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BAE Credits And Acknowledgments

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First off, this page would not exist without Brice Naudlin and his original Savage Borderlands. Much of what you'll find here was adapted or directly ported from that. This especially includes Loot Points, the concept of random gear generator tables, many of the Edges, most of the enemies, and more. Rather than give an exhaustive list, I'll just say that everything here should be considered, "Written by Brice Naudlin, Updated and Edited by PK Levine."

In addition, the release of Nerdvana Game's "Bunkers and Badasses" (by Anthony Burch, Kris Straub, Kristy Pitchford, and Ian Moss) is what spurred me to take on this "new edition" project. In particular, their rules for elemental damage and gun creation inspired me to completely revise and simplify these for BAE, while also including cool additions like Red Text and Anointments. The idea of having leveled Manufacturer effects was the "ah-ha!" moment that made it feel like it was possible to cover all of the Borderlands zaniness without a million special cases.

Finally, thanks to my friends and players for suggestions and playtesting.

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