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BAE Vehicles

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Vehicular Setting Rules

  • A driver may operate a turret weapon, but at an extra -2 due to the poor secondary controls.
  • A Wrecked vehicle explodes, doing 3d6 (if Normal) or 4d6 (if Large) damage to everyone inside of or adjacent to it. Those inside the vehicle may evade (bailing out), taking half damage if successful, or no damage on a raise. Those outside of it may evade normally. For flying vehicles, any survivors must then deal with fall damage.
  • As usual, all vehicles have Heavy Armor. In this setting, non-Heavy Weapons can target Heavy Armor, but do -4 damage.
  • Be sure to use Vehicles on the Tabletop (Savage Worlds, p. 120).

Available Vehicles

Links are to the Borderlands wiki for that vehicle.

C-a-R? is whether this vehicle is available at Catch-A-Ride stations; "Some" means only certain special stations will have it, while most "No" vehicles are only available if stolen from enemies.

The choice of weapon(s) is up to whoever spawned the vehicle. All front-facing weapons are operated by the pilot (only).

Yes, vehicular Toughness is low compared to other settings. If it blows up on you, stop whining and go spawn a new one.

NameSizeHandlingTop MPHToughnessCrewC‑a‑R?
Outrunner4 (Large)+15016 (6)2Yes
Weapons: Front-facing Machine Gun. Turret with either Heavy Missile, Machine Gun, or Swarmer Missile.
Technical5 (Large)+14018 (7)2+2Yes
Notes: Also known as a Monster. Weapons: Front-facing Machine Gun. Turret with either Barrel Launcher, Mine Launcher, or Sawblade Launcher.
Cyclone3 (Normal)+17014 (4)1Some
Weapons: Front-facing only, either Machine Gun, Sawblade Launcher, or Swarmer Missile.
Jetbeast2 (Normal)+28012 (4)1+1Some
Notes: Hovercraft (ignore Terrain); Handling reduced to +1 with a passenger. Weapons: Front-facing only, either Heavy Missile, Machine Gun, or Swarmer Missile.
Racer4 (Large)+28014 (4)2Some
Weapons: Front-facing Machine Gun. Turret with either Heavy Missile, Machine Gun, or Swarmer Missile.
Sandskiff4 (Large)+13015 (5)2+2Some
Notes: Hovercraft (ignore Terrain); also known as a Fan Boat. Weapons: Front-facing is either Heavy Missile, Machine Gun, or Sawblade Launcher. Turret with Machine Gun.
Bandit Bike3 (Normal)+17012 (4)1+2No
Notes: Has sidecar for passengers. Weapons: Either front-facing Machine Gun, Ramming Saws (inflict +d6, take -d6 from rams), or Self-Destruct (4d6, AP 3 in LBT, triggered by ram or the bike being Wrecked).
Buzzard5 (Large)+115014 (2)1+2No
Note: Air vehicle. Weapons: Front-facing Heavy Missile and Machine Gun.
Lancer6 (Large)+03020 (8)4No
Weapons: Front-facing Machine Gun. Turret with Heavy Missile. Turret with Mine Launcher. Turret with either Machine Gun or Swarmer Missile.

Vehicular Weapons

All options below are Heavy Weapons. Missiles are "dumb" and don't require lock-on. All attacks with a blast template can be evaded. In SWADE, vehicles evade using Driving at -4 (or -2 with good cover).

To Hit is the penalty to shoot down the incoming projectile, taking only its Size and Speed into account. The shooter must be On Hold to do so. Don't bother rolling damage; a successful shot with a damaging weapon will take it out.

WeaponRangeDamageAPRoFBlastTo Hit
Barrel Launcher8/16/323d821MBT-2
Heavy Missile12/24/483d841SBT-6
Machine Gun15/30/602d1225n/a
Mine Launcher*8/16/323d881SBT-4
Sawblade Launcher8/16/323d642-6
Swarmer Missile12/24/483d623SBT-10
* Fired into the path of enemy vehicle, triggered by a vehicle (not person) passing over it. If fired as an immediate attack, the driver has +2 to evade. If fired in advance as a trap, driver rolls Notice to see and avoid it.
† Sawblades ricochet off surfaces to compensate for near-misses; gunner may reroll one missed Shooting or Wild die per attack. (Cannot reroll dice that hit.)

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