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MyGURPS - Beelzebub Demon Prince Of Beasts

Beelzebub Demon Prince Of Beasts

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(Credit: Donald Bixler)

Beelzebub, The Lord of the Flies, Prince of Beasts

The world is savage, red in tooth and claw.

The Word of Beasts is an example of how a word, as well as its possessor, can change over time. Originally, Beelzebub detested modern technology and the urban environment; this way of life left no place for the feral creatures that he held close to his cold, Djinni heart. This inevitably led to a significant loss of power for him as humanity slowly covered the face of the Earth.

Lately, however, his views have begun to change. Beginning with this century, Beelzebub has been inspired. After listening to some of his servants' reports of the calm, business-like way that gangsters were conducting their alcohol trade and the attendant murders during the Roaring Twenties, he was intrigued. He came to realize that the city had given rise to the most callous killer of all, the human predator- who more often than not targets his fellow man. Beelzebub began to start the laborious process of reorienting his servants during this time, but the end of Prohibition stalled his resurgence.

The Lord of Flies, patient as only one of the Stalkers can be, bade his time, slowly building up a new version of his gangs. These new groups , like the Prince of Beasts, saw their influence wax and wane. However, in the eighties, these new gangs renewed their efforts and have achieved an apparently unshakable grip on today's urban sprawls. His power had fallen greatly, from once being worshipped as a god to being merely a kitschy staple of low-grade horror films. Now though, Beelzebub is regaining some measure of his previous might, making many Celestials, both Divine and Infernal, very uneasy.

Beelzebub considers Beleth a kindred spirit, for the wolf's howl just outside the campfire's glow has always been an assured way to bring fear and savage reactions from humanity. Also, they both appreciated the joy of the slow hunt as only Djinn can. Admittedly, it's a fragile relationship, for Beleth has not helped Beelzebub in his reascension among the Damned, and his previous fond memories of her are wearing thin.

Beelzebub likes to think that Lilith and his own goals coincide for the most part, with his current emphasis on liberating man from the weakening tangle of society's strictures. Lilith has not been very warm in welcoming his intimations of alliance, but he is sure that she is merely playing it safe until his power base is secure again. He is also somewhat smitten with her, but that is one of the drawbacks of being a Djinn and something he would be disbanded before admitting. As far as Baal goes, the Balseraph's sense of honor grates on Beelzebub's nerves a bit too much for them to work well together; he cannot fault their courage and skill, but the servants of the War still appear suspiciously tame and weak to him.

And as a side note, Belial, as well as Vapula, have become more worthy in his estimation as he has moved away from exemplifying the wild animal in form towards the beast within.


Those who serve Beelzebub gain Dissonance for failing to cull the weak out of the herd, human or not, whenever these poor creatures make themselves known. They also are forbidden to submit to one who has not proven their right to rule by besting them in battle (physical or otherwise, with staring contests being common).

Band Attunements


Ever the most evasive of bands, Balseraphs of Beasts add their Ethereal Forces to their Stealth rolls and impose a like penalty on any attempt to Track them.


These servants can use the supernaturally sharp senses of Beelzebub's animal vessels to great effect. They add the level of their vessel to Tracking rolls or hunting down their attuned while in animal form.


The Destroyers have an ability somewhat similar to that of Malphas'. With the successful use of their resonance, the target will be required to make a Will roll with a penalty equal to the check digit of the resonance roll to act according to society's rules over his animal instincts. This lasts for a number of hours equal to the demon's Corporeal Forces.


Instead of mere disgust or anger, Habbalah of Beelzebub may attempt to invoke a Blood Lust. If successful, the target will, for a number of minutes equal to the check digit of the resonance roll, require a Will roll to restrain from attacking viciously (often to the point of attempted homicide) any who annoy the victim in any manner. If the victim succeeds in a Will roll prior to the duration's end, the effect ends immediately.


Lilim can attempt to obtain geases on animals, but this is rarely worthwhile, because most animals aren't that bright, nor do they often have a great Need. They also add their Ethereal Forces to any attempt to geas someone to act out an animal instinct that they are suppressing.


Shedim can possess a wild animal for a number of days equal to their Celestial Forces without the need to corrupt the host.


These are the servants that best embody Beelzebub's new focus on the callous human predator. They receive a servant of level equal to their Corporeal Forces from some group who work towards their Master's will. (i.e., gang members, militia members, survivalists, etc.) Impudites of Beasts make excellent gang leaders.

Servitor Attunements


In any gathering of more than 10 people who are watching or participating in an event that they are emotionally involved in, a demon of Beasts may incite a number of people into mindless violence. This costs 2 Essence for each person so affected and lasts for a time equal to the instigator's Celestial Forces. It only takes a few people to start a riot though...

Feral Mask

For the cost of one Essence the demon can call upon his knowledge of beasts to bring an unholy light to his eyes and a predatory snarl to his smile. Those who witness this display will be struck with such a fear that they will automatically comply with the demon's wishes. Soldiers and Celestials get a Will roll to resist.


Knight of the Fang

At this level of Distinction, the demon may choose one specific animal form, such as raven or timber wolf. While in this form, the Infernal causes no disturbance.

Captain of the Wild

The rank of Captain brings with it the knowledge of how to control natural groups of animals, such as the proverbial pack of wolves or swarm of flies. Unlike Kyriotates of Jordi, the demon does not actually possess the creatures, but merely commands them. This direction lasts for a number of minutes equal to the demon's Celestial Forces minus the average number of Forces of a single member of the group controlled. Only animals that naturally travel in packs are eligible.

Baron of Beasts

Barons may take an anthropomorphic or enlarged version of the animal chosen in the Knight distinction, still retaining the stealth of that Distinction. A wolf would become a werewolf, while a scorpion would simply become a man-sized version. Final description is GM discretion, of course.


Allied: Saminga
Associated: Beleth, Lilith
Hostile: Asmodeus, Haagenti, Malphas
Enemy: Nybbas

Basic Rites

  • Successfully hunt and kill in animal form
  • Convince someone to lash out against civilization's constricting rules: join a gang, strike an enemy, kick someone when they're down, etc.

Chance of Invocation: 1

+1 Wall with gang graffiti
+2 Tracks of a hunter
+3 While hunting
+4 Scene of a recent drive-by shooting
+5 Corpse of a human mauled by an animal
+6 Free all of the predators from a zoo!

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