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MyGURPS - BAE Weapon Anointments

BAE Weapon Anointments

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These Anointments apply to both Guns and Melee Weapons.

Armament manufacturers aren't known for consistency, especially when it comes to the volatile materials used in Borderlands guns and melee weapons. As such, some end up with Anointments — weird, unique abilities which are triggered through meta-game actions. To generate an Anointment, roll separately for a random Trigger and then for a random Effect.

Important Meta-Rules

  • Any triggers or effects that mention "the wielder" only count while the Vault Hunter is actively wielding the weapon. They don't have to be attacking with it at the time, though.
  • A weapon's Anointment can only trigger once per round. If the trigger occurs multiple times in a single combat round, the Anointment's effect only happens the first time.


Roll d6:

  1. After this weapon kills an enemy...
  2. After this weapon Shakes or Wounds a Wild Card...
  3. After the wielder is Shaken or Wounded...
  4. After the wielder is hit by an elemental (besides Explosive*) attack...
  5. After the wielder succeeds on any roll with 2+ raises in a combat scene...
  6. The wielder may spend a Benny, after which...
* A necessary caveat as grenades, etc. are so common. It's fine if the attack happens to be both another element and explosive, it's just that normal explosions won't trigger this Anointment.


Roll d10:

  1. ...the weapon adds elemental* damage for the next 5 rounds. (Reroll until the Anointed element differs from any of the weapon's elements.)
  2. #1, above.
  3. ...the weapon gets +1 to hit, to Tests, or to any similar skill check for the next 5 rounds.
  4. ...the weapon does +2 damage for the next 5 rounds.
  5. ...the wielder gets +2 Pace and improves their Run die by a die type for the next 5 rounds.
  6. ...the weapon steals health for the next 5 rounds. At the end of the wielder's turn, if they inflicted 1+ (non-Soaked) Wounds using this weapon, they may make a Vigor roll to recover one Wound.
  7. ...the wielder gets +2 to all shield Recharge rolls for the next 5 rounds.
  8. ...the wielder immediately unleashes a 3d4 MBT elemental* damage Nova (as per the shield ability).
  9. ...the wielder gains +2 Armor for the next 5 rounds.
  10. ...the weapon immediately gains X ammo of this weapon's type. X equals the improvement level: 15 pistol ammo, 25 SMG ammo, 20 assault rifle ammo, 10 sniper or shotgun ammo, or 3 rockets. Any excess goes into the wielder's ammo stores and is limited by max ammo capacity. (Reroll this result for melee weapons.)
* Roll d20 to determine element: (1-3) Corrosive, (4-6) Cryo, (7-9) Explosive, (10-12) Incendiary, (13-15) Radiation, (16-18), Shock, (19-20) Slag. This is fixed, not rerolled each time!

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