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MyGURPS - Chuubos Races And Superior Skills

Chuubos Races And Superior Skills

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There are quite a few non-humans living in or near Town, so this is a convenient summary of the canonical options. This doesn't stop you from coming up with something unique, of course. Most races have access to one or more Superior Skills — abilities which set them apart from humans — so those are covered here as well.

Many humans come from backgrounds which teach Superior Skills as well. Those are lumped in with the races.

After all that is a list of the miscellaneous Superior Skills (those not associated with a specific character type) detailed in the official rulebook. This doesn't include the "throwaway examples" mentioned briefly, only those with full rules.

Page references are in [brackets].

Races and Backgrounds

Skills marked with a * can fit into many character concepts; see the section below.

Exorcists, Shrine Maidens, Priests, etc.

Fortitude is known for its shrines, and the Kinnoruto Exorcists help to defend Arcadia.

*Superior Holiness: Calm hearts, purify water, and channel the power of above. Actual miracles require a fairly high level. [261]

Spiritual Energy: You able to sense and oppose both magic and supernatural phenomena, and detect disruption in the pattern of the world around you. [262]


Technically "Jotun-Blooded," these are the mostly-human descendants of giants. They're strong, tough, and often magical. Give them Superior Vitality (see Vampires, below) and possibly other Magic and/or Superior Skills.

Long-Neck People

While they usually look normal, some Arcadians can stretch their necks to amazing lengths with incredible flexibility. They have a reputation as tricksters and spies.

Long-Necked: Stretch your neck, twist it around, and support it despite it being completely unrealistic for your muscles to do so. [264]

Rats of Fortitude

Fortitude rats are about a foot long, intelligent, clothed, and often dashing adventurers. They have their own ships and organizations. Some humans grow up among them and are honorary rats.

Fortitude Rat: You can hear (and communicate in) ultrasonics, travel unseen via hidden pathways, gnaw through things, etc. [208]

Riders ("Excrucians")

Pale folk with eyes full of stars. There's something dark and problematic about them, but a few seem genuinely interested in becoming part of the community.

Rider Necromancy: x []

Tree People

Some Arcadia residents are bound to a local sacred tree or grove. They tend to be long-lived and resemble a plant in subtle (or obvious) ways.

[Plant Type] Spirit: Live off sunlight instead of food, dance beautiful, empathically communicate with and heal plants, perhaps even assume plant form. [264]


Many live in Horizon, where the common folks are scared of them. To offset that, the friendlier ones drink "pillow tea" to soften their fangs.

*Superior Physical Control: Unnatural grace and precision, like a ninja [237]

*Superior Vitality: Unnatural strength and hardiness. At high enough levels, you can swat an elephant out of your way. [236]

Vampire: Feeling off of blood and/or emotions, being at home in the dark, going without air or food, healing quickly, etc. [236]

Wind-Spirits and Wind-Charmers

Little Island is full of air spirits, flitting about gracefully. Some of its mortals (the "wind-charmers") have a bit of spirit blood in them as well.

Celestian: Live in the air, obviate the need for food and sleep, and bring some of the properties of Celestia down to Town with you. [286]

Wind-Spirit: At lower levels, you're light-footed. At higher you can either turn into actual wind or control wind. [286]

Note: The spirits of the Walking Fields have a variant of Celestian, "Walking Fields Spirit." [291]

Yatskaya Shrine Family

In ancient days, this family were seal skinchangers, but today most are bound to the land and to the cats of Fortitude (which puts them at odds with the rats).

Cat-Speaker: Communicate with cats, which can vary quite a bit in utility. Also covers doing catlike things, but as a normal (not Superior) skill. [219]

Claimed by the Sea: Understand and adapt to the water and the secrets of the deep. At higher levels, maybe transform into a seal. [220]

*Superior Dreamer: Lucid dreaming, which gives you control of your own mental state. Can't really affect the physical world, though. [221]

Other Superior Skills

These examples aren't tied to a specific race or background, and are more suited to free-form character concepts. In addition, any skill above marked with a * fits equally well here.

Superior Wings: You have them and maybe you can fly. [76]

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