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MyGURPS - Torg Errata

Torg Errata


Mirror copied June 1, 2020


  • Page 15. Last paragraph. Replace 2nd sentence with “… consisting of a Dominant inner core, and a Mixed outer ring.”
  • Page 33. Replace "As the populace began to accept his benevolence, Malraux called forth the GodNet." with "Cybernetics were not the only change that occurred in the early days of the invasion."
  • Page 69. Add the following to the end of the Attributes section: "Unless otherwise directly stated, temporary attribute increases or decreases do not modify Toughness or Shock."
  • Page 85. Dragon Warrior. Replace the beginning of the last sentence of the second paragraph with: “It counts as Full Body armor, adds…”
  • Page 87. Ion Gusoku. The last sentence of the first paragraph of the 2nd column should be: “It limits its wearer’s Dexterity to 10, is Tech Axiom 24, provides +4 Full Body Armor, and causes Fatigue.”
  • Page 87. Whip Tail. Last sentence should read: “Unarmed combat becomes Favored.”
  • Page 97. Relentless. Replace instances of 'spend' with 'suffer'.
  • Page 89. Miracles . Replace first two paragraphs with: “The hero is blessed with the ability to call forth miracles. He gains access to any Miracle List that is associated with his religion, and is not specified by another Perk. Some example lists are given on page 199. She gains ward enemy and any two miracles chosen from any list she knows. See Miracles on page 196 to find out how to invoke them and what happens should the invocation fail.”
  • Page 98. Psionic. Replace the third paragraph with: “When the psi takes this Perk, she gains access to her cosm’s Power List on page 206. She may choose any three powers from any list she can access and meets the skill requirement.”
  • Page 101. Mind Control. Add to the first paragraph: “The Mind Controller must be within 10 meters of the target when this power is manifested.”
  • Page 105. Spellcaster. Replace the second paragraph with: “When this Perk is taken, the mage gains access to her cosm’s base Spell List on page 186, and may choose any three spells from any list for which she has access to and meets the minimum skill. Spell details are explained in Magic on page 184.”
  • Page 109. Replace the bonus of -10 for rolling a 1 with a Fail.
  • Page 113. First paragraph. Replace "+6 damage." with "two bonus dice."
  • Page 122. Under Friendly Fire replace "hit" with "targeted".
  • Page 124. Malfunctions. Replace last sentence of first paragraph with “This is similar to a Mishap, and occurs when the user’s first roll is a 1, unless the Malfunction range is larger.”
  • Page 125. Rapid Fire. Replace all instances of ‘Mishap’ with ‘Malfunction’.
  • Page 125. Malfunctions. Replace the first sentence with “A Malfunction roll of 1 when using Rapid Fire means the attack fails and the weapon suffers a Malfunction (page 124).”
  • Page 129. Active Defense. Change to "that applies to all defenses until the end of the round."
  • Page 135. Some environmental effects can cause Fatigue (see page 112). Shock caused by this does not recover until the hero can rest."
  • Page 136. Falling Damage table. Replace the last four rows with the following: 10-20 meters: 15 + 1BD damage, 20-50 meters: 20 + 1BD damage, 51+ meters: 25+1 BD damage.
  • Page 139. Personal Resources. Remove "total" from second paragraph and add the following to the end of the paragraph. "Multi-Targeting penalties can be taken to acquire multiple items (e.g. a -8 penalty for getting 5 potions, or for getting five different items.
  • Page 141. Augmented Reality. Replace the last sentence with: “The HUD gives the character +1 to dodge and makes find tests Favored.
  • Page 143. Spiked Plate. Notes change: "unarmed damage" to "grappling tests"
  • Page 146. Shields. Add to the end of the paragraph: "However, a Vulnerable character loses all benefits from a shield until the condition goes away."
  • Page 149. Pain Gauntlet. Add: “Attacking with the gauntlet uses unarmed combat.”
  • Page 155. Thav-9 SMG has Range 25/50/100.
  • Page 156. Atchisson 12. Replace "Long Bursts" with "Short Bursts".
  • Page 158. Thav-9. Replace "Long Burst" with "Short Burst".
  • Page 162. Alph Weapon Dock. Replace "2 Shock" with "1 Shock".
  • Page 180. Transformation. Change the second sentence to "If a character has only one add in reality, she has no choice and transforms to the new reality.
  • Page 183. Glory. Replace the 1st bullet point with: "All Ords in the zone are refilled with Possibility Energy. See RESTORATION below. The time it takes to refill the zone is up to the GM, based on how fast stories can spread. “
  • Page 183. Glory. Add to the third bullet point: "Additional Glory results do not increase the hand size further."
  • Page 188. Disguise Spell. Before the first paragraph: "This spell may only be cast once per day." and change Good Success to: "Duration increases to the rest of the scene".
  • Page 197. Under Invoking Miracles add to the end: "Spells or psionic powers may not be cast or manifested while invoking a spell."
  • Page 203. Strike. The first paragraph should end: “Strike affects a single melee or missile weapon, no Multi-Targeting is allowed.
  • Page 206. Remove telekinesis from the Core Earth - Anomaly and Pan-Pacifica - Psionic Mutation lists.
  • Page 207. Alter Memory. Last sentence should read: "See clarity to recover altered memories."
  • Page 209. Mind Control. Add the following after the first sentence. "The psi can only direct this power at a single target." Last sentence of 2nd paragraph should read: "If successful, the power ends."
  • Page 211. Telekinesis. Axiom Level: 25. The first paragraph now reads: "Telekinesis allows a psi to move objects with her mind. The psi’s Spirit is her Strength once activated, but she continues to use her own skills as usual. If she wishes to grab a creature, she must use the Grappling rules as normal." The second paragraph now reads: "A psi can move up to two objects at one time (including herself to “fly“). She must be able to lift the combined weight of the objects, and they move up to her walking speed." In Good and Outstanding results replace Mind with Spirit.
  • Page 228. Replace 3rd paragraph with: "That being said, communications, like radio waves in the Living Land, can be contradictory. Two radios held by Storm Knights can only communicate if they're within one kilometer. Although electromagnetic radiation is not inherently contradictory (otherwise nobody would be even able to see), the modulation or encryption of the signal is, and so long range contradictions (see page 180) apply. Lasers work in a similar fashion. The signal decoheres and becomes random static instead. This applies to magical or spiritual communication as well."
  • Page 233. Spirit 21. Remove "in the dominiant religion"
  • Page 272. Ghuls. Thav-9 (Damage 13, Short Burst, Range 25/50/100).

Destiny Cards

  • Opponent Fails: “Play after an opponent has successfully completed a test targeting you. The effect on you is nullified. If this was a contest, reverse the results.”

Living Land Sourcebook

  • Page 22. Breath fire miracle has Axiom Level: 20.

Nile Empire Sourcebook

  • Page 53. Lasso does Grapple damage, has 10 meter range, and uses missile weapons.
  • Page 143. Sacred Items. The last sentence of the first paragraph reads: "Sacred items have a Spirit Axiom of 18 and are gifts from the gods. They cannot be purchased or requisitioned."

Day One

  • Page 21. Remove Double Tap from .38 Revolver. M-16 range is 50/100/200.
  • Page 40. Remove Stagger from mace in Constable Cordrey's description. </span>
  • Page 69. Petrol Bomb range is 10/20/30.
  • Page 95. Ghuls. Thav-9 (Damage 13, Short Burst, Range 25/50/100). </span>
  • Page 137. .38 revolver has range 10/25/40 and Tech 20.

The God Box

  • Page 88. Arhet Crom has Spirit 13, Shock 13, and is also Large (+2 to hit).
  • Page 89. Armet Crom has Spirit 13, Shock 13, and is also Large (+2 to hit).
  • Page 89. Green Lurker has Shock 8, and is Large (+2 to hit) but only when attacking the body.

Fires of Ra

  • Page 30. Delete first paragraph (including the top of the 2nd column).

Threat Cards

  • Crocodile. Dodge 8.


  • Cyberwitch. Tactics. 2nd sentence should read: "Boosting your allies' Strength increases melee damage, while Dexterity improves both attacks and defenses.

Beta Clearance Player's Primer

  • Flash Grenade. Replace everything after "magnesium core" with: "They do 8 damage in a Medium Blast. A Good hit also causes one condition, but doesn't deal any extra damage. An Outstanding hit does two conditions."