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MyGURPS - Abridged Torg Timeline

Abridged Torg Timeline

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The Torg Eternity sourcebooks give us a detailed timeline of every cosm-specific major event to happen in the Possibility Wars. So much so that it can be a bit overwhelming. This list is intentionally abridged to just the key events, curated by my judgment.

Anything marked in blue is a huge event that changes the setting as a whole — sometimes even the game mechanics of the RPG. Be sure not to overlook them.

Day 1

  • Core Earth: The Possibility Wars begin, with the first maelstrom bridge landing in Citi Field, NYC. All High Lords consolidate territory via different methods.
  • Pan-Pacifica: The Contagion appears in China, Japan, and South Korea (at first).
  • Tharkold: President Volkov nukes the Moscow bridge.

Day 2

  • Tharkold: The Blasted Lands form in Russia. Mutants appear soon after. Tharkold drops a replacement maelstrom bridge in Moscow.

Day 4

  • Nile Empire: Most Egyptians have converted to Amaatism thanks to Mobius' mind control waves.
  • Tharkold: Volkov signs a peace treaty with Kranod and becomes a Tharkold Duke.

Day 6

  • Aysle: Lurks destroy Parliament in England.
  • Cyberpapacy: With all demons slain, Cyberpope Malraux prepares to leave but political leaders plead for him to stay.

Day 7

  • Cyberpapacy: Malraux and our Pope denounce each other.
  • Living Land: New maelstrom bridge lands in San Francisco, invading the west coast.

Day 8

  • Aysle: Back in the home cosm (not on Earth), Tolwyn returns and frees Ardinay from Uthorion's possesion.
  • Core Earth: Quinn Sebastian executes the Orrorsh double agent General Wellington.
  • Nile Empire: Israel stalemates Mobius, who signs a non-aggression pact.
  • Pan-Pacifica: Having demonstrated effectiveness in Japan, Kanawa offers other countries help against the Contagion. North Korea accepts; others refuse at first.

Day 12

  • Orrorsh: The trickle of Victorian emigrants becomes a mass migration.
  • Tharkold: Voronezh established as new capital of Russia.

Day 18

  • Living Land: Baruk Kaah drops a maelstrom bridge in Atlanta and establishes his throne there.

Day 23

  • Cyberpapacy: Spain and Portugal are annexed.

Day 24

  • Aysle: Ardinay, Tolwyn, and their forces arrive on Earth, and help to free London.

Day 26

  • Living Land: Maelstrom bridge dropped into Chichen Itza.

Day 30

  • Pan-Pacifica: China, Japan, North Korea, and South Korea form the Pan-Pacific Alliance.

Day 46

  • Core Earth: United States government officially established in Houston.

Day 70

  • Pan-Pacifica: Taiwan falls to Infected. The tragedy convinces the last holdout nations to accept Kanawa's help.

Day 75

  • Orrorsh: Kochi Station restored, allowing full Delphi Council ops in Orrorsh.

Day 93

  • Tharkold: First known Aspirant (rebel Techno-Demon) becomes a Delphi Council agent.

Day 98-100

  • Nile Empire: Mecca briefly falls to Mobius before being liberated. Saudi Arabia reinforces it heavily shortly afterward.

Day 103

  • Cyberpapacy: Conclave of the Blessed formed, takes full control of Western Europe.

Day 116

  • Aysle: Uthorion drops maelstrom bridge into Liverpool, creates the Dark Fortress.

Day 119

  • Aysle: The dragon Asheengara claims Belfast, amasses a force of dragons and drakes.

Day 138

  • Orrorsh: Plan to remove three stelae fails, costing hundreds of troops. Dubbed "Quinn's Folly", it's the Delphi Council's worst defeat yet.

Day 147

  • Aysle: Many elves feel "called" to Ireland and leave Ardinay's forces.

Day 160

  • Pan-Pacifica: Reality extends to Indonesia, enveloping Sumatra.

Day 164

  • Nile Empire: Mecca again succumbs to Nile reality, this time indefinitely.

Day 165

  • Pan-Pacifica: Cure for the Contagion discovered.

Day 170

  • Pan-Pacifica: "Ryuchi-Gate" scandal as his body doubles are publicly revealed.

Day 172

  • Pan-Pacifica: Reiko replaces Law of Vengeance with Law of Rationalism. Ironically and unintentionally, this causes the Spirit Axiom to rise from 8 to 10 shortly after.

Day 184

  • Nile Empire: Amazon island of Hespera declares independent nationhood.
  • Pan-Pacifica: Reiko becomes CEO of Kanawa. Ryuchi survives assassination attempt and goes on the run.

Day 185

  • Tharkold: Jezrael assassinates Kranod.

Day 188

  • Tharkold: The darkness device Malgest breaks its silence, tells Jazrael, Duke Thratchen, and President Volkov it will grant High Lordship to whoever deserves it. Tharkold civil war begins as all three begin expanding the region in different directions.

Day 195

  • Nile Empire: The Great Nile Railway is completed.

Day 209

  • Cyberpapacy: Cyberpapacy invades Brazil, begins building free clinics and other community outreach attempts.

Day 211

  • Core Earth: Storm Break uproots the Living Land stela near Nashville, collapsing five zones and killing millions. From this point forward, refilling Possibility Energy in a zone (anywhere) requires three Glory events.

Day 241

  • Orrorsh: The Gaunt Man's Hellion Court decides to focus on taking out individual Storm Knights rather than on eliminating the Delphi Council as a whole.

Day 300

  • Pan-Pacifica: Last major Contagion outbreak. Infected continue to appear (and remain a huge threat in Taiwan) but their spread is heavily limited thanks to widespread vaccination.

Day 315

  • Pan-Pacifica: Delphi Council reveals proof that east Asia has been invaded. (For details see Relics of Power Redux, p. 27.) The only nations who don't believe it are the Pan-Pacific Alliance members, who dismiss it as propaganda.

Day 323

  • Core Earth: The Abnormal, a kaiju-like Infected collective, attacks Sydney, Australia. Delphi Council HQ there severely damaged. (At the same time, several Eternity Shards are stolen from the DC's Shard Storage Beta, but this is not realized until over a month later.)

Day 333

  • Pan-Pacifica: In the wake of the Abnormal attack, Pan-Pacifica quietly invades Sydney.

Day 342

  • Orrorsh: The Gaunt Man reportedly goes missing. The Hellion Court continues to run Orrorsh in his absence.

Day 362

  • Cyberpapacy: The Eiffel Tower is destroyed and the Paris hardpoint falls.

Day 365-366

  • Core Earth: Candlelight vigils held in major cities across the globe.

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