A Quick Guide To In Nomine Superiors

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The Major Archangels

NameWordWrite-Up Location
BethanelCities (and guarding one specific one)Bethanel Archangel of Cities
BlandineDreams (she guards the Marches)Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy**
CharonDeath (peaceful and natural)Charon, Archangel of Death
ChristopherChildrenNight Music (Revelations I)
DavidStone (defense, protection)Superiors 1: War and Honor
DominicJudgment (Heaven's internal police)Superiors 1: War and Honor
EliCreation (he abandoned his post for unknown reasons)Superiors: Eli*
GabrielFire (and passion, vengeance, and justice; also, she's insane)Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy*
JanusThe Wind (change, fluidity, the unexpected)In Nomine (Core Rules)*
JeanLightning (especially as inspiration for invention and tech)In Nomine (Core Rules)
JordiAnimals (unsurprisingly anti-social)In Nomine (Core Rules)*
KhalidFaith (religious and otherwise)Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy
LaurenceThe Sword (leader of Heaven's armies)Superiors 1: War and Honor
LitheroyRevelation (fiercely pro-truth, anti-lie)Superiors: Litheroy
MarcTrade (very social)In Nomine (Core Rules)
MichaelWar (soldiers, fighting for what's right)Superiors 1: War and Honor
NovalisFlowers (as a metaphor for peace)In Nomine (Core Rules)
YvesDestiny (the best outcome for your life)Superiors 3: Hope and Prophecy
ZadkielProtection (literally)Superiors: Zadkiel
* Important additional information at In Nomine Resonances and Attunements.
** Also see The Marches (Revelations II).

The Major Demon Princes and Princesses

NameWordWrite-Up Location
AlaemonSecretsSuperiors 4: Rogues to Riches
AndrealphusLustSuperiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh*
AsmodeusThe Game (Hell's internal police)Superiors: Asmodeus
BaalThe War (against Heaven)The Final Trumpet (Revelations V)
BeelzebubBeasts (and bestial behavior)Beelzebub, Demon Prince of Beasts
BelethNightmaresThe Marches (Revelations II)*
BelialFire (more literally than Gabriel)The Marches (Revelations II)
Boss SmileyPoliticsBoss Smiley, Demon Prince of Politics
FleurityDrugsSuperiors 4: Rogues to Riches
HaagentiGluttony (relatively new)Superiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh
KobalDark HumorSuperiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh*
KronosFate (the worst outcome for your life)Heaven and Hell (Revelations III)
LilithFreedom (does not accept permanent servitors!)Superiors: Lilith
MalphasFactionsThe Final Trumpet (Revelations V)
MammonGreed (contracts, deals, etc.)Superiors 4: Rogues to Riches
NergalSicknessNergal, Demon Prince of Sickness
NybbasThe MediaSuperiors 2: Pleasures of the Flesh
SamingaDeathIn Nomine (Core Rules)**
VagarogRecklessnessVagarog Demon Prince of Recklessness
ValeforTheftSuperiors 4: Rogues to Riches*
VapulaTechnologySuperiors 4: Rogues to Riches*
* Important additional information at In Nomine Resonances and Attunements.
** Important clarification here for his Habbalah, and also see Night Music (Revelations I) for more background.

Angelic Choirs and Demonic Bands

With one exception, the choir on top matches the band on the bottom; e.g., a Seraph who Falls becomes a Balseraph, while a Balseraph who Redeems becomes a Seraph. The order here is from most holy/unholy (left) to most human-like (right).

The Most Holy, attuned to truth
The Guardians, attuned to protection
The Wheels, attuned to motion
The Powers, attuned to emotion
The Virtues, attuned to honor
The Dominations, attuned to multiplicity
Friends of Man, attuned to people
The Liars
The Stalkers
The Destroyers
The Punishers
The Tempters
The Corruptors
The Takers
* Malakim and Lilim do not correspond to each other. Malakim cannot Fall, no matter how much Dissonance they accumulate. And Lilim are the unique creation of Lilith, not Fallen Angels; if they Redeem, they just become known as "Bright Lilim."

Blandine also has the Menunim (Messengers of Hope), a minor choir, while Beleth has the Pachadim (Frighteners), a minor band. Both are detailed in The Marches.

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