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MyGURPS - Civ 6 Babylon

Civ 6 Babylon

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This is just a list of potential tech tree combos for Babylon to use. Some are directly stolen from Potato McWhiskey.

  • Kill someone with a Slinger to unlock Archery (Archers)
    • Have 3 Archers to unlock Machinery (Crossbowmen)
      • Upgrade 2 Archers to Crossbowmen to unlock Metal Casting (Bombards, Pike-and-Shot)
  • Farm a resource (Maize/Rice/Wheat) to unlock Irrigation
    • Build a Palgum (water mill) to unlock Construction (Siege Tower)
      • Build a Lumber Mill to unlock Mass Production
  • Kill three Barbarians to unlock Bronze Working (Spearmen)
    • Build an Iron Mine to unlock both Iron Working and Wheel
  • Build three Mines (preferably at least one Iron) to unlock Apprenticeship (Man-at-Arms)
    • Build three Industrial Zones and then a Workshop in each to unlock Industrialization
      • Build Ruir Valley to unlock Flight (Biplanes, Balloons)
      • Build a Coal Power Plant to unlock Refining (Battleships)
        • Build an Oil Well to unlock Plastics (Spec Ops)
      • If you have two Lighthouses (below) and have unlocked Mass Production (above), build two Shipyards to unlock Steam Power (Ironclads)
        • Build a Coal Mine and an Ironclad to unlock Steel (Artillery)
  • Found a coastal city to unlock Sailing (plus another coastal or lake city)
    • Improve two sea resources to unlock Celestial Navigation
      • Build two Harbors to unlock Cartography
        • You got one Lighthouse for free; build another and follow the chain above
  • Build a Quarry to unlock Masonry (and start planning an Encampment)
    • Build Ancient Walls to unlock Engineering (Catapults)
      • Build an Aqueduct to unlock Military Engineering (Trebuchet)
        • Build an Armory to unlock Gunpowder (Musketmen)
  • Learn the Feudalism civic to unlock Stirrups (Knights)
    • Kill a unit with a Knight to unlock Military Science (Line Infantry)
      • Have 3 Line Infantry to unlock Replacement Parts (Infantry)

Spamming to Modern Era Domination

This comes from a tip posted on Reddit:

  • For civics, be sure to focus on Defensive Tactics as soon as feasible
  • Research Mining and build two cities, at least one must be on the coast near two sea resources
  • Make three mines to unlock Apprenticeship
  • Build an Industrial Zone in the second city for the free Workshop (since it'll have weaker production)
  • Build a second IZ and Workshop in the first city (unlocks Industrialization)
    • Important: At least one IZ must be within one hex of a River tile for Ruhr Valley
  • Improve two sea resources and build a Harbor with at least one adjacent free land hex
  • Spam Industrial Zone Logistics to snarf Great Engineers (you need Wonder-builders Imhotep & Isadore, plus da Vinci)
  • Use one charge from each Wonder-builder to make the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (near the Harbor)
    • This keeps one charge on each, which becomes two each once the Mausoleum is built
  • Built a Factory in the IZ near the river, then use the four remaining charges to build Ruhr Valley (unlocks Flight)
  • Build a Coal Power Plant (unlocks Refining) and grab Oil.

You've unlocked two Modern techs. Use da Vinci to unlock two more for free. What you get will set you up for domination.

  • Chemistry: Build the Statue of Zeus and use AT Crew.
  • Combustion: Build 3 Tanks (unlocks Composites) then build Modern Armor.
  • Electricity: Build an Oil Power Plant (unlocks Advanced Ballistics). Use Machine Guns.
  • Radio: Grab Aluminum and build 2 Aerodromes and 3 Biplanes to get Bombers and Helicopters.
  • Replaceable Parts: Use Infantry units.
  • Steel: The only one with no good units, but your defenses are excellent.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Build the Great Library (Recorded History, Classical civic) to get free techs all game.
  • If you encounter the City-State Nalanda, become their suzerain at least long enough to build one Mahavihara.

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