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MyGURPS - Civ 6 Relic Cultural Victory

Civ 6 Relic Cultural Victory

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This is a cheat sheet on how to maximize Relic Tourism.

Relic Basics

Earning Relics


  • An Apostle with the Martyr promotion earns a Relic when they die in Theological Combat.
  • Getting the Martyr promotion is tricky but can be managed:
    • Having Governor Moksha with the Patron Saint promotion gives each Apostle two chances to get Martyr.
    • Being suzerain of the Yerevan city-state lets you choose your promotions.
    • Owning the Mont St. Michel wonder adds Martyr to all Apostles.


  • In Secret Societies mode, each Cultist automatically produces a Relic when expended or killed.
  • Only available via the Voidsingers in the Industrial Era.


  • Being Suzerain of Kandy grants a Relic each time you discover a natural wonder.

Heroes (and Heroic Relics)

  • In Heroes & Legends mode, each Hero can produce two total Heroic Relics.
    • The first is granted automatically when they die.
    • The second is buried on or near the spot where they died (so drop a map tack when that happens). It requires an Archaeologist to unearth it later.
  • Heroic Relics cannot be stored in normal Relic slots; see below.

Storing Relics

  • The Palace (in your nation's capital) can hold one Relic (or any Great Work).
  • Each Temple can hold one Relic.
  • The Natural History Museum (Government Plaza tier 3 building) can hold 4 Relics (or any Great Works).
  • Some Wonders can hold relics: Apadana (2), Mont St. Michel (2), St. Basil's Cathedral (3).
  • Great Merchant Giovanni de Medici can allow a Bank (Commercial Hub building) to hold 2 Relics.
  • In Secret Societies mode, the Voidsinger's "Old God Obelisk" (Monument) can hold one Relic (or any Great Work).
  • In Heroes & Legends mode, each Monument holds 2 Heroic Relics (not regular Relics).
  • Many buildings and wonders have Relic slots; see below.

Suzerain/Relic Synergies

  • Anshan gives +1 Science per Relic.
  • Kandy gives +50% Faith per Relic, and grants a Relic each time you discover a new natural wonder.


It's worth taking a minute to set up map tacks for all of this. You can build this setup in a different city, but if so you lose access to slots in your Palace and the Apadana wonder.


  • Holy Site: Needs a Temple as soon as possible, for the one Relic slot.
  • Government Plaza: Once you build the Natural History Museum, adds four slots for Relics.
    • Buildings: [Player's Choice], Grand Master's Chapel, and Natural History Museum. (Sweden will build the Queen's Bibliotheque instead of the GMC, of course.)
    • Governments: Autocracy (you need Wonders!), Theocracy (for the discount), Democracy, and Digital Democracy.
  • Commercial Hub: The goal here is to acquire Renaissance-era Great Merchant Giovanni de Medici, who builds a Market and Bank that can hold two Relics. It may still be worth building a Market for the Trade Route, but if other cities have those, just build the district.
    • Also grab Modern-era Sarah Breedlove later on to increase tourism.
  • Theater Square: Not directly crucial, but Great Works also generate Tourism and you'd be foolish not to take advantage of all these Wonders. Plan its location carefully.


  • Apadana: Adjacent to the City Center of your Capital.
    • Classical civic Political Philosophy (meet 3 City-States).
    • Two slots for Relics (or any Great Work) — and if you build this first, plenty of bonus Envoys later.
  • Mont St. Michel: On a Floodplain or Marsh.
    • Medieval civic Divine Right (build 2 Temples).
    • Two slots for Relics — and all of your Apostles gain Martyr.
  • St. Basil's Cathedral: Adjacent to a City Center.
    • Renaissance civic Reformed Church (6 cities following your religion).
    • Three slots for Relics — and +100% Religious Tourism.
  • Optional! Kotoku-In: Next to a Holy Site with a Temple.
    • Medieval civic Divine Right (with Mont St. Michel)
    • Gives a massive Faith boost to this city. No direct Relic/Tourism bonus.

In addition to the above, this Wonder is crucial but can go in any city:

  • Cristo Redentor: On a Hill.
    • Modern civic Mass Media (Radio tech).
    • Maintains full Religious Tourism effects into later eras.

Other Useful Wonders: Great Bath (Pottery), Mahabodhi Temple (Theology)

Key Civics

  • Political Philosophy Apadana wonder and Autocracy government. (Classical; meet 3 City-States)
  • Theology: Temple building and Scripture policy. (Classical; found a religion)
  • Divine Right: Mont St. Michel wonder, Kotoku-In wonder, and Gothic Architecture policy. (Medieval; 2 Temples)
  • Reformed Church: Theocracy government, St. Basil's Cathedral wonder, and Simultaneum policy. (Renaissance; 6 cities following your religion)
  • Mass Media: Cristo Redentor wonder. (Modern; Radio tech)
  • Suffrage: Democracy government. (Modern; 4 Sewers)
  • Social Media: Online Communities policy. (Information; Telecommunications tech)
  • Distributed Sovereignty: Digital Democracy government. (Information; 1 Rock Band)

Religious Beliefs

  • Pantheon: Divine Spark is a good default for securing an early religion, and will help with other Great Works later.
    • Plan B: Religious Settlements if available. Otherwise, Monument to the Gods is limited but useful for Apadana and maybe Stonehenge for an early religion.
  • Follower: Reliquaries.
    • Plan B: None. Try Jesuit Education or Choral Music and go for a normal Cultural Victory.
  • Enhancer: Holy Order (for cheap Apostles).
    • Plan B: Monastic Isolation. If that's taken, Defender of the Faith for defense.

Evangelizing further may not be necessary, but these are good options:

  • Worship: Cathedral (early slot for Religious Artwork) or Meeting House (production for Wonders).
  • Founder: Lay Ministry, World Church, or Sacred Places.

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