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Bunnies & Burrows is a classic RPG from the '70s in which you play intelligent rabbits (not humanoid furries) in the vein of Watership Down, Redwall, and so on. Its most in-depth adaptation was probably 1992's GURPS Bunnies & Burrows, which gave detailed rules for everything from Bun Fu to Herbalism, so I'm using that as a reference for this work. However, while that was a great adaptation, I consider Fate Core a better match for the setting.

Some information here was taken from

Bunnies and Burrows General Rules

The core concepts, assumptions, and rules of the game

Bunnies and Burrows Character Concepts

Suggestions for what you might want to play

Bunnies and Burrows Skills and Stunts

Traits needed for character creation

Rules for Specific Character Types:

Bunnies and Burrows Bun Fu
Includes details of the Hoplites and Warren Watch

Bunnies and Burrows Other Creatures

Predators, fellow prey, and the shady ones in between

Bunnies and Burrows Humans and Traps

Humans and the traps they set

Bunnies and Burrows Reference Sheet (PDF)

A double-sided page covering setting rules and special abilities

Bunnies and Burrows Premade Rabbits

Eight ready-to-use PCs, as worked examples or for a pick-up game

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