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BAE App Instructions

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This web app automates the random gear generation rules from BAE: Guns, Glorious Guns! for Savage Borderlands.

Generating Gear

Basic Settings

Number to Generate, Rank, Color, Manufacturer, and Type should be self-explanatory. Players using this app should ensure that "Number to Generate" and "Rank" are accurate, but should not change any of the other settings unless the rules or GM explicitly allow it.

If Type and Manufacturer are incompatible (e.g., Vladof Shotgun), the app will accept the Type but treat the Manufacturer setting as "Random".

Melee Type

Sets the sub-type of melee weapon. Only a valid option if Type is set to "Melee Weapon"; if a melee weapon comes up because Type is "Random", its sub-type will intentionally be random as well.

Notes Format

Choose "Short" for standard Savage Worlds style, where Notes follow stats as one single paragraph. Choose "Long" to display Notes as bullet points underneath stats.

Show Upgrade Arrays

This is mainly for debugging purposes. Leave it unchecked unless you want to see the detailed breakdown of which Upgrades were generated. Yes, I know the Shield array is hard to read because it lists Payloads by number; it's necessary, sorry.

The "Keep" Feature

Every item has a small checkbox to its lower right labeled "Keep". When you Reroll another set of items with the app, any "kept" gear will carry over to the next screen, displayed below the newly generated gear. Kept items will continue to carry over like this until you uncheck their "Keep" box.

The app remembers items as they were displayed at the time. Changing the Notes or Show Update Arrays settings affects how new gear is formatted, but will not retroactively change the formatting of older "kept" gear.

Important Notes

Area of Effect

The template (SBT, MBT, LBT) listed for any weapon already factors in things like the Explosive element, Maliwan splash damage, etc. For example, if a rocket launcher has the Explosive element and says it does damage in an MBT, that means the MBT is after applying Explosive.

Grenade Mods by Manufacturer

If you specify a manufacturer and a grenade mod is generated (either randomly or specified), the app will use the guidelines under Forcing a Specific Manufacturer to ensure that said manufacturer (and their delivery method) are used.

If the app has to "cheat" to do so, it will — and will add "(We cheated.)" to the Notes. This way, a GM who prefers to avoid cheat-forcing will be aware.

Red Text

For guns and melee weapons, if their Red Text includes any sort of stat changes, these have not been applied. The effects of Red Text vary so dramatically that there's no reasonable way to implement this. In addition, it's more in keeping with the Borderlands spirit to present Red Text with no other explanation, leaving the players to figure out what it does.

The GM should refer to the appropriate page (gun | melee) to implement the effects of the Red Text. If it meaningfully changes the look of the weapon, the GM should describe that to the players in-game.

Tediore Guns and the Accurate Upgrade

If a gun gets a bonus to hit or can ignore penalties to hit, that applies to tossing Tediore "reload grenades" as well. This benefit has not been added to the "reload grenade" line, as experience has shown that doing confuses most users.

Setting Rank via the URL

As your party levels up you can change the default Rank in the gear generator by appending "?rank=seasoned" (or whatever the right Rank is) to the URL. Updating your bookmark like this can be a convenient time-saver. For simplicity, here are the links for each rank:

Rank is the only option which can be set this way.


Q: How do I report a bug?

A: Please email details, and a screenshot if possible, to

Q: Is the old version of this program still up?

A: Yes, here. Please note that I will not be updating it in any way. (It sometimes throws up a few warnings due to being written for an older version of PHP, but you can just ignore those.)

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