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BAE Gun Red Text

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Any Blue, Purple, or Orange weapon can end up with Red Text. It's an uncommon extra feature (sometimes with drawbacks) that makes random weapon generation a bit more fun.

The GM does not need to tell the players what the Red Text means. Make them play around with it and figure it out. Obviously if they've seen it before, they'll know — but if they misremember, don't correct them!

I'd tell you what to roll on this chart, but the fact is I plan on adding to it every time I think of something. So please use your best judgment when determining what die or dice to roll. As a workaround, here's a random number between 1 and 50: 15

1-9. This Stuff's Still Around?: The weapon has the Slag element. If the weapon already has an element, replace it with Slag and give the weapon +1 damage. (For Maliwan, replace one element randomly.) If it doesn't have an element, apply -1 Damage and add Slag. (The default prefix for Slag guns is "Toxic".)
Exception: For Jakobs weapons, the Red Text is Don't Tell Wainwright and it gains a random element. Apply -1 Damage and roll a d20 to determine the element: (1-3) Corrosive, (4-6) Cryo, (7-9) Explosive, (10-12) Incendiary, (13-15) Radiation, (16-18), Shock, (19-20) Slag.
  1. By Your Powers Combined: The weapon has two elements; e.g., it fires Incendiary Shock bullets! If it already has an element, add a random different one; for Maliwan, roll a different random element and add it to both modes of the gun. If the gun doesn't have an element, apply -1 Damage and add two random elements.

    Roll d20: (1-3) Corrosive, (4-6) Cryo, (7-9) Explosive, (10-12) Incendiary, (13-15) Radiation, (16-18), Shock, (19-20) Slag. Reroll duplicates.
  2. One and Done: Add an extra two dice to the weapon's Damage (in all modes, for Vladof); e.g., 2d8+2 becomes 4d8+2! However, the weapon can be fired only once per day. If it has RoF 2+, this can be a rapid-fire attack.
  3. That Is So Fetch! The weapon is gaudy and blinged out. Grants a free reroll on Taunt Tests against greedy enemies (like most bandits), as they take foolish risks to loot this weapon off the owner's corpse. Also, unlike most guns this one has resale value, worth 1 LP to any weapon vendor or vending machine.
  4. C.R.E.A.M.: The gun intentionally avoids hitting high-value items on its way into flesh. The wielder cannot target enemies' guns and such, but at the end of each combat encounter in which this gun hit a target at least twice, the GM adds a flat +1 LP to the loot.
  5. Slippery When Wet: The weapon gets one Damage and two Accuracy upgrades! But if the wielder rolls a Critical Failure on any Agility or Agility-linked roll while holding it, the weapon goes flying 1d4" in a random direction. Also, readying and reloading the weapon require an Agility roll, but nothing bad happens on a normal failure; this is just another chance to roll a Critical Failure.
  6. Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Guns: The gun has a tiny robot hand holding a smaller version of itself. The first time each round that a foe moves adjacent to the wielder, the gun uses its Shooting d6 (no wild die) to attack them. The smaller gun has the same stats except damage dice are reduced one die type (e.g., 2d6+1 becomes 2d4+1), it can't fire past Range 1, and it doesn't need to reload. The attack consumes the wielder's ammo.
  7. Bane's Bane: While wielding this gun, the vault hunter's Run die always rolls the maximum value.
  8. Don't Waste My Time: Reduce gun Damage by -1. However, against a Wild Card enemy the gun does an extra +d6 damage.
  9. Freakin' Force of Nature: Anyone Shaken or worse by the gun must roll Strength, at -2 per Wound received, or get knocked back back 1d6". Humanoids (and anyone else the GM thinks it makes sense for) land prone.
  10. Optimus Primus: (Latin for "The best first." Really.) The very first shot to hit a foe each encounter does +2 damage. Explosive attacks get this bonus against everyone in the area. Rapid-fire attacks only get this bonus on the first hit for which damage is rolled.
  11. Ezekiel 25:17: The wielder gets +1 to hit any enemy who has Shaken her (or worse) during this combat encounter.
  12. Shiver With Antici...: The gun gets +2 Damage but cannot be fired during the first round of any combat.
  13. Darwin Would Be Proud: Against enemies that have a groin, the gun auto-targets it. This means it cannot make Called Shots, but does +2 damage against most living beings. Yes, even the weapon's explosions, splash damage, etc.
  14. PLZSTFUTHX: Only the wielder and anyone currently being attacked by the gun can hear it. This doesn't help it make sneak attacks (since the targets are no less aware), but it allows the owner to wipe out enemies without those nearby hearing a thing.
  15. Nuh-Uh, I Totally Hit You!: The gun is invisible (cloaking tech), held in a way that looks like "finger guns" to everyone else, and when fired sounds like someone making gunshot sounds with their mouth. The first round of combat, the wielder gets +1 to hit because foes think it's a joke. (This doesn't apply to recurring foes, of course.)
  16. Wub Wub: The gun plays uplifting, inspirational, loud dubstep while wielded (whether in a fight or not). This makes stealth impossible and gives all allies within earshot +1 on rolls to recover from being Shaken or Stunned.
  17. Please Tip Your Bartender: The gun is a Moxxi signature weapon, with hearts and pink shading. At the end of any round in which this gun inflicted at least one Wound, the wielder may make a natural healing roll.
  18. 360 No Scope: Hits with a raise on 3 over the TN (instead of 4).
  19. Swordsplosion!: Add the Explosive element. If already Explosive, apply the effects again. Instead of firing bullets, the gun shoots exploding stilettos (SBT), shortswords (MBT), or broadswords (LBT).
  20. Eat Your Veggies!: As "Swordsplosion!", above, but it shoots exploding carrots (SBT), potatoes (MBT), or pumpkins (LBT).
  21. E-I-E-I-Whoa!: As "Swordsplosion!", above, but it shoots exploding toy animals: hamsters (SBT), chickens (MBT), or sharks (LBT).
  22. Get Away From Her You Witch: If non-area, the gun has +1 to hit any enemy adjacent to an ally and will never hit Innocent Bystanders. If area-effect, allies in the blast/splash area will be unharmed, similar to a shield Nova.
  23. Do Ya Feel Lucky?: If the Shooting roll (after modifiers) was even, the gun gains a damage die. If it was odd, it loses a die. For example, 2d8+1 would actually do either 3d8+1 or 1d8+1 damage.
  24. Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience: Once per fight, wielder can set his Shooting skill die/dice to 4 instead of rolling it/them. A Wild Card may still roll their Wild Die. A net negative modifier will still make this miss, of course.
  25. Triple Bypass Surgery: A non-Dahl weapon gains the 3RB ability. Increase Shots if necessary to ensure a 3RB can be fired. A rocket launcher firing a 3RB increases its blast template in addition to the usual +1 to hit and damage; if it's already an LBT, double the effects of 3RB instead (+2 to hit/damage). Exception: If a Dahl gun gains this ability, it now consumes just one ammo when firing 3RB.
  26. Ain't My First Rodeo: +d6 damage against any enemy with four to six legs.
  27. Poor Bloodwing :(: +d6 damage against birds, rakks, and other similar flying creatures. No, bandits in jetpacks don't count.
  28. I Can Kill You With My Brain: +d6 damage against sapient foes whose Smarts are lower than yours. "Sapient" means it doesn't count if the enemy has animal intelligence (e.g., "Smarts d6 (A)").
  29. I Think They Got the Point: The gun shoots spears instead of bullets. If there's something solid immediately behind a Normal-sized or smaller target, the shooter can make a special Called Shot at -2 to pin the target to it. A pinned target is Vulnerable and can't move, but gets a free Strength roll at the beginning of their turn (at -2 if the shooter got a raise) to pull free.
  30. Booooring: If a victim is Shaken or Wounded by the initial gunshot, the bullet continues to drill (bore) into their body. On the player's next turn, the victim suffers the gun's damage again, but at -1 die type and with no extra elemental effect (e.g., 2d8+1 Corrosive damage becomes 2d6+1 damage). For shotguns, roll two dice. This secondary damage ignores Armor and Shields, since it already bypassed them. Area-effect weapons only get this effect if they target a specific subject, and then only against that one subject. On the downside, double the gun's ammo consumption.
  31. Get a (Half) Life: This gun consumes no ammo, but still has Shots and must be reloaded. It is always empty (unloaded) when first readied. Reloading the gun sucks up small rocks and other debris from the immediate area; these are charged with elemental energy (if applicable) and then hover around the barrel of the gun until fired at foes. Trying to use this effect to get a bit of extra Range on one's grenades is possible, but it means first dropping the grenade at your feet (as an action), so any failure that also shows a 1 on the Shooting die means self-explosion.
  32. Nothin' But the Hits: The gun's body is a small record player. It launches records (vinyl discs) instead of bullets. The only mechanical change is that, due to the records' unusual aerodynamics, the gun swaps the Short and Medium range penalties: -2 to hit at Short range, +0 to hit at Medium.
  33. 7-10 Split: This gun can only be fired if neither the shooter nor the target are in the air. It launches a fast, homing bowling ball which completely ignores Cover as long as there's a way for the ball to zip around it, and ignores physical shields (like a Nomad's) as long as the ball has a way to get behind the target. It'll speed right up walls and even ceilings. The shooter can make Called Shots normally; if successful, the ball jumps at the last moment to strike the appropriate body part.
  34. Is This the Pre-Sequel?: The gun fires a continuous laser beam rather than bullets or rockets. If the wielder takes no standard Actions other than attacking the same target, each attack past the first gets +1 to hit and +1 damage (flat, not cumulative). For area-effect attacks fired at the ground, continuing to attack the same patch of ground counts.
  35. Ninjutsu Moves With the Times: The gun fires shuriken (instead of bullets) which excel at hitting multiple targets at once. If the gun has RoF 1, after hitting a target it gets +1 to hit any different target in the same round. If the gun has RoF 2+, it gets +1 to hit when using rapid fire, but only if all shots target different opponents. Area-effect attacks only get this bonus if they target actual foes, not patches of ground.
  36. Cross-Marketing Synergy: The gun has a Manufacturer Uprade from a different manufacturer. Roll d10: (1) Atlas, (2) COV, (3) Dahl, (4) Hyperion, (5) Jakobs, (6) Maliwan, (7) Tediore, (8) Torgue, (9) Vladof, (10) reroll. For Dahl, see Triple Bypass Surgery above for relevant rules.
  37. Violent But Deadly: Each time the shooter's Wild Die shows a 1, the gun emits a gaseous cloud in an MBT (LBT if Explosive) that does elemental damage. For game purposes, treat this as a Nova (see BAE Shields). Roll d20 for the element: (1-3) Corrosive, (4-6) Cryo, (7-10) Explosive, (11-13) Incendiary, (14-16) Radiation, (17-19) Shock, (20) Slag. (If this gun is fired by an Extra, the GM can either ignore this ability or throw a d6 solely to see if this ability activates.)
  38. Hail to the King, Baby: The gun's bullets fire in a high arc, falling like hail on enemies. It ignores 2 points of Cover. Exception: If this is applied to a Vladof rocket launcher with AF (Mortar), the gun's main mode becomes Mortar and then its AF becomes (Micro-Rockets), which take the form of explosive hail.
  39. I Have One Rule: Has Damage +1 and AP +1. However, this weapon cannot kill a living being nor destroy an animate one (like loaders). It will inflict Wounds except for the last Wound which would Incapacitate; after that, every Wound it would inflict instead adds Fatigue (Bumps & Bruises).
  40. A Gaping Hole in the Sky: This effect only happens when fighting outside under an open sky. At the end of a turn in which the wielder missed a Shooting roll against one or more foes who are still standing, the GM will pick a random foe and roll a single d6 Shooting die as an attack. If successful, a small meteor falls from the sky and strikes the foe, doing the gun's standard damage. Only one meteor will fall per fight; once it does, the GM can stop rolling.
  41. You Merely Adopted the Dark: (It's a Bane quote.) The gun gets +1 Damage and +1 RoF (unless RoF is at maximum, in which case it gets an Accuracy Upgrade instead of RoF). However, while the gun is wielded the holder's Pace is reduced to 2 and they cannot run.

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