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BAE Skills And Edges

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Any page reference refers to Savage Worlds ADventure Edition unless prefaced with an "SB," in which case it refers to the original fanbook Savage Borderlands.

Skill List

SWADE Borderlands uses the following skills. A * marks a core skill, with Hacking being core for CL4P-TPs and Persuasion being core for everyone else.

  • *Athletics (Agility): Overall athletic coordination and ability. Climbing, jumping, balancing, wrestling, skiing, swimming, throwing, or catching.
  • Battle (Smarts): Strategy, tactics, and understanding military operations. Also overlaps Repair for assessing weapon quality.
  • *Common Knowledge (Smarts): General knowledge of a character’s world.
  • Driving (Agility): In this setting, covers all vehicular use due to universally similar control schemes.
  • Fighting (Agility): Skill in armed and unarmed combat.
  • Gambling (Smarts): Skill and familiarity with games of chance.
  • (*)Hacking (Smarts): Coding, programming, and breaking into computer systems.
  • Healing (Smarts): The ability to treat and heal Wounds and diseases, and decipher forensic evidence.
  • Intimidation (Spirit): A character’s ability to threaten others into doing what she wants.
  • *Notice (Smarts): General awareness and perception.
  • Occult (Smarts): Knowledge of Sirens, Vaults, Eridium weirdness, and other esoterica.
  • Performance (Spirit): Singing, dancing, acting, or other forms of public expression.
  • (*)Persuasion (Spirit): The ability to convince others to do what you want.
  • Psychology (Smarts): Discerning motives and uncovering lies.
  • Repair (Smarts): The ability to fix mechanical and electrical gadgets.
  • Research (Smarts): Finding written information from various sources.
  • Riding (Agility): A character’s skill in mounting, controlling, and riding a tamed beast.
  • Siren (Smarts): Skill at making use of your Siren powers.
  • Science (Smarts): Knowledge of scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, etc.
  • Shooting (Agility): Precision with any type of ranged weapon.
  • *Stealth (Agility): The ability to sneak and hide.
  • Survival (Smarts): How to find food, water, or shelter, and tracking.
  • Taunt (Smarts): Insulting or belittling another. Almost always done as a Test (page 108).
  • Thievery (Agility): Sleight of hand, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and other typically shady feats.

All other skills are either not applicable (e.g., languages and most arcane skills) or have been folded into other skills. Specifically, Academics checks can be handled by Common Knowledge or Science; Electronics is Hacking, Repair, or Science; and Boating and Piloting have been folded into Driving.

Changed Edges

The following Edges are not available: Arcane Background (any but Siren), Aristocrat, Beast Bond, Champion, Fast Healer, Linguist, and all Power Edges other than New Power.'

Arcane Background (Siren)

See BAE Sirens for full rules. The New Power Edge allows you to add one new Siren power.

Beast Master

Replace the text with the following:

You have an animal companion; choose from a tadpole thresher, a brat bullymong, a rakk (without the Unshakable ability!), a spring stalker, an adult varkid (without the Evolution ability!), an adult skag, or a spiderant soldier. The beast is an Extra, but you may spend your own Bennies on its behalf. It Advances once for every two full Advances you receive (retroactively, if this Edge is added later in your career).

This Edge may be taken more than once, adding one of the following benefits:

  • Gain an additional pet.
  • Let one pet take an immediately additional Advance.
  • (Seasoned PCs only) Increase the maximum Size that one pet can be, to a maximum of what it can normally attain in the setting. Once you add this, that pet may take "Size +1" as an advance. This increases its Size, Toughness, and Strength die type by 1. This can be taken once per (your) Rank at most.
  • (Heroic PCs only) Make one pet a Wildcard.

See BAE Shields for adding a shield to your pet.


As an action, you make attempt to succeed at a Smarts roll to go voluntarily berserk. See also Wild Berserker below.

Followers and Sidekick

These NPCs Advance once for every two of your Advances.

Improvisational Fighter

You ignore all Fighting and Parry penalties inherent to weapons.

Leadership Edges (all)

The concept of a "command radius" doesn't fit a game with EchoNet communication. Thus, Leadership Edges apply to any teammate who (A) accepts you as their field commander, (B) you are in constant contact with, and (C) you have an unobstructed view of.

  • The Command Presence edge removes that last requirement, allowing you to advise even an unseen subordinate.


If taken at character creation, you start with two Green-quality weapons. When acquiring weapons and shields between adventures, you may pay 2 LP instead of 1 LP to acquire a randomly generated weapon with one additional improvement (as if your Rank were one higher than it actually is).

Filthy Rich

If taken at character creation, you start with two Blue-quality weapons in addition to the two Greens. Between adventures, you may pay 3 LP for a weapon with two additional improvements.

Trademark Weapon and Improved Trademark Weapon

Due to the transitory nature of gear in this game, this is a brand loyalty Edge. Choose one brand of weapons; you get the bonus when using one of that company's weapons.

New Edges (General)

Ammo Hoarder

Requirements: Seasoned

You may raise each of your maximum ammo counts an additional time, or you may raise a single type of ammo two additional times. This does not obviate the Loot Point cost required to raise them! That continues to double each time, as usual.

This Edge can be purchased multiple times, but only once per Rank.

Charge (New)

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d10+

The warrior is experienced at moving across a large distance and getting the most effect out of rushing her foe. She may ignore the multi-action penalty for Running when making a Fighting attack at the end of her movement.

Requirements: Veteran, Charge

If he moves at least one inch beyond his normal Pace before making any Fighting attacks, the hero adds +2 to the damage rolls. Any target Shaken by such an attack is knocked prone.

Combat Slinger

Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting at d6+

For the purpose of throwing weapons at a foe in combat, you may use Fighting instead of Athletics. When throwing grenades (or any other attack where landing it at someone's feet is as good as hitting their body), you may instead use Shooting if better.

Hacky Sack

Requirements: Seasoned, Athletics at d6+ (unless changed by Combat Slinger)

You have learned how to knock a grenade free and then kick it at your opponent. You no longer suffer -2 to Athletics for lacking a free hand. Instead of picking up a hand grenade and throwing it back, you may attempt to kick it back, ignoring the extra -2 to Agility usually involved in this Evasion action.

Riled Up

Requirements: Novice, Wildcard

When making melee attacks while wounded, you take the usual penalty to hit, but add your wound penalty to your damage rolls!

Wild Berserker

Requirements: Veteran, Berserk or Gunserk.

While berserk and/or gunzerk, you get +4 to Toughness instead of +2!

New Edges (CL4P-TP)


Requirements: Seasoned, CL4P-TP

When you suffer a wound in melee, you can automatically set off an nova-style explosion causing 3d6 damage to all non-allies in an MBT centered on yourself. Once used, this system takes 10 minutes and a successful Repair check to reset. (For more flavor, see p. SB11.)

Rainbow Nova™
Requirements: Veteran, Blastwave™

The Blastwave™ explosion now inflicts one level of each elemental damage type, applied in this order: corrosive, shock, incendiary, cryo, and slag. Each character Rank beyond Veteran adds a level of elemental damage of each type. When the character reaches Legendary Rank, the explosion affects a Large Burst Template.

Example: A Veteran CL4P-TP surrounded by Hyperion soldiers (p. SB127) is hit by a melee attack and takes a wound. It rolls 3d6 for Blastwave™ damage and gets 12. Because the soldiers have physical armor, it does +1 corrosive damage (now damage 13) and will also destroy one point of Armor per success and raise. Then because the soldiers have shields up, it does +d4 shock (after rolling, now damage 16). Then there is no extra incendiary damage because the soldiers currently have both armor and shields up. Then it will inflict a -1 cryo penalty and a +2 slag vulnerability if successful. The soldiers have Toughness 12, so the damage roll is success with a raise; it destroys two points of Armor, inflicts a wound (dropping their shields), and leaves them semi-frozen and slagged.

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