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Important Note: As the skill list is smaller than usual for Fate Core, characters start with 16 skill points arranged as follows. Initially, skills are capped at Great (+4).

2 Good (+3)
3 Fair (+2)
4 Average (+1)


This skill is the study of humans and their stuff. Unlike other animals, humans are alien at best, monsters at worst. A cat might try to kill you, but at least you can communicate with it (if it's willing) and understand why it's doing what it's doing. Even successful use of Anthropology will never give completely clear answers. It can be used to guess at what a human is about to do, but with only the vaguest idea of why. Most rabbits would avoid human areas completely if not for the fact that they often grow the best food in their gardens, and sometimes have other fascinating spoils.

Human machinery is just as confusing to a rabbit. Even simple things, like latches, knobs, and levers, require an Anthropology roll to figure out. Anything truly complex, however, is beyond a rabbit's understanding; skilled bunnies could get a car door open, but even a Legendary success won't let them drive the car! Anthropology is especially useful for identifying and escaping the traps set by humans. It's the closest thing rabbits have to a "manual dexterity skill."

Overcome: Use this skill to answer questions about humans and human technology, to identify a man-made trap and what it will do, to recognize the scent of nearby exhaust, and so on. If a trap is hidden, you must first use Notice to spot "something odd," then Anthropology can tell you what.

Create an Advantage: Useful around human areas for knowing to do things like knocking over Spilled Oil and turning on Distracting Machinery -- or to predict what a human is going to do once the dog starts barking (Yelling Human can help a Stealth roll).

Attack: No! Attacking a human? Are you crazy?

Defend: You can use Anthropology to defend against human attacks, if better than your Athletics.

Anthropology Stunts

Note that you cannot have a stunt which improves your understanding of human motives or complex machinery.


Unchanged from Fate Core. Use this skill or Fight to throw blowball herbs and similar light things and dodge melee attacks (but only Athletics lets you dodge ranged attacks, like from humans).

Athletics Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core. Language is usually a factor when using Deceive, unless the GM agrees that the concept is universal and can be conveyed non-verbally.

Deceive Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core, except that this skill can be expanded into full empathic healing (see Bunnies and Burrows Empathic Healers).

Empathy Stunts


This is knowledge and understanding of animals, from your fellow rabbits to their fiercest predators. It encompasses their physiology, culture, and language -- both individually and as regards their kingdoms and territories. To some degree, this replaces Contacts specifically for finding rabbits in your own warren who could help you with something, but you'll have to use other social skills to convince them to do so. (The stunts specific to the Contacts skill are not available.)

Overcome: Use Fauna to know about nearby animal kingdoms and rumors of what's going on with them, recognize notable animals, recall which rabbit in your warren might have something you need, mimic a non-rabbit animal, and so on. You may also roll to understand the gist of what another species is saying; the difficulty is Average (1) if they're trying their best to communicate with you or Good (3) if you're eavesdropping or they're otherwise not trying to make this easy. Success lets you communicate basic things (like baby-talk), success with style allows reasonably fluent communication.

Create an Advantage: You can use this to discover or make use of species-wide aspects, like a bear's Slow to Rise, or to represent useful information that you could act on later, such as Threat of War to help a Provoke attempt. Storytellers might use it to create an advantage based on a pack or warren's history.

Attack and Defend: Not usually applicable.

Special: For every level above Mediocre (+0), you can specify two animal languages that you have learned fluently. You don't have to roll when speaking or listening to them. Choose from the list below.

Fauna Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core. Use this skill or Athletics to throw blowball herbs and similar light things and dodge melee attacks (but only Athletics lets you dodge ranged attacks, like from humans).

Fight Stunts

See Bunnies and Burrows Bun Fu for additional stunts available only to trained fighters.


This skill covers knowledge of the environment -- the plants, the land, and the weather. If it has to do with general "outdoorsiness," it's Flora. (Remember that knowledge of other rabbits and animals is covered by the Fauna skill; Flora is for the environment and ecology in general.) It is also the base skill for herbalists (see Bunnies and Burrows Herbalists).

Overcome: Use Flora to identify an herbal concoction, guess what the weather will be in a few hours, track another animal, navigate on a long journey, gather food, design a comfortable warren expansion, and so on.

Create an Advantage: You can recognize and make use of hazards, like Tree Full Of Hornets, or with preparation time set up some advantages ahead of time, like Shallow Holes Dug (to help a Stealth roll).

Attack: No, except as explicitly noted for damaging herbalist concoctions.

Defend: Not usually applicable.

Flora Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core.

Notice Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core.

Physique Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core. Language is rarely an issue with Provoke, as much can be accomplished via action and body language.

Provoke Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core, except that it includes the option to be a cinematically enthralling storyteller (see Bunnies and Burrows Storytellers). Language is usually a major factor when using Rapport, unless the character is trying to express something blatant (e.g., showing the belly to surrender).

Rapport Stunts

Second Sight

This is a special skill that cannot be learned or used unless you also take at least one of its stunts. See Bunnies and Burrows Seers for details.

Second Sight Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core.

Stealth Stunts


Unchanged from Fate Core.

Will Stunts

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