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Roughly three and a half centuries ago, three Tyroshi mercenary companies set out after a failed attempt to overthrow their home city. Traveling through the Stepstones, island by island, they found no succor until they arrived in Westeros at one of the edges of The Broken Arm. Seizing a small, poorly defended port, the mercenaries celebrated much of the night until one of the company's leaders, a man named Cyrus Brax, leapt from his chair and stabbed the other two company officers to death with a stowed-away sword.

Cyrus then led the rest of his waiting men into an ambush of the other two companies. They being drunk and unaware, Cyrus’s men captured the vast majority of them alive. Cyrus gave them two options: acknowledge him as ruler or die. Most took the first but those that did not soon regretted their choice.

Using 12' stakes harvested from the nearby forest, Cyrus had each recalcitrant person impaled alive atop the wood and left to bake in the Dornish sun along the perimeter of the town. When the Dornish armies arrived a few days later, to deal with these outsiders upon their land, Cyrus greeted them as though they were welcome guests. The leadership, horrified and befuddled by the behavior, retreated fearing a trap.

It was not until a year had passed that Cyrus, and his "new" domain of Seahaven, requested to be welcome into Dornish principality. Some say Brax was only accepted of fear of what he may do if he wasn’t.

Since that day, House Brax has served as loyal bannermen to the Toland family — though their reputation for strange habits and cruelty has never left them. They have since become more ingrained in the local economy, with the port of Bloodstone serving as a welcome source for goods from far-off lands. Its location has also made it ideal for basing naval forces, whether fighting off Eastern raids or providing a buffer against Westerosi civil wars.


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A modest keep to the east of Ghost Hill, nestled in the foothills of the Nymerian Mountains. The area around it is lightly peppered with palm and mangrove trees, which thrive near salt water, that provide a ready source of wood and food. The former is part of what allows for their thriving timber industry, most of which goes toward the Bloodstone shipyards via Binders Road (while House Brax keeps an eye on the traffic flowing from there back to Dorne). The keep is defended by House Brax's personal guard, and is somewhat known for its herbal greenhouses, an epic achievement of glassblowing.

Bloodstone Port

Small but busy, this port town sees most of its traffic from those wishing to avoid Plankytown or one of the other major ports — as often for legitimate reasons as not. In particular, trader vessels damaged by pirates often choose Bloodstone to take advantage of their shipyards and drydocks. For those looking to offer their wares, Binders Road gives access to the rest of Dorne. The port is well-defended, with a company of archers in the strong stone tower which oversees the port, a garrison within the town proper, and five warships in the harbor (whose raiders spend most of their downtime in town). Though the vegetation here is sparse by Northern standards, a well-trained eye can find much to survive on, from the cacti and underground vines to the animals which feed on them.

House Perks and Resources

* Law -2, Maester +3, Port +2, Timber +1


Each unit is 100 men; naval units comprise 5 warships.

Impalers (House Guard) — Seahaven (in hall)

Kraken's Bane — Bloodstone Port (in harbor)

Port Archers — Bloodstone Port (in tower)

Salt Reavers — Bloodstone Port (on ships or in town)

Town Guard — Bloodstone Port (in town)

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