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Converted from Rifts Dimension Book 01: Wormwood

It is sadly all too common for a holy warrior to lose their faith and fall to darkness, and vanishingly rare for one of these fallen to find their inner light and come back to the side of righteousness and good. But an Apok has done so, and walking both paths gave them an unbreakable spirit and the strength to eradicate True Evil wherever it is found, through a combination of faith and martial prowess. Every Apok has a unique, hand-made mask — a demonic visage that they wear to remind themselves of what they once were. Despite the distrust and discomfort it causes, an Apok never removes it; acknowledging what they were is part of atoning for past sins.

Apoks make two Hero's Journey rolls on any table other than Cybernetics or Psionics. They begin with normal Starting Gear.

Apok Abilities and Bonuses

  • Enhanced Attributes: An Apok gains one die type to Agility, Spirit, and Strength, and two die types to Vigor.
  • Enhanced Speed: Apoks double their base Pace and move twice the normal distance, horizontally and vertically, when Jumping.
  • Indomitable Will: Apoks know what can happen when they lose control, and will never let that happen again. They are immune to Fear, intimidation, mind control, and possession.
  • Holy Power: Apoks start with the Edges Arcane Background (Miracles), Master of Magic, Power Points (15 PPE total), and Rapid Recharge, along with the Faith skill at d6. They start with detect/conceal arcana and protection, both of which have the Range (Self) limitation and may be activated as innate abilities, along with three more powers of their choice.
  • Holy Warrior: Apoks have Fighting and Occult at d6 and the Champion Edge. As well, when facing an M.D.C. creature of supernatural evil, they may hurt it with standard (non-Mega-Damage) attacks.
  • Terrifying to Evil: Supernaturally evil creatures must make a Fear Check at -2 when encountering the Apok. Even Fearless ones must roll, but at +2 instead of -2. Those who are Fearless and Mindless are immune.

Apok Complications

  • Atonement Mask: The Apok's mask is a holy artifact, immune to damage and impossible to remove unless the Apok wills it. However, if they take it off (willingly), they immediately lose all abilities and bonuses above! Just putting the mask back on will not restore them; it must be worn for at least as long as it was off (minimum one hour) before the bonuses return. Note that the Apok may push the mask up to eat, use a breathing tube, etc., as long as it's still partially on their face and easily visible.
  • Cybernetics: As usual, Apoks suffer -1 to Faith per point of Strain.
  • Dedicated: Apoks have the Major Hindrances Shamed and Vow (Eradicate supernatural evil).
  • Disturbing: People looking upon the mask instinctively realize that this is someone who has done great evil and whose redemption is uncertain (many Apoks fall back into their unholy ways, unfortunately). A masked Apok takes -1 to Persuasion rolls and reactions to them start one level worse (e.g., Uncooperative rather than Neutral, for a typical human Apok).

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