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MyGURPS - Fuck Whitey Squad

Fuck Whitey Squad

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This game uses the Mutants and Masterminds 3E system. It takes place in the Marvel comics universe, with a few minor changes where the MCU drastically improved a character (e.g., the Vulture).

The concept is that the DOJ has decided to give reform-worthy supervillains a change at probation on "Redemption Squad," to help bolster the lack of superheroes in Atlanta. The big difference between this and the Thunderbolts is that Redemption Squad will be honest and open about their pasts, even keeping the same monikers, so they can show that people can change. At least, that's the idea; results may vary.

FWS Members

Their backstories before the DOJ stepped in (plus links to the character sheets)

FWD Creation

The DOJ's story and how the squad came together


Dinosaurs Are Our Future

The squad assembled for the first time, somewhat hastily, in the conference room atop the Spike - Atlanta's underground super-max prison. Two DOJ heads were waiting for them. Director Eisenstein (Deputy Director of Field Operations) made it clear that she did not trust the results of this program, given the influence that one prisoner (Anderson) had on it. Ms. Nadia Asim (Assistant Parole Commissioner) seemed a bit more open and hopeful. The two informed the squad that their base of operations was not yet ready, but that they were needed now.

A train heading from Birmingham to Atlanta was under attack, so the squad headed out immediately in a DOJ transport. When they got there, they found it still moving but under siege by robotic dinosaurs! Robo-raptors paced the train and roamed within (via bite-hole access) while robo-saurs flew overhead. The team fought them as they relayed the results back to the nearby Ms. Asim, who explained that a high-tech factory had been robbed recently by "mechanical animals" that might have been these robo-dinos. Meanwhile, Anderson had his people look into word on the street, and learned that one of Alistair Smythe's (the "Spider-Slayer") tech stashes had been raided as well, and he used a similar mechanical design.

Part way into the fight, the dinos scattered as if they'd accomplished their goal. The squad tried analyzing the smashed robo-remains, but couldn't figure it out, so they took Silent Raven's high-speed jet to the Raft in New York. After a brief encounter with Anderson's sister Jessica Jones ("Get out of my city, creep"), they were able to speak directly with Smythe, who was able to tell from the schematic that his tech's controls had been removed in place of a jar with a cloned dinosaur brain. "This makes no sense! The only way you could control this is if you could mind-control dinosaurs." Sounded like Stegron.

Anderson tracked down Stegron's last sighting, and sure enough it was east of Birmingham. The squad flew there ASAP, making an emergency landing when they saw robo-saurs attacking a town. They fought them off and had them on the run, but then saw a group of robo-saurs creating a portal in the air through which something massive was about to drop. El Rey had Megalodon fling him high enough to punch the descending Robo-Rex back up into the portal (with Mental Maiden's help), where it landed loudly on the other side before the portal closed. Molecular sped the team in the direction that the robo-raptors were fleeing and they found an old AIM facility. Ms. Nasim had let them know that a drive had been stolen from the train with "Echidna" self-replicating factory tech specs, and sure enough that is what they found here.

Stegron and his jetpack-assisted robo-rex had fled though, so they tracked them to the Surf N' Turf amusement park northeast of Birmingham, where Stegron was encased in the Rex's armored chest, and the Rex was trying to hide behind a roller coaster. He broke the coaster and demanded that they just leave him alone as they'd already cost him everything; he fired a volley of missiles at the team along with a heat-ray at the Pendulum ride. But Raven calmly shot every missile out of the air while launching a smoke grenade to intercept the heat-ray harmlessly. Anderson offered him a chance to run if he abandoned the robo-rex, and Stegron took it, but Megalodon was able to easily grab him while El Ray and Molecular fixed the coaster before anyone was hurt. The local police took him away (for transport back to the Spike) and gave the squad a heartfelt thanks.

ICE, ICE Babies

An undocumented woman, Andrea Torres asked the Squad to look into something: children in Latino communities were being kidnapped, and the families couldn't turn to the police due to being illegal immigrants. She gave them two specific families, both of whom were confused and blamed themselves. Diana Flores was so distraught over her 10yo son Gino that she was catatonic, Mental Maiden (with help) brought her out of it to learn that an ICE team had threatened their way in and taken their son, but she doesn't remember the detail, any faces, or anything specific. Across town, Edgar Garcia gave a similar story as to how his son Kevin was taken, via a confrontation in an alley. The team found security footage in a gas station and was able to enhance it enough to identify the type of modified van that covert AIM teams use.

The Squad wanted schematic on the van's engine, in hopes that Megalodon could attune his electrical sense to it, so they headed out to see Toni Ho (a.k.a. Iron Patriot) -- the last scientific head of American Intelligent Mechanics (the branch of AIM that had been acquired by the good guys). She didn't trust these former villains, so the Architect agreed to let her read his mind with a telepathic helmet; after doing so, she did them one better and build them a miniature engine herself. With that, the team found the van the next night, though when they arrived AIM was in a shootout with the local MS-13 gang! The Squad tried to minimize damage and loss of life, but when the gang leader recognized Mental Maiden, he called her out:

"Autumn River! You're going to pay for what you did to me!"

Molecular had identified him as Noah Reyes, the child (years back) whose parents Mental Maiden had murdered in front of him. The gang used their armor-piercing assault rifles and AIM's high-tech weapons against the Squad and the AIM scientist they were trying to extract, putting the supers on the defensive and killing most of the scientists. Megalodon went berserk, knocking Noah through a wall and drawing their fire, which let the others save one scientist. He revealed that AIM needed kids under 12 and was taking them to an underwater Atlantic base (that happened to be on the outskirts of Atlantis), but didn't know more than that.

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