Each level includes a commensurate degree of "social status," allowing you to secure invitations to exclusive parties, set up meetings with politicians, and so on. Any rank of Wealth means you don't need a "real" job; you are independently wealthy. This usually comes from holding shares in one or more businesses, which gives you a vote in their policies and an excuse to talk to (and trade favors with) company managers and VPs.

Wealth does not give you free equipment in any way. The home(s) provided by Wealth are not headquarters; in particular, they lack special features, have minimal statistics for their size, and automatically break if they fail a resistance roll (an application of the minion rules). You can use your money for bribery, charity, etc., however. If the GM agrees that a situation could be improved by throwing money at it, each rank of Wealth gives you a +2 circumstance bonus (from +2 for Wealthy to +6 for Billionaire).

Given the vague nature of wealth in this game, it only needs three ranks. To convert existing characters, halve their Wealth rank, rounding up. The levels are:

  • Rich (Rank 1): You own a "mini-mansion" or a few nice homes, employ some servants, and are respected in local social circles. You may run a medium-sized business or hold shares in several major ones. You can easily secure meetings with mayors, councilmen, and local celebrities.
  • Millionaire (Rank 2): You have a beautiful mansion, several summer homes, and a fleet of servants. You are known among the social elite worldwide, and among almost everyone locally. You likely run one major business and have shares in several others. You can easily secure meetings with governors, congressmen, CEOs, and national celebrities.
  • Billionaire (Rank 3): You have an estate and mansions all around the world, with the equivalent of entire companies' worth of staff working for you, personally. You probably own or run many multinational companies and have shares in countless others. You are known and respected worldwide, and can easily secure meetings with presidents, kings, etc.

Almost every hero with Wealth also has some level of Equipment. You can change your Equipment loadout between adventures, which is a good way to simulate having unlimited toys, but only being able to carry so many at once. If this isn't versatile enough, consider the new ability below, which is based on Variable Equipment (with Slow and other minor tweaks):

Equipment Budget
Prerequisite: Wealth
General, Ranked

The standard Equipment advantage allows you to change out your gear during downtime, but some heroes are rich enough to stockpile or purchase nearly anything they need, on the fly. Each rank of this advantage gives you 4 Equipment Points (not 5) that can be rearranged by visiting your nearest home, safe house, or appropriate merchant (where the in-game explanation is that you simply buy whatever new gear you need). As with normal Equipment, your assets are subject to hackers, being frozen by the government, etc., which will earn you one or more hero points.

Withstand Damage


When you brace (see MM3 Knockdown and Knockback), you may choose to become defenseless for +5 Toughness, instead of just vulnerable for +2. This option is only available if your effective Dodge and Parry are both 5+ (before defenseless, of course).


Breakthrough created by ZeroGrim. Counter Mastery created by Shock.

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