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FWD Creation

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Campaign Concept

The DOJ has noticed that there are no decent superhero teams based on Atlanta, and as such that area has often been a prime target for supervillains of the South. More importantly, the DOJ has been itching to try out their new idea, Redemption Squad, where reformed or reformable villains in prison are offered probation if they form a superhero team in the Big Peach.

While this idea was obviously inspired by Thunderbolts, the huge difference here is that the Thunderbolts were primarily villains hiding their identities, pretending that they're heroes to get away with crimes. By contrast, the Redemption Squad is very honest and open about their pasts, keeping the same monikers even, but are out to show that people can change. At least, that's the idea; how closely each member hews to it varies significantly.

So why is the game called "Fuck Whitey Squad" instead of "Redemption Squad"? Read on . . .

How the Squad Came Together

The DOJ had been interested in the "Redemption Squad" idea for a while. The Architect - the only one incarcerated at Camp Cupcake instead of the Spike - got wind of this through the grapevine, and bribed his way to the ears of the project heads, giving himself a say (and obviously a place) in the team roster. His wealth and relatively non-violent past made it fairly easy to get him approved by the DOJ.

The DOJ already had El Rey in mind; his code of honor and unofficial management of the prison were great qualifications, and the warden was more than happy to get him out, seeing him as a challenge to his legitimate authority. When El Rey learned this, he dropped word to Silent Raven, who got in contact with the Architect. ("Listen, you get me onto this squad of yours, and I'll only ask for 94% of my money back. Deal?") Getting him approved was tricky, but the Architect stressed that Raven had always held to his contracts, and would certainly do so now with this DOJ "contract." (Not strictly accurate, but it worked.) Silent Raven offered another 2% if the Architect got Molecular on the team ("This kid won't last in here without me"); the warden was set against it because it would look bad, but the parole board were unanimous that Molecular wasn't a real threat, so in the end Silent Raven got his wish.

Meanwhile, El Rey had suggestions of his own. He went directly to the DOJ to nominate Mental Maiden, someone he'd had sporadic contact with, pointing out that her rehabilitation could only go so far in jail and that she had a strong drive to make up for her misdeeds. Her doctors backed this up, but insisted on a urine test every 72 hours to ensure that she was talking her medication. El Rey had more resistance with his second suggestion, Megalodon. ("He's a person, not an animal, but no one acknowledges that. At best, they see him as a science experiment. How can he be a man when he isn't treated as one?") Eventually the DOJ relented, with the understanding that if Megalodon lost control, it was El Rey's responsibility to bring him in.

The team met as a whole for the first time in a DOJ secondary office. "Redemption Squad is a stupid name," Silent Raven muttered, "especially when most of us wouldn't even be in here if society wasn't complete shit. As far as I'm concerned, this is the Fuck Whitey Squad." El Rey laughed and agreed heartily, and the mixed-race Mental Maiden and Molecular nodded with a smile. The Architect just shrugged, "My racial privilege has certainly contributed to my financial privilege, so I have no defense to offer. I suppose I shall be your token Caucasian then?" It was a true bonding moment.

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