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MyGURPS - Embers Character Creation And Advancement

Embers Character Creation And Advancement

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XP Costs

Talents cost (5 × Talent's Tier) XP. When purchasing Talents, remember that your character must have more Talents in a Tier than they do in the next highest Tier; e.g., if you have three Tier 1 Talents, you could have up to two Tier 2 ones.

For Attributes and Skills, use the table below. All XP costs are cumulative; e.g., if you lack a Career Skill, adding it at level 2 costs 15 XP (5 + 10).

Adding at 1N/A510
1 → 220*1015
2 → 330*15†20†
3 → 440*20†25†
4 → 550*25†30†
* Only possible during character creation
† Only possible after character creation

Characteristic List

Characteristic rank ranges from 1-5. The only time you can directly raise a Characteristic with XP is during character creation. Once the game begins, you can do so only indirectly via the Tier 5 Talent Dedication.



Skill List

These start at rank 0 for anyone untrained in them. During character creation, Skill ranks cannot exceed 2; once the game begins, they can be raised as high as 5.

Each skill includes the Characteristic it is linked to by default, though there may be situations that call for a different pairing; e.g., Melee (Intellect) to represent weapon knowledge. In general, the GM can do this whenever it makes sense, while a player can suggest such a mix-up but it requires GM approval and (usually) a Story Point.

Athletics (Brawn)
Astrocartography (Intellect)
Brawl (Brawn)
Charm (Presence)
Coercion (Willpower)
Computers (Intellect)
Cool (Presence)
Coordination (Agility)
Deception (Cunning)
Discipline (Willpower)
Driving (Agility)
Gunnery (Agility)
Knowledge (Intellect)
Leadership (Presence)
Mechanics (Intellect)

Medicine (Intellect)
Melee (Brawn)
Negotiation (Presence)
Operating (Intellect)
Perception (Cunning)
Piloting (Agility)
Ranged Heavy (Agility)
Ranged Light (Agility)
Resilience (Brawn)
Skullduggery (Cunning)
Stealth (Agility)
Streetwise (Cunning)
Survival (Cunning)
Vigilance (Willpower)

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