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MyGURPS - Atlantean Fix

Atlantean Fix

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True Atlanteans (A&DS, p. 37) are undercosted and, as such, should not get the "Versatile" racial ability.

Why? First, here's a look at how the racial abilities break down. A * notes where my pricing diverges from the explanations we were given in the playtest draft.


  • Alchemical Evolution: 2 points
  • Dimensional Travelers*: 1-2 points, since it gives them 1-2 extra Language skills. Because "Atlantean" isn't that useful, let's say 1 point.
  • Ley Line Affinity*: 3 points — one for Ley Line Sense and two for the Ley Line Phasing Edge
  • Marks of Heritage: 4 points
  • More Human Than Human: 0 points
  • Natural Arcane Affinity: 1 points
  • Transformation Immunity: 0 points, both a positive and a negative
  • Vampire Awareness: 0 points — technically this should have a cost, but I agree that it "rounds down" to zero
  • Versatile: 2 points


  • Cybernetics: -1 point, though arguably worth less because it's less restrictive than the usual Cyber-Resistant
  • Four Major Hindrances: -8 points

Conclusion: They are a 4-point race, which is 2 points over the line. The simplest fix is to remove "Versatile", especially since that's already the domain of the Human race.

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