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BAE Grenade Mods

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When in doubt, blow someone up — or a bunch of someones! Grenades can be dangerous, as they don't recognize friend from foe and a failed roll can be dangerous (or hilarious), but nothing is quite as effective when it comes to wiping out a bunch of mooks at once.

Using Grenades and Grenade Mods

"Grenade" is a type of ammo in Borderlands that refers to "protean grenades", bundles of explosive energy that require a grenade mod to form. The grenade mod determines the statistics of each thrown grenade, but remains strapped to the side of the Vault Hunter. A person can only have one grenade mod equipped at a time. Swapping mods is like swapping a weapon: one Simple Action to stow the old one, then one Simple Action to equip the new one.

As always, use Athletics to throw things. Protean grenades are designed to be thrown even if both hands are full of guns. If the thrower's hand isn't holding anything or otherwise in use, they get +1 to hit. They can be evaded and otherwise follow the usual rules from p. 78 of Savage Worlds.

If for some reason one must throw a protean grenade without having any sort of grenade mod, it has Range 4/8/16, Damage 2d10, and is -1 to hit (assuming a full hand).

Generating a Grenade Mod

Use the following steps to create a random grenade mod, usually when it came up as the result in BAE Guns, Glorious Guns!.

Unlike with most other gear, the manufacturer and basic stats of a grenade mod are determined after applying Upgrades. This is because, in RPG terms, some manufacturers are just flat-out better than others, so their grenade effects count as an upgrade. (See below for notes on forcing a manufacturer result.)


A White grenade mod for a Novice character has no Upgrades, so it's considered to have Delivery level 0, Damage level 0, and no Payloads (which gives Range 4/8/16, Damage 3d6+1, Wt 2, -1 to hit). Rarer mods and/or more experienced characters get additional Upgrades:

RarityUpgrades   PC RankUpgrades
Green+1 Seasoned+1
Blue+2 Veteran+2
Purple+3 Heroic+3
Orange+5* Legendary+4
* Orange grenade mods get +4 normal Upgrades plus an extra "19-20" result Upgrade applied at the very end of the process.

For each Upgrade, roll d20 on the following table. Don't bother recording details until you're done figuring out which Upgrades it has. For example, when you're done rolling Upgrades for a Seasoned Blue grenade mod, your notes might look like: "Delivery 2, Damage 0, Payload: Generator."

1-8Delivery +1, to a max of Delivery 4. Past that, reroll using d12+8.
9-14Damage +1, no maximum.
15If grenade has no Payload, add a Payload (below). Otherwise, reroll using d12+1.
16‑18If grenade has fewer than two Payloads, add a Payload (below). Otherwise, reroll using d12+1.
19‑20If grenade has fewer than three Payloads, add a Payload (below). Otherwise, reroll using d12+1.

For each Payload, roll d12 on the following table. Reroll duplicates†. Payloads don't come in levels.

1Airburst 7Link
2Area 8Money
3Divider* 9Movement
4Elemental† 10Nuke
5Generator 11Sticky
6Lingering*† 12Transfusion
* This Payload lowers the grenade's Damage Upgrade level by 1.
Optional Rule: The Elemental and Lingering payloads frequently occur together. So if the grenade has Elemental but not Lingering, treat any duplicate roll as Lingering (instead of rerolling). Similarly, if it has Lingering but not Elemental, give it Elemental on a duplicate roll. (If the grenade already has both, reroll duplicates.)

Basic Stats

The grenade mod's Delivery Upgrade level determines its manufacturer and all basic stats except for damage, which (and I know this is going to shock you) is determined by its Damage Upgrade level. Finally, each Payload often modifies the basic stats.

Delivery and Manufacturer

Look up the Delivery Upgrade level on the chart below. As with other weapons, Range in Borderlands is intentionally a bit lower than in most settings.


Tediore Lobbed Grenade Mod

Detonates a few seconds after impact, which can make it a bit hard to time correctly.

Range 4/8/16, Wt 2, Notes: HW, MBT, -1 to hit.


Roll d4: (1-2) Torgue Exploder Grenade Mod, (3-4) Vladof Impact Grenade Mod

Both models of thrown grenade detonate upon impact. They share the same stats.

Range 4/8/16, Wt 2, Notes: HW, MBT.


Pangolin Rubberized Grenade Mod

Being able to skip it like a stone gives a higher potential range and makes it possible (though difficult!) to bounce it around corners.

Range 6/12/24, Wt 2, Notes: HW, MBT, Can target without line of sight (at -4)


Hyperion Longbow Grenade Mod

The ultimate in long-distance blow-you-upping.

Range 12/24/48, Wt 2, Notes: HW, MBT.


Atlas Homing Grenade Mod

Solid range and unparalleled accuracy.

Range 8/16/32, Wt 2, Notes: HW, MBT, +1 to hit or can target without line of sight (at -2)


Look up the Damage Upgrade level on the chart below to find the grenade's actual Damage.

Important: Reduce the effective level -1 for each of Divider or Lingering. This can make the Damage Upgrade level negative.

-2Damage 2d8
-1Damage 2d10
0Damage 3d6+1
1Damage 3d8
2Damage 3d10-1
3Damage 3d10+1
4Damage 3d12
+1+2 damage


Some grenades do more than just explode. In all cases, where an effect is based on the grenade inflicting Wounds, Wounds that were Soaked do not count (because they were never actually inflicted).

Insert the payload name(s) between Manufacturer and Delivery; e.g., "Tediore Generator Nuke Lobbed." Some payloads have multiple name options, as mentioned in the description.


The grenade either explodes before landing or bounces at the last second. This makes it much harder for enemies to find cover; evasion rolls are at -2.

Note: If combined with the Area payload, use "Rain" as the combined payload name.


The grenade fills an LBT instead of an MBT. The reason why depends; roll d4.

(1-2) It's just a massive explosion! Payload name is "Large".

(3-4) The grenade splits into a bunch of tiny grenades that cover a wider area. Payload name is "MIRV".

Exception: If combined with Airburst, use "Rain" as the combined payload name.


This payload reduces the mod's Damage Upgrade level by 1 and gives it -1 to hit.

The single grenade splits into two mid-flight. It's a bit harder to aim, but well worth the collateral damage! The thrower may designate two different targets and always rolls two Athletics dice (plus a single wild die if a Wild Card). Don't otherwise use the Rapid Fire rules; there's no Recoil penalty, extra ammo used, etc.


Roll d20 to add an element to the grenade: (1-4) Corrosive, (5-8) Cryo, (9-12) Incendiary, (13-16) Radiation, (17-20) Shock.

Optional: Roll the d20 again. If it rolls the same number, change the element to Slag and add the Red Text: This stuff's still around?

Use the element name as the payload name (e.g., "Incendiary Homing"). Exception: If combined with Lingering, use the Lingering payload name for both payloads (e.g., "Flamer Homing", not "Incendiary Flamer Homing").


The grenade passes an energy charge back to the wielder's personal Shield. Every two Wounds inflicted by the grenade immediately recharge 1 Capacity.


This payload reduces the mod's Damage Upgrade level by 1.

The grenade sets up a field of damage and sticks around for a while. Until the beginning of your next turn, anyone who enters or ends their turn in the blast template takes damage, regardless of whether the initial blast damaged them.

"Lingering" is a category. The actual grenade mod depends on the grenade's element, if any:

  • Corrosive: "Corruptor"
  • Cryo: "Chiller"
  • Incendiary: "Flamer"
  • Radiation: "Blight"
  • Shock: "Tesla"
  • Slag: "Cesspool"
  • No Element: "Artillery" (inflicts damage via mini-turrets firing bullets)


Sharing is caring, so the grenade does an extra +1 damage for each enemy past the first who takes damage from the grenade (or grenades, if it has Divider).


This grenade can transmute blasted flesh and scrap to cold hard cash. How? SCIENCE!

After the grenade explodes (or burns out, for Lingering), roll a single d4 (which can Ace) and add +1 for every two Wounds inflicted by the grenade. Gain 1 LP on a success, 2 LP with one or more raises.

Movement (Force/Singularity)

The mod is capable of shoving its targets around, as long as they're Normal-sized or smaller. Foes of Large size or bigger are immune to these effects. Roll a d4 for the actual payload:

(1-2) Force

The grenade causes massive knockback. Anyone hit by the blast must roll Strength at -2 or be thrown 1d6" away from the center of the explosion. (The thrower determines direction if someone is at the center.) Hitting a wall or similar hard obstacle inflicts 2d4 damage. If their Strength roll was 0 or less, they end up prone.

Flyers don't roll Strength; they are automatically thrown 1d6" but cannot end up prone.

(3-4) Singularity

Before the grenade explodes, everyone in or within 1" of the blast template is immediately pulled 1" toward the grenade. Targets are at -1 to evasion rolls for every full inch they are from the edge of the blast template.

(The second sentence is a common house rule among Savage Worlds groups. If you already use this house rule, don't apply it twice here.)


Nothing is more damaging than a nuke . . . but at what cost?!

The grenade does an extra +3 damage, but consumes two grenade ammo when thrown.


A Sticky grenade can be thrown at a specific target, in which case any of their bonuses from Dodge, Cover, etc. apply. If it hits, that target takes +2 damage and cannot evade. (Everyone else in the area can, of course.)


If the grenade inflicts one or more Wounds, the thrower may make an immediate Vigor roll. Success heals one Wound (no additional healing on a raise, sorry).

Forcing a Specific Manufacturer

If the GM (not the players!) really wants a specific Manufacturer for a grenade mod, they can "spend" the Upgrades required to "buy" the appropriate level of Delivery, then roll d12+8 on the table above for any remaining Upgrades.

Example: The (Seasoned) Vault Hunters are breaking into a Vladof facility, so the GM wants everything to be Vladof. She rolls a Blue grenade mod (total 3 Upgrades) and "spends" 1 Upgrade to lock in Vladof Impact as the Delivery. She then rolls d12+8 twice on the Upgrade table.

Of course, it's possible for the grenade to lack the number of Upgrades necessary to "buy" enough Delivery — especially with Hyperion or Atlas. If so, the GM can either (a) accept it and roll a random grenade mod, or (b) cheat and give it just enough Upgrades to reach the needed Delivery level. After all, it's not like the players are going to complain about the GM cheating to give 'em better stuff.

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