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Any page reference refers to Savage Worlds ADventure Edition unless prefaced with an "SB," in which case it refers to the original fanbook Savage Borderlands.


These start at a d4 for free, and characters have five points with which to raise them.


SWADE Borderlands characters have 12 points to spend on the following skills. A * marks a core skill (starts at d4 for free); remember that CL4P-TPs have Hacking as a core skill instead of Persuasion.

All other skills are either not applicable (e.g., languages and most arcane skills) or have been folded into other skills. Specifically, Academics checks can be handled by Common Knowledge, Occult, or Science; Electronics is Hacking, Repair, or Science; and Boating and Piloting have been folded into Driving.


Poverty is not available. You may take Delusional, Outsider, and Quirk, but bear in mind the advice on p. SB8; something that might count as a Quirk in most settings may just be flavor in this one!

Psycho (New; Major)

For full flavor, see pp. SB17-18. You have -2 on all Persuasion and Psychology rolls (yes, including those to figure out other psychos!) due to your eccentricities. In a tense situation (infiltration, negotiation, etc.) you must make a Spirit roll; failure means you choose the most violent, immediate option possible to solve things.

You have access to special Psycho Edges (BAE Edges).

Watch Me Fall! (New; Minor)

Only a CL4P-TP character can take this. You have -2 on all Athletic rolls involving climbing. Worse, anything other than a simple ramp requires such a check — even stairs! Your friends should be prepared to make plenty of Support rolls.

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